Past Event

Sep 28 2017
7774 Sashabaw Rd.
Clarkson, MI


The Circle (Sammy Hagar, Michael Anthony, Jason Bonham, & Vic Johnson) w/ Collective Soul, Andrew Hagar.


Show 7:00PM.


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  • 2017-09-28 @ DTE Energy Music Theatre


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 18 Redhead Comments

sheetszone's picture

It's almost 8:05 and that means soon it will be Time To Rock!

sheetszone's picture

It's almost 8:05 and that means soon it will be Time To Rock!

Jsim1000's picture

Sammy- I have been supporting the Redhead efforts since the early 1980's! One song I would love to hear live is your HIGH HOPES! We will be sitting in CTR1, Row DDD. My woman sent to you at your set in Tahoe last year on August 26th a copy of a Charcoal Pencil drawing (her niece the artist) and letter to your room to be signed! As in typical awesome Sammy fashion you signed and sent back for my August 26th Birthday!!! Thanks for taking the time. I am bringing the original in HIGH HOPES of getting it signed this go around!!

Thanks! Justin Simpson- Nolensville,TN

SuperSchaf77's picture

Can someone confirm if BBB will be the front row for this concert?

I only see BBB no AAA. Unless the AAA seats are production row and will be released closer to the actual date...

Imarocker's picture

There are front row available on ticketmaster

Deb Blackwell's picture

I have three extra tickets to this show that I need to sell. RTC 6, Row BB, seats 49, 50, and 51. I paid $81.00 each plus fees. If you're interested, make me an offer.

Thanks! Nevermind.. I have sold the tickets.

TogetherAgainCC's picture

Anyone have info about a meet and greet or backstage passes for this show; or how to contact someone who might know? Still trying to find out so I can get them as a 50th birthday gift for my boyfriend...Also wondering if anyone has front row tickets they want to sell or how to get them...

DanZman48629's picture

"Hi Sammy"! I hope you find this and you feeling good! I have a picture of you and myself that you took in Bozeman,MT. I was hoping that I could get you to autograph it for me! I will be at your show in clarkson,MI but I could not get a code to get pervlion seats, I ended up getting lawn seats. Well hopefully you will see this note and you can meme this wish come true! Take care Mr.Hahar

SuperSchaf77's picture

Some one please upload 2 front row tickets to Stubhub. I will buy them.

SuperSchaf77's picture

Anyone with front row tickets to the concert in MI, please post them on StubHub. I will buy them.

TogetherAgainCC's picture

Is there any way to get backstage passes or arrange a meet and greet as a 50th birthday gift for my boyfriend? Meeting Sammy is #1 on his bucket list!!!

AJYuncker's picture

What is the presale offer code?

Roadkill6922's picture

Can you help me with the pre sale code for DTE Energy on Sept. 28 ?

theroadking4444's picture

6th row center thanks to the pre-sale!!!

dons047's picture

boom i will be their.

dons047's picture

boom i will be their.

Lori campbell's picture

How do I get tickets to Toledo at 10 am

Lori campbell's picture

How do I get tickets to Toledo at 10 am