Upcoming Event

Oct 5 2019
15 US-50
Stateline, NV


Sammy Hagar and The Wabos.


Show 07:30PM.

Redhead Presale starting: Jul 9 at 10:00am.
Password: REDHEAD
Link: Pre-Sale


  • 2019-10-05 @ Harrah's Lake Tahoe


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 21 Redhead Comments

Redrockcandy's picture

Im so REDy to see the WABOS rocking again! This will be an epic show Love and peace

jerihuey's picture

WTF?!?! $196+ for STANDING ROOM???? Fuckin ridiculous.

denisek's picture

I agree - good ole ticket master. Not the first time this pulled this kind of stuff.
AND YES - I agree its all about the Money - notice the ticket went up double to get in early entry.
That ridiculous!!!!

GW1115's picture

I bought tickets the minute they went on sale as they sell out FAST. Now there are "early entry" tickets? What the fuck is up with that?

sitka islander's picture

That there is some serious bullshit! Where is the upgrade option for those that bought “standard” tickets out of the gate!

smboski's picture

WHAT THE HELL IS UP WITH PLATINUM EARLY ENTRY TICKETS ON SALE NOW??? What about us that do line time to be up front? Now you want to charge more to be able to skip the line and get in early??? You know, some of us can’t afford the extra money so we put in our time in line to be up from fanatics! WHY? Anything to get more money?

Snocat1964's picture

Oh, hell ya!!! Been waiting for a Wabos get together for awhile. Flying in from the Midwest...because when we party, we wanna party!!!

noelt076's picture

Redhead party in Tahoe!!!!

Last Call's picture

Got mine! Can’t wait!

Last Call's picture

Got mine!! Can’t wait!!

cabojohnny5150's picture

Got my presale tix! I am so excited for this! The Wabos were my fav era of Sammy’s music.
I would take this reunion over a VH reunion!

r-dutton's picture


Dans_gal's picture

Got mine! REDHEAD worked to unlock presale.

AWD77's picture

GOT EM!!! Super stoked! See you there!

AWD77's picture

Here we go! I hope this won't sell out before I get tickets!!!

debbiem033's picture

What is the Presale password for the Oct 5th show ?

kindbud's picture

Let’s have a presale for the fans but not give out the password

kaplanguy40's picture

FBHAGAR that is what on Harrah’s page

kaplanguy40's picture

FBHAGAR that is what on Harrah’s page

cindybearGVMERED's picture

Presale code please

AWD77's picture

How does pre sale work? I have to go to this!!!