Past Event

Oct 9 2019


Sammy Hagar and The Wabos w/ Many special guests.


Show 9:30PM.

The final round of advanced tickets for this show will go on sale 10 AM PT on July 29th. This is the last chance to get advance tickets - the only option will be dinner ticket packages in person in Cabo

Find all ticketing details in this news post.


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  • 2019-10-09 @ Cabo Wabo Cantina - Birthday Bash! Night 1


144 Redhead Comments

wishes527's picture

I havent missed the drawing yet have I? Thos has been on my bucket list for years, C'mon and let this be my year!!!

wishes527's picture

I havent missed the drawing yet have I? Thos has been on my bucket list for years, C'mon and let this be my year!!!

Scott Robinson's picture

It’s my brother in law’s 50th Birthday that same week, we are huge fans! We can’t think of a better way to celebrate it!!! Viva Mexico/Cabo Cabrones!

The Good Twin's picture


Hubby & I celebrating our 28th anniversary in Cabo to hopefully see you at your birthday bash on the 9th or the 11th. Seeing you is high on both our lists!!!

How do we register for the tickets?


Indiana Fans :)

MYSAMMY4me269's picture

Please if anyone has pics or video of September 19, 1997 outdoor concert in Greenville SC, share with me? I had no camera, or video. Didnt realize I would be on stage with Sammy. Im easy to spot because i was jumping up and down like a cheerleader the entire time i was on stage!!! Thanks, Cherie Monique

MYSAMMY4me269's picture

Hey Sammy, remember the outdoor concert in Greenville SC September 19, 1997? I was wearing my balance tshirt. Your crew put me onstage with you. All i could do is jump up and down like a cheerleader!!! I blew you kisses when iI walked off stage

whitneylee's picture

So by clicking I am going am I registered for the drawing?

Pia Jorgensen's picture

How does one enter the random draw? By clicking "I am going"?
Arranged vacation time from work around the Bday Bash time and flying from Edmonton,Canada down to Cabo. So hoping to win tickets!!!

Seashell28's picture

It's our 25th year Anniversary and I know it's in the cards for us to be there. My husband was recently diagnosed with lung cancer and we will be in Cabo then he loves Sammy Hagar. We will see you Friday Sammy @ Hollywood Amphitheater

Cdixson's picture

We are coming to Cabo for my girls birthday- she is the big “55” and this is a surprise! Her son and his wife are coming with us as a surprise as well. What better surprise to have tickets to this and to see Sammy Live!!

dhsfgfan's picture

Sammy's Birthday Bash in Cabo, doesn't get much better than this!

lynne whittington's picture

First time to Cabo, Oct 10 is my wedding anniversary and we are celebrating...what better way then with tickets to Sammy's birthday bash...would LOVE to go!!

Red Sonja's picture

So by me registering, is that automatically enter me into the drawing?

Lainib's picture

This party is on my bucket list. I love the sun, the beach, Sammy, and Michael. My husband and I would absolutely love to be there!!!

iluvmyhubby's picture

My son that is 32 now was in my belly when he went to his first concert with you. My husband loves you and Cabo! His birthday is just a few days before yours and he has always wanted to celebrate with you. So we’ve been trying to get tickets for years to see you in Cabo. His big 60th is this year! We are bringing our 4 grown children and their significant others because they all love you too! We’re going to party our asses off in your honor either way but would love to have 10 tickets total so the whole family can celebrate Dadeo for his 60th with you. We are coming no matter what. We’ve all wanted to make this happen for so long! It would be amazing if we actually had tickets. A dream come true and best birthday present I could ever give my wonderful husband.

Qhud's picture

BDAY Bash please!

jodythekid's picture

Hey Sammy!
Huge Fan! Went to Cabo Wabo once with KNAC radio station in early 90’s and saw Alice in Chains perform. Fabulous time! Going back this year. My friend Tammy’s Birthday October 11th. Would love to celebrate Sammy’s and Tammy’s Birthday at your Birthday Bash! Thank you! There are 8 of us going but whatever you can do is appreciated. We are there 5-12th. Thanks again!

daveminsd's picture

The All-Time absolute greatest Rocker of them all. True and genuine, hard and fast, Sammy does it all and has been doing it for … well ...we won't really put a number on it. A damn long time! lol I've been trying to plan this trip for nearly 20 years. I finally have the money so … we're coming no matter what, Sammy. But it sure would be nice to have tickets in hand! Love you, Sammy. We'll see you in October!

jflinpdx's picture

Tried to get tickets last year and didn’t make the cut. Hopefully this year I will. Have to admit that the band that played at Cabo Wabo in between Sammy’s live events was amazing! They killed it! Never a bad night there during this week.

cindi drafahl's picture

See you in cabo.

DedeJenko13's picture

It would be so awesome to see you and celebrate your birthday with my long time friend Dru and our friends. I’m not sure how this works, but PLEASE pick me!! Love me some Sammy!!

Sreedq3's picture

So ready for this year.
RedHeads are the only family I have.
And this is the only time I get to see my RedHead Family.
RedLove to Sammy & the Guys and to all of the RedHead Family.
See y'all in October.

