Past Event

Sep 29 2018


The Circle (Sammy Hagar, Michael Anthony, Jason Bonham, & Vic Johnson).


Show 9:00PM. Free entry with tickets to Bank of America ROVAL™ 400 or the Drive for the Cure 200 presented by Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Carolina. For more information:


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I went with my youngest son who is 16 to his first Sammy/Circle concert,and as soon as it gets close to concert time we see Michael Anthony and Vic Johnson ride up on a golf cart and walk up to the stage.We keep an eye on them to see if when they get ready to ride back we could get a picture of them or with them,but they got on so quickly it didnt happen,o well.From that point on we were keeping our eyes open for the Sam man,but didnt get to see him until show time.As usual Sammy and the Circle did not disappoint,the only thing I wish had been different was the placement of the speakers.We were on left side,not in the exclusive area ,but on the side of that area and had to enjoy Sammy and Mike a times from behind the speakers that were placed in the front on the sides.Good thing they had it on the Big screen in the back.I have been a fan since 1982,and being from Texas seeing him many different times like :VOA TOUR,MONSTERS OF ROCK TOUR 88,free concert in West end in Dallas,F.U.C.K. TOUR,BALANCE TOUR,SAM AND DAVE TOUR(in Charlotte)AND ALL CONCERT DVDs that Sammy has made,plus all that has been on tv.So Sammy has been part of my family and has been enjoyed by both my Son's(Halen and Dilan)Sammy said that people ask when is he going to stop playing,I say that is crazy talk or "loco" talk,keep on Rocking!