Past Event

Sep 15 2015
Book Revue (IN-STORE)
313 New York Ave
Huntington, NY




Event 7:00PM.

This is a book signing event for Sammy's new book, "Are We Having Any Fun Yet? The Cooking & Partying Handbook". More info at

*Book purchase at Book Revue required. Each book purchase admits two people. 


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  • 2015-09-15 @ Book Revue


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 6  Redhead Comments

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Thanks Bernath... I actually did drive up for it and it was a great event. One of the best signings I've been to in a really nice area.

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Rockchicki Huntington is a cool town. North Shore of Long Island. Downtown village feel with shopping, restaurants, bars etc.

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Can I ask some locals here what the area is like? I live in Florida, am currently in California but my flight home is Friday before the signing here in Cali locally. (Figures) So I'm trying to decide if I want to fly back to Cali for it or just drive up north to either Jersey or NY. Never been to either state.

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The last signing he did they moved people through pretty fast. But some were able to take pics with him. Just have camera ready and hope for the best

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Will we be able to get pix with Sammy and the book

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Will we be able to get pix with Sammy and the book