Past Event

Aug 7 2020
14141 Riverport Dr
Maryland Heights, MO


The Circle (Sammy Hagar, Michael Anthony, Jason Bonham, & Vic Johnson) w/ Whitesnake, Night Ranger.


Show 7:00PM.

This show has been cancelled due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Ticket holders will be emailed directly from the ticketing company with their refund options, including a full refund. Read more details at


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  • 2020-08-07 @ Hollywood Casino Amphitheatre


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 23 Redhead Comments

lisak072's picture

Heartbroken that Summer tour got cancelled, but understand. Keep rocking Sammy, stay safe

Dawwns's picture

Since Whitesnake has cancelled is the show going to be cancelled or will it still go on?

MikeARMSTRONG's picture

To all the Redheads that bought tickets to St Louis but was redirected you to the Virginia show Ticketmaster refunded my money

MikeARMSTRONG's picture

To all the Redheads that bought tickets to St Louis but was redirected you to the Virginia show Ticketmaster refunded my money

MikeARMSTRONG's picture

To all the Redheads that bought tickets to St Louis but was redirected you to the Virginia show Ticketmaster refunded my money

MikeARMSTRONG's picture

I did the same thing Call Ticketmaster they gave me a refund on my tickets

dougk054's picture

I just figured out I bought tickets the first day to the Virginia show!

michelle2274's picture

I'm not finding a meet & greet add on, is this not being offered in STL

dent2112's picture

I went thru the Sammy site and it redirects to Virginia when you click the St. Louis presale

dent2112's picture

How can I get presale in St. Louis then? I keep getting redirected to Bristow, VA

Bbaker2824's picture

Wish I read this before I purchased 6 tickets! Doh

Bbaker2824's picture

Well shoot. Wish I had read the comments first. I just bought 6 tickets in Virginia.

MikeARMSTRONG's picture

Did you go through Sammy's website link

Big Willy's picture

Saw my first Sammy concert at Busch Stadium 1979!!! Super Jam !!! That year Sammy’s album was the Street Machine and I still have the concert T-shirt !!! It still fits and I will be wearing it proudly 40 years later !!!
See you at the concert !!! Red till your dead !!!

wallyhooker's picture

Can the admins please fix the ticket link?! I clicked the link and accidentally bought tickets to the Bristow, VA show! Luckily livenation refunded me.

stl bogus otis's picture

HELL YEAH!! Another Redhead St. Louis party!!
ROW A Center baby!!'s picture

I know-I bought tickets for wrong city-luckily Live Nation refunded-didn't get as good of seats for St. louis-But I love Sammy anyway!!!

melizabeth2's picture

Watch the ticket links on this page.... The St Louis link, linked me to Bristow, VA and now I am over an hour on the phone with live nation to get the VA tickets cancelled...

Sammy's SoCal Gal's picture

Is anyone else finding that when they click presale for Aug. 7 in St. Louis it pops up July 23 in another town?

jms2121's picture

I am planning being home in my hometown

johnb033's picture

Been to every Sammy event in STL the last 25 years. Will be an awesome event. Lucky enough to have seen Sammy and Toby Keith in Cabo 2 years ago in mid Feb.

dawnm075's picture

Cannot wait!!! Sammy and the Circle always put on an amazing show!!