Past Event

Apr 11 2015
200 S. Third
Las Vegas, NV


The Circle (Sammy Hagar, Michael Anthony, Jason Bonham, & Vic Johnson).


Show 7:30PM.



Come join us in neon Las Vegas at the 85,000 square foot Downtown Las Vegas Events Center!! Sammy Hagar and the Circle will be rocking out at one of the best venues in Downtown Las Vegas -- close to notable landmarks in the Casino District and amazing hotel experiences. Come see Sammy jam with Michael Anthony, Jason Bonham, and Vic Johnson, it's sure to be a blast! Doors open at 6:30pm

Presale link will be live tomorrow, Feb 24th-- and regular ticket sales start on February 27th! Stay tuned for more info!

The password is "REDHEAD"! Ticket prices start at $63 and go up to $200 for VIP sections. 

With hits spanning more than 40 years, including I Can’t Drive 55, Your Love is Driving Me Crazy, When It's Love, Rock Candy, Right Now, Finish What Ya Started, Why Can't This Be Love, There's Only One Way to Rock and more, the concert event will celebrate all of Hagar’s biggest hits and with Bonham on board, fans can also expect to hear a few of Led Zeppelin’s biggest hits added to the mix.

Sammy Hagar, also known as The Red Rocker, is a GRAMMY® Award-winning vocalist, guitarist, songwriter and musician, who in 2007 was inducted into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame as a member of Van Halen.

From breaking into the industry with the seminal hard rock band Montrose to his multi platinum solo career and his ride as the frontman of Van Halen, he’s set the tone for some of the greatest rock anthems ever written. Throughout his prolific 40 + year career, Hagar’s solo and group albums have globally amassed 25 platinum certifications on sales surpassing 40 million.

Joining Hagar at the concert will be Michael Anthony, the renowned rhythm section bassist who has played with Sammy Hager for the last 30 years in bands including Van Halen and Chickenfoot; Vic Johnson, guitarist from Hagar’s band the Wabos; and Jason Bonham, acclaimed drummer and son of iconic Led Zeppelin drummer, John Bonham.


  • Sammy Hagar & The Circle April 11, 2015 @ Downtown Las Vegas Events Center!



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  • 2015-04-11 @ Downtown Las Vegas Events Center
  • 2015-04-11 @ Downtown Las Vegas Events Center


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 33 Redhead Comments

derekm027's picture

Wow some pissed off people posting some nasty comments about Sammy and the venue - these comments are directed to "redrockerstalker" and "tufftobekris"

As for your comments "redrockerstalker" if you can't afford the price of admission dont be a whiner - the pricing for tickets starting at $63 and $200 for VIP is damn cheap - go check out any concerts around hell AC/DC is on tour and for general admission tix it's $150 a piece and AC/DC pales in comparison to Sammy - you then continue to berate and start swearing on his site - get a life you should be banned from this site period - you must be a closest Roth fan lol -

The Van Halen show in Toronto starts at $63 and for front row over 1200 so you aint got shit to complain about - and given the fact Roth cant even sing or remember the lyrics makes me laugh - with Sammy et Al you get one hell of a show and then some!!

As for your comments "tufftobekris" - again if you can't afford the price of admission dont go it's as simple as that!

To my fellow Redrocker - "kenb097" that's the spirit its for fun and enjoyment!! Funny your posting regarding other bands / concerts in Vegas are 5-10 times higher - did'nt get a single response from the price concious whiners noted above!!

Lastly there was another comment regarding the $20 KID ROCK tickets - no explanation needed its for a KID ROCK show.

Hopefully Sammy gets to Canada / Ontario this summer!! If not c ya in Cabo!

Chef D

Rekcahj's picture

Sorry Sammy! I'm not goin'.
Your concerts are great. But for my 60th, I'm going racing at Las Vegas Motor Speedway on Saturday. NHRA Rocks too!

baudelaire's picture

I cannot wait to see Sammy in Vegas!! This will be my first time in Vegas. I have been listening to Sammy since 1977 when I was 8 years old. I was introduced to Montrose by listening to my cousin's albums. I was hooked. I have seen Sammy numerous times over the years, from solo to Van Halen to Chickenfoot, but this show will be special. I have been thinking about bringing my baby Martin guitar to get signed by Sammy. I have close seats, so what are the odds of getting my guitar signed. Any thoughts would be welcomed. Thanks. I cannot wait to Rock the Nation in Vegas.


nkalina434's picture

Meeting my sister in Vegas & cannot wait!

promgr1's picture

First, the venue is not new anymore and all of the bugs have been worked out. Second, you can get 20% off any ticket price if you type KXPT or KOMP where it askes for "offers" on ticketmaster for this show

tuff2bkris's picture

Oh please!!! Let me refresh everyone's memory of his concert last year in Las Vegas in October 2014...

My husband and I were so excited to finally get to see Sammy Hagar but there was nothing but regret and disappointment.

My husband and stepson were at the meet and greet on 10/18/14 because my stepson won tickets on KLOS. My husband and I have been a fans of Sammy Hagar since he was 13 and I was 15 (age 52 & 53) and when my husband asked for Sammy to sign a Chicken Foot cd, Sammy stated that he isn't signing anything, however not 2 minutes later he is signing some stuff for other fans. It's because of your fan base that you have made it and became so famous.

