Past Event

Sep 10 2021
4216 US-69
Durant, OK


The Circle (Sammy Hagar, Michael Anthony, Jason Bonham, & Vic Johnson).


Show 8:00PM.


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 15 Redhead Comments's picture

is there not going to be a meet and greet at Choctaw, i tried to find the tickets for it but never did?

Phillip22's picture

Will be first time seeing the Circle at Choctaw. Saw them last time they came to Oklahoma at Winstar and it was great. His son Aaron was warm up band.

Cabo_Tink's picture

I went to the venue yesterday to check out seating. They wouldn't let me because Carrie Underwood was playing last night. Everyone in the casino & all staff I saw around the grand theater had masks on. Come prepared, just in case anything changes. Alot of performing band members are still getting post vaccination covid.

actionpackhtlr's picture

As of mow they are not.

meierk's picture

are they making us wear mask at the show im coming in from atl. i got front row thanks, and do you know if seat 7 and 8 is on mikey side of stage thanks

Gdeike's picture

Can not wait for this concert……always a great time seeing Sammy live.

RhondaM89's picture

Looking forward to the show.
Choctaw's Grand Theater is an awesome venue to see a show. There is not a bad seat in the house.
Hit me up if you need any info about this place.

rocker4red's picture

we got closer God is Great!! me and my gjr's

Susan Boone's picture

It has been nearly 20 years since I saw Sammy live at the Sleep Train Amp. I had won two box seats (dead center) and a signed Kramer guitar that week. We drove 2 hours and after the opening act my (now) ex was so jealous of Sammy that he made me leave the concert after the 5th song! He then sold my guitar. This will not happen again.

Sammy if you are seeing this I hope you will let me interview you for KBHQ radio. September 10 is my birthday and that is my birthday wish.

Tarantura's picture

This will be my 50th time to see him..
I get to see him twice in 48 hours as I will be going to the Tulsa show also!! Can`t wait !!!

stringtownfire's picture

Front row center seats 13,14. Up front fanatics, red heads rule.

shellyc.'s picture

Help!! I'm trying to find meet and greet tickets for the Sept 10 concert. Am I just missing them??

rocker4red's picture

row E whoop whoop Mikey side whoop some more's picture

What an awesome thing to pass down! Love for great music!

rocker4red's picture

i so so sooooo need 5 close up tickets for durant show!! taking daughters and granddaughters.. raising em up right!!! RED!!!!