Past Event

Sep 14 2017
300 W. Las Colinas Blvd.
Irving, TX


The Circle (Sammy Hagar, Michael Anthony, Jason Bonham, & Vic Johnson) w/ Collective Soul, Andrew Hagar.


Show 7:00PM.

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  • 2017-09-14 @ The Pavilion at Irving Music Factory


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 17 Redhead Comments

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Awesome show last night at The Music Factory. Huge fan of Sammy and all his work and 1st time seeing him live. The set list was on point. Made a fan of my wife who's not much of a fan of rock but who loves visiting Cabo. Been there the past 3 years. As long as he keeps having the birthday bash I will continue to enter the ticket sweepstakes which I have failed to win the pat 3 years. Adios amigo Sammy and "mas mezquila"!

Mojack's picture

I wasn't able to score tickets to the B-day bash which was very disappointing but got my ticket to tonight's show at this brand new venue at the Pavilion in Irving. This will be the 2nd show since opening. Sammy will break it in right I can't wait!!!

Spueman's picture

Sammy, From all of us in Texas and Oklahoma that can't be at your 70th Birthday Party (Birthday Bash) this year, Happy birthday 70th Sammy. Four of us will be at your show on Sept, 14th in the front row. We know your wedding anniversary is right around the corner in November, Happy Anniversary to you and Kari.


After nearly 30 shows we are finally getting to see you the last night in Cabo 10/14!!!
Can't wait see you Irving as well!
Thanks for every song, lyric, tequila shot, waborita, and party you have thrown!
As we say about Oklahoma Football: "There is only 1 Sammy Hagar"
Song Requests: Cabo Wabo - the full length rock version and Top of the World!
We Love Ya Sammy!
Happy Birthday early!

layne23's picture

Saw Sammy and the Circle at WinStar and they were awesome. Will be in Irving on 9-14-17 with VIP tickets again.

newbsvw's picture

so bummed i cant see any shows in OK. Will have to wait until September for this show. My girl is from Canada. Just so happened that while we were visiting her parents, The Circle was playing a show up there. We drove an hour to Bellville.

redrockertex's picture

I can't wait! Sammy playing close to where I live twice in one year! They will be helping break in the Music Factory because it will only have been open a month before they play there. So Winstar and The Music Factory here we come...

Bdcaperna's picture

I just got my tickets and I am beyond excited! I have been a Sammy fan since I was 17. I was all three of the shows at the Cabo Wabo - Lake Tahoe grand opening and I even signed the bottom of Sammy's shoe at one of the Van Halen shows in Dallas (Sept 2004). I'm so looking forward to this concert and super excited! #RedRocker4Life

stringtownfire's picture

We will be at Windstar for sure VIP South's picture

Been to long! Sammy in Dallas!!!

shawnrgraham's picture

Are you going to the show at Winstar?

stringtownfire's picture

I'm in just say when and where.

txRRfan's picture

Got mine!!! As it gets closer, need to have a "Redheads" gathering before the show!

stringtownfire's picture

Sweet 4th Row center, will be ready for a good warn up concert before heading down to CABO in Oct for the Bash. "REDHEADS RULE"

Journeyhunt1's picture

OK! Let's paint Irving Sammy Hagar Red!!!!

skot5150's picture

Absolutely will be there as always!

skot5150's picture

Absolutely will be there as always!