Past Event

May 25 2021
Dr. Phillips Center
Orlando, FL


The Circle (Sammy Hagar, Michael Anthony, Jason Bonham, & Vic Johnson).


Show 7:30PM.



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  • 2021-05-25 @ Dr. Phillips Center


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 19 Redhead Comments

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We'll be in the Bar at the Grand Bohemian, around 5:30! You'll recognize us, wearing Cabo & EVH shirts... Cheers!

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Anyone find the setlist from Key West? I want to prep for the Orlando show, so far no luck finding it posted anywhere

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The extra tickets ---they're gone....
Not sure if any of you are planning a pre-show meet up for the Tuesday night show? One of the Facebook groups has one planned starting @ 4:30
at a place called the Stubborn Mule. There's a nice bar in the Grand Bohemian right across from the venue, I'm going to be there about 6 as to shorten the walk to the show. Hit me up via text if you're going to be at either. 561-719-5643.
there's also a Post-show event I saw listed at an Irish pub called the Harp & Celt. That's all I got - see you there!

eriku023's picture

Almost there, going to be fun!

stever089's picture

Just a follow up on my 2 available tickets, I should have listed the location - Row 8 -(H) box 105 which is in the center section...yes they've opened up additional sales just compare where those will be located.

kurtt020's picture

Whoooo Baby‼️ it’s gonna be a hot one Tuesday ,I’m already packed ,ready to load up and get there ,every one be sure and get your hydration on

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Whoooo Baby‼️ it’s gonna be a hot one Tuesday ,I’m already packed ,ready to load up and get there ,every one be sure and get your hydration on

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Everyone, the Dr. Phillips Center has opened up the remaining boxes for sales of TWO tickets. No more need to buy 4 or 5 to get a box.

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Drum roll please....I have 2 tickets for Tuesday Night's show. Several people were looking for singles or a pair. I would prefer to sell them together at my cost $105 per seat includes the service fee. If there's fellow redheads looking for a single, I can do that. I have a feeling that when I post this, I am going to be slammed, please text me and take the conversation offline. I just spoke to the venue, these will be e-tickets, on my phone - we'll have to enter together.
*Please consider the social distancing element here - if I split up the 3 tixs, you'll all have to play nice together, respectful of mask/ no-mask!
Text me @ 561-719-5643

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There are 380 boxes and each show is about 70 percent sold. That is at least $105,000 to $120,000 in sales for each show. I don't see them changing the box requirements.

WaboWoodward's picture

Less than a week until the Orlando shows, and there are over 100 empty boxes for both nights on a field that is set up for about 300 boxes. I know this is a venue decision, not Sammy's, but they really should give up on the "4 seat minimum" and open up those other boxes for two seat purchases. At this point, they are just going to lose additional revenue. Two paid customers, or even one, in a box is better than an empty one.

Hope they change their minds, but if not, I still got my tickets for Sammy in St. Augustine!

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Same! Did you ever hear anything about buying less tickets? I just saw a 2nd row box open up but it's $727 and it's just me that wants to go!

KellyLuvsSammy's picture

Hi! I have two tickets to sell. I originally bought from a broker site and hoping to make just my money back or close to it. Frontyard Box A2 // Row A Front row box on aisle to the right. Let me know if interested. Would entertain an offer then we don't have to deal w/ fees from rip off broker sites.

Wigwags23's picture

Can’t wait and it’s going to be an AWESOME event!!!!! Also, very thankful for Sammy and the Boys for hosting a party for my wife and my 30th Wedding Anniversary!!! See you all there.

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Can not wait ‼️

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Anyone else from South Florida going?

Dave Bee's picture

Waiting for the Key West Pre Sale, otherwise i would like to hit this show too, but, $419 for 2 people is too much to pay.

KenDue's picture

I would love to go see Sammy, but am traveling with just one friend and don't want to buy an entire box. This is a boneheaded way of doing a concert with the minimum ticket purchase of 4-5 seats.

landonk's picture

The minimum tickets you can purchase for the PreSale is 4. The seating is described as socially distanced box seats. Each box contains 4/5 seats. Will there be a 2 seat/ticket option? Can’t wait to see Sammy and the boys!!