Past Event

May 26 2021
Dr. Phillips Center
Orlando, FL


The Circle (Sammy Hagar, Michael Anthony, Jason Bonham, & Vic Johnson).


Show 7:30PM.


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  • 2021-05-26 @ Dr. Phillips Center


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 15 Redhead Comments

karen brazelton's picture

Sammy stooping????
You don't know him very well. Shame on you! He is trying to do what he can to make his fans happy. He will be 74 yrs. old on Oct.13th. Been loyal to Sammy x 27 yrs! lighten up!!!

WaboWoodward's picture

I'm under the impression that no one is opening. I believe that because this is outdoors in the middle of the city, there is probably a curfew in effect that the show itself would need to be over by 10pm.

JamminWithSam's picture

Anyone know who is opening, or is anyone opening?

talewel's picture

I have 2 extra tickets in my pod of 4 for the show in Orlando on Wednesday May 26. Row C. My husband and I are going. Please message or contact me if interested.

talewel's picture

I have 2 extra tickets in my pod of 4 for the show in Orlando on Wednesday May 26. Row C. My husband and I are going. Please message or contact me if interested.

Will Rausch JR's picture

Hey everyone i have 1 ticket available in my pod of 4. Myself , my mom and dad are going with me. I m looking to sell 1 seat in my pod. If anyone is interested please email me at

WaboWoodward's picture

Everyone, the Dr. Phillips Center has opened up the remaining boxes for sales of TWO tickets. No more need to buy 4 or 5 to get a box.

santacruzGARY's picture

I have 2 seats in my pod, contact me if interested...831-713-9852

WaboWoodward's picture

I don't think there is anything wrong with Sammy trying to find a way to play gigs and entertain the fans. I also don't think there is anything wrong with a venue trying to find ways to stay open and keep their staff employed. I am thankful to both sides for that. That said, I prefer how St. Augustine Amphitheater set up their shows. They have pods of 2 (or had, as they all sold out) available, in addition to the larger pods of 4 and 6. So, even though I live closer to Orlando, I'm going to the St. Augustine show instead.

redrocker327's picture

C'mon really stope this low to play at this venue. He could just not be playing shows. Be Grateful not Hateful.

c3kb's picture

Nope. Not for me and I am truly sorry that my favorite band has stooped to this kind of venue. I shall pass and wait until the masks and tables GO AWAY.
Plus the fact that a table of four must be purchased is EXTREMELY discriminatory. Guess nothing else matters in pandemic times.

redrocker327's picture

The decision to sell the pods in four minimum is controlled by the venue. It is the best way for them to maximize the space.

WaboWoodward's picture

Now that tickets have been on sale for a while, how about allowing fans to purchase a box of two instead of having to get four tickets?

KenDue's picture

These Orlando tickets are not selling fast because of the requirement to buy an entire box of 4 or 5 seats. You can't buy just one seat for this venue.

santacruzGARY's picture

According to what I'm reading I have to buy 4 tickets?