Past Event

Nov 12 2015
712 Telfair St
Augusta, GA


The Circle (Sammy Hagar, Michael Anthony, Jason Bonham, & Vic Johnson).


Show 8:00PM.


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 8  Redhead Comments

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This was a great show to follow up the two birthday bash shows I got to see in Cabo. Well done Circle, well fucking done!!

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What a night. Most special for me was that it was my son's first concert (he is 8). At one point during the show I held up a sign for Sammy to read that it was his first concert, to which Sammy said "Good." What a thrill for my son. Personally, I've seen you and Michael countless times alone or with VH. I have never been to a bad show. Thank you for your unyielding efforts to make the shows so good and for remaining humble and grateful throughout. You guys stand above the crowd (so to speak).

jballende's picture

Can't wait to see you guys in Augusta. Awesome album!!! Just retired from the Army after 25 years. Most definitely this will be the BEST GIFT EVER to see you live. Do you have Meet & Greet??? It'll be a great honor to take a picture with you guys. God bless you!!!


Jose Allende, Captain, US Army

franimal62's picture

This is our 3rd time this tour catching "The Circle". What a blast every time, looking forward to next Thursday!

drrobk's picture

It was a chance meeting. I got lucky. Hope you had a great time in Cabo. I was there for the last two shows.

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I was in cabo for the first two shows. My first time and will be going back next year.
How did you get a chance to meet him?

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Got to fulfill a MAJOR bucket list item of meeting Sammy in Cabo two weeks ago. It was incredible and he was as genuine as I thought he would be. My 17 year old son was pissed that he didn't get to go because he is a musician and loves Sammy too. So, I am extremely happy to be taking my son Nick to this show in Augusta!! Can't wait. Rock on Circle, Rock on!

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Anyone have the pre sale code for the concert here in Augusta??