Past Event

Jun 10 2017
Downstream Resort Casino
69300 East Nee Road
Quapaw, OK


The Circle (Sammy Hagar, Michael Anthony, Jason Bonham, & Vic Johnson) w/ Andrew Hagar (Solo Acoustic).


Show 8:00PM.

As part of Sammy's ongoing support of local food banks and his desire to make a direct impact locally in each community he visits, Sammy has chosen to donate money towards the The Community Food Bank of Oklahoma and have a special meet & greet with some representatives of the organization to say thank you!

If you're in a position to help by volunteering, donating, or spreading the word, you can visit:


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  • 2017-06-10 @ Downstream Resort Casino
  • 2017-06-10 @ Downstream Resort Casino


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 6  Redhead Comments

flydutch2003's picture

A little disappointed to not be seeing anything in the recent setlist but "the hits."

Shadowman7777's picture

All we need now, is an island!'s picture

I wish I could get tickets to a meet and greet! #dreams

mquesenberry's picture

cant wait got these for hubbys bday him and RR a kshe t shirt

mquesenberry's picture

cant wait got these for hubbys bday him and RR a kshe t shirt

Mermaidgirl's picture

I SO CAN'T WAIT!! Gonna be there June 10th Getting tickets on Friday! Woooooh!!!!