We were supposed to see him in Cabo, however we decided to go to Las Vegas even though we really don't like Vegas just so we could see Sammy. So, we decided to upgrade our tickets and asked the girl at the ticket booth where the upgraded seats were going to be and she stated that I don't have a chart but they are really good seats and about 4 feet from the stage so we paid over $420 to sit off to the side in the nose bleed area so that all the people who paid $85 can be right in front of the stage (what's wrong with this picture). I can't believe this is such a f***ing mess.

I don't know who put this venue together, however they should be fired. I use to respect Sammy because he was so different, no he's just money hungry. I am so pissed that I only listened to 3 songs and had to go back to my room for the shear fact that there was nothing but lies.

Sammy should have done something special for the people who won the opportunity to see him in Cab San Lucas, but he didn't and had it at a venue that was horrible and poorly put together. You owe me a refund. My name is Kristina Link and I won the opportunity to purchase tickets for his birthday bash night #1 what a DISAPPOINTMENT!!! PLEASE REFUND ME MY MONEY.


bestbud's picture

just wondering is there an opening act, not that anyone could open for Sammy

kenb097's picture

To all you Redheads out there stop complaining about the prices. These prices are very fair. Look up other concert's in Vegas and you will see these are great prices. Aerosmith tickets are 5 to 10 times the amount. Yes it is at MGM but who cares. Outdoors or indoors should not matter just as long as we get to see Sammy. Just go with it. Have fun that's what it is all about.

NnitroJohn's picture


NnitroJohn's picture

I agree, Prices are way out of control, and I thought Sammy was against High Gouging Prices???

NnitroJohn's picture

Hold the Door.. I thought Sammy Hagar was all against Price gouging!!!
Those prices in Vegas are way out of hand. We were hoping to taking the
Grandchildren 8 & 9 to their first Rock Concert, and always wanted to be a Sammy Hagar Concert. But Wait, there is more LOL No not at these prices.. We will not be attending..

SAA5150's picture

I can't wait!!!

motlyfan's picture

I waited until Live rip off nation went on sale and whoa!!! Second row for $150.00 I have come to the conclusion that pre-sales just are not worth it. So glad I waited and to see that it is all seating looks like Sammy broke this place in last Oct. and now it may be a real venue!!! See in in Vegas's picture

All were saying is we didn't pay $200 for VIP at the BDay Bash venue. This price is doubled. That's crazy. This venue isn't worth it. Now, if it were Mandalay Bay or MGM I could see it but this place, it's not there and the hotel D is yet to be desired. My last experience there was unpleasant. My $$$ isn't going to a man in a purple dress. I'll see Sammy in Tahoe, now that venue is worth it, just my opinion.

admin's picture

Hi Redrockerstalker,

Tickets start at $63 and go up to $200 for VIP sections. The ticketmaster link is misleading as it shows the $200 tickets first, but if you click the dropdown menu you can see the cheaper tickets. We are sorry about this confusion, but unfortunately this is not anything that we have the ability to control.

chuckiam's picture

once you use the code REDHEAD you can get $76.00 tickets just bought 2 see you all there...

redrockerstalker's picture

That's seriously fucked up!!!
No THANKS u can do 2 nights in Tahoe upfront for that price

redrockerstalker's picture

I need some LUBE if your gonna fuck us in the ass

admin's picture

[UPDATE 2/25/15 1:00PM]

Hey folks, the presale link is now live at:

The password is "REDHEAD"! Tickets start at $63 and go up to $200 for VIP sections.

jjcabo's picture

I don't get it Ticketmaster is asking for a code But I can't find one anywhere But $200.00 a ticket Certainly doesn't sound like Sammy had anything to do with this pricing

chuckiam's picture

Doesn't make sense, 200 plus fees? Kid Rock is doing a summer tour and its a 20 dollar ticket? And where is the pre-sale code? They are on sale now at Ticketmaster but we need a code...

Slim's picture

What is the presale code? Thank you!'s picture

WHOA.... $200 + Fee's per ticket! What's up with that? I'm shocked! Sammy's NEVER charged that! Someone please tell me that's not right and that I'm seeing things!

sharkie2014's picture

I'm going ☺ woo hoo

911driver's picture

I'm Going
Just got my tickets!!

redrockerstalker's picture

Thanks for the info (just kidding) found it on ticket bastard....presale 2/25 6am ticket price $200 + 24.35 fees!! I think NOT!!!

paul riccio's picture

what pre-sale link? no info!

redrockerstalker's picture

Helloooooooo presale link?'s picture

Where is the presale link? Checked on Downtown Event Center page and not selling til Friday????

chuckiam's picture

Where is the presale link????

mattski's picture

3 times in Vegas in less than a year...! Hard Rock Pool Party, Belated Birthday Bash, and now Downtown LV Events Center Round II. Thanks for the early heads up last week, Sammy!!! It was great to meet you at Mandalay! See you in April!

redrockerstalker's picture


nannettee078's picture

Yay I'm ready : )