Past Event

Jun 5 2019
510 W Station Square Dr
Pittsburgh, PA


The Circle (Sammy Hagar, Michael Anthony, Jason Bonham, & Vic Johnson) w/ Night Ranger.


Show 7:00PM.

Part of Sammy Hagar's Full Circle Jam Tour supporting the new album Space Between, this ticket comes with a CD copy of the new album. In addition, a digital copy of Space Between will also be delivered to customers who redeem the CD. Ticket purchasers will receive instructions on how to redeem their copy that will be mailed to them on May 10th.

As part of Sammy's ongoing support of local food banks and his desire to make a direct impact locally in each community he visits, Sammy has chosen to donate money and have a special meet & greet with some representatives of the organization to say thank you!



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  • 2019-06-05 @ Highmark Stadium


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 13 Redhead Comments

visal1's picture

anyone got the cd yet?

cinny68's picture

The concert was so awesome!!!!!! Did anyone get the CD that we were supposed to get for being there??? I have not heard anything!!!!

Zig66's picture

Cannot wait for the show. Been listening to the new music for the last two weeks. Phenomenal!
There's only one way to rock and that is with Sammy!

Kass88's picture

Oh Yea

Natasha14324's picture

I purchased these tickets to celebrate my husband's 50th birthday. He has been a fan of Sammy Hagar since he was a teenager. He wrote him last year to let him know what Sammy has meant to his life and he got a letter back! It was a shock and have endeared us to Sammy even more. If there is anyway to purchase VIP tickets to meet Sammy, please let us know.

jtb113's picture

Me too. I got Section 101 with the seating chart they had. I should have bought 104 or 105 or Flr 2 or 3. Good job Ted Rocket fan club! I got 5 tickets.

jtb113's picture


jtb113's picture

Yeah they messed up everything for Redheads. I bought Section 101 Row A thinking they were really good seats but the seating chart was incorrect and they are suck ass seats. Good job on taking care of fan club members. I wish I knew I would have bought Floor 2 or 3 or Section 105. Thanks again Ticketmaster and Ted Rocket fan club!'s picture

Well Ticketmaster and Highmark Stadium sure didn't have their act together for the Redheads presale today. They loaded the correct seating map about 90 minutes after the tickets went on sale and after I had already purchased 6 tickets!

Shibapanther's picture

I got my tickets! I'm good to go! Can't wait to see Sammy, Mikey, Vic, and Jason!!!

shaman_103's picture

When can I get my Pittsburgh tickets

shaman_103's picture

I don’t have tickets yet. When can I get them?

Parolini19's picture

Can’t wait!!