Caroleejn72's picture

Hoping to surprise my husband by taking him to Sammy’s birthday bash! He’s been a fan forever!!!!
Hope we get chosen❤️❤️

Cherrod27's picture

My wife's birthday is October 10. We are booked for Cabo, let's make this The Birthday to remember!!

Mybadselves's picture

When I was 22 years old I found out I had an extended family via a biological father that I never got to meet. He had already passed on by this time but I got to learn some cool things about his life. One of those was that he toured with Sammy for several years as a roadie. He took a lot of cool shots of Sam on stage from the early 80s. His name was Butch Garrison and he was a hard partying mf. Do you remember him Sam?

Leslie_Newton's picture

We live in Houston, Texas and my son just earned the rank of "EAGLE SCOUT" through Boy Scouts of America --- we are bringing him to Cabo to celebrate. All he wanted was to see "The Red Rocker" up close and personal. #WhereEaglesGrow #BSA #SammyHagar

ChocolateCakeKiller's picture

I see your Birthday Bash is on alot of bucket lists, including my own! Would love to celebrate with you, some friends, and other Red Heads in Cabo! Let's do this thing!

ChocolateCakeKiller's picture

He was way to high to remember that!! Dude? 88?

suitesongs777's picture

My wife and I are big fans of your music and lifestyle.
We just love your quest for the best that this life has to offer.

Dave Calmettes's picture

If the tickets for the birthday bash are just randomly picked for the Redheads, then I will get down on my knee's! Truly, that would be the best. Been a huge fan for a long time. I cut my teeth on Montrose. Early 70's at the Coliseum in Portland OR. Sammy you have rocked me ever sense! May have to see you in Spokane or Seattle area. Or add a date here in Portland at the Aladdin Theater. Saw Ronnie there just before he passed! thanks for all the good times.

Scotto63's picture

Been in the lottery for a few years with no luck.... GOT MY FINGERS CROSSED!!! RED ROCKER!!!

sunkissed71's picture

Sammy’s birthday bash is definitely a bucket list item. Got Cabo booked in October for my husband ‘s
birthday & our anniversary, would love to get 4 tickets, would be the icing on the cake!!

Darksacrifice's picture

Our Wedding Anniversary on October 9th.It would be an absolute blast seeing you Sammy on your Birthday.

Jam1604's picture

Would love to have tickets, I'll be in Cabo with family and friends. Cabo is nice but it would be much nicer to celebrate the Red Rocker's birthday.

Jam1604 out

DEBBIE0323's picture

Need to attend Sammy's birthday bash before I die, and I ain't getting any younger!! PLEASE PICK ME!! NEED 2 TIX :)

Blunt4's picture

You were my first concert back in '84, we see you every year in Tulalip WA. We would love to get 4 tickets to your birthday bash as it would complete our Cabo trip. Can’t wait to see you!!!

Classy4701's picture

Wow My Birthday is October 9th, my bucket list won't be complete until I see your show in Cabo. We just seen you last night in Sugarland. Awesome show, had the best time. I would love to get tickets.

Joymock42's picture

My bff is your biggest fan ever! She will be celebrating 65 let’s make it special !!

KellyA's picture

Hi Sammy
We have 2 celebrations going on. My husband and I have our anniversary in November and our other friends are also celebrating their anniversary-we were planning on going to Mexico for both our anniversaries. We chose to celebrate our 2 special occassions in October. Would LOVE to get tickets and celebrate 3 special events....2 anniversaries and your birthday!!!

Captain1311's picture

Sammmmmmmyyyy ,,,, me an my wife an 5 friends are coming to Cabo for ur birthday week ,,, would love to toast an celebrate ur birthday with you !!!! How can I get 5 tickets please ???? Rock on red rocker !!!!

sfcjim's picture

Hey brother as a fellow red head I really want to hang out at your birthday bash, so hoping I get chosen.

Webbc2013's picture

My birthday is the week prior and we would love to hang out with you in Cabo

KateVince's picture

Hey Sammy, my birthday is October 9 th. All I want for my birthday is to toast you, my family and the beaches of Cabo with a shot of Santo Mezquila!

Cmavrakos's picture

Pick me. Both my husband and I are huge fans. We would love to celebrate with you :)

KatieAschoff's picture

Please please pick myself and my beautiful girlfriend. We will be there all week and I love you!!
Cabo Wabo is the Best always

Gail Hartill's picture

Please pick us

Gail Hartill's picture

Please pick us

BIGGDIGGER's picture

Brother, please pick My Beautiful Wife and I. We would love to spend our anniversary weekend partying with You!!

Stroud01's picture

Our anniversary is October 16th. What a great way to spend it, with you for your birthday

Tiggerlady's picture

2019 is a BIG birthday year for me!!! I had planned on completing my 50th celebrating at Cabo Wabo with the ONLY way to make it an AWESOME celebration! I was born the weekend of Woodstock so, celebrating in this fashion would be INCREDIBLE!! I started a personal journey a year ago to be the BEST me I could be! I'm not good at winning the lottery, PLEASE CAN I COME HAVE SOME FUN?????