Past Event

Oct 11 2014


The Circle (Sammy Hagar, Michael Anthony, Jason Bonham, & Vic Johnson) w/ Many other special guests.


Show 9:30PM.


Registration for the 2014 Birthday Bash is now closed! The registration period ran from June 20 - June 27.

Information for Dinner Tickets is below

Dinner Shows
•Dinner show tickets will be $90 per person
•Dinner show tickets are for the same show as the GA tickets but include dinner at the cantina.
•If you have GA tickets you cannot add the option of adding dinner.
•Dinner shows tickets sales will remain as in the past, they will be sold at the Cantina, first come first serve.
•Dinner tickets will be sold at noon on the following dates:
October 6th for the Shows on the 7th and 9th
October 10th for the Shows on the 11th and 13th
•2 tickets per person, added security will be added to those in line to prevent anyone from holding places in line for friends.
Please note that these will be the ONLY tickets available and no additional tickets will be given away day of show!


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 45 Redhead Comments

cabowabocowboy's picture

If anyone ends up going to Cabo with one extra ticket for the 7th, 9th or 11th I will meet you where and whenever is convenient for you. I will arrive in Cabo the 6th and can pay you at anytime there after. Thank you and crossing my fingers!!

jimmyg67's picture

I need 2 tix pleasefor the 11th

scook13's picture

Is there anyway to still get tickets 2nd year in a row going and no luck :(

Dahno33's picture

Hey guys, I will be in Cabo the whole week and got shut out single ticket for all 4 nights! If anyone has an extra for any night they want to sell I will take it gladly! And buy you plenty of beers.

aliciao011's picture

Marina Fiesta and Villa Del Palmar are great places to stay! Contact me at and I will hook you up with a week. Cheers!!

aliciao011's picture

Sol Mar Beach Club is awesome too!

Forrestpaul's picture

Which is the best hotel to party with Redheads?

wendywilson2's picture

Stoked, but my BFF didn't get a ticket :-( Does anyone have a single ticket for this show?!!!! Pleeeeeeeease :-) Three of us already have our trip booked for Cabo and we only have two tickets! Lemme know if anyone can spare a ticket.

jimonyr94's picture

Listening to some Sammy and getting more and more pumped to go to Cabo in the fall. October can't get here fast enough.

steve_n's picture

OMG OMG I'm from Australia & arranged my trip to Cabo over Sammy's B'day bash hoping to get tickets. I got tickets!!!! I have never seen seen Sammy live & have followed him since VH days.
Sooooooo excited! See ya soon Sammy!

Tallkewl1's picture

I wish there was...I got tickets for the 11th but my 50th birthday is on the 13th so I really wanted to go to that show. Not bitch'n of course but would of made my bucket list 110% complete.
From what I understand the only way close would be to use someone's guest ticket since the ticket purchaser has to show ID.

twidman1983's picture

I have tickets for October 11th but my friends got theirs on October 13th. I am fired up to have tickets at all but would love to go with my friends. Is there anyway possible to trade someone dates?

maxwell9797's picture

Got tickets for the 3rd night. Does anyone have suggestions on al all inclusive near cantina? Can't wait to party with some redheads!

maxwell9797's picture

Got tickets for the 3rd night, does anyone have suggestions for an all inclusive near cantina. Want to party with some red heads!

denisek's picture

Can't wait dream come true! Celebrating 25 years anniversary and 50th birthday

Janice Marie's picture

How can I get tickets or are they all sold out?

genew050's picture

I am so pumped, after 7 years of entering and not getting picked, I am going this year!!! It is going to be off the HOOK!!! See you in CABO BABY!!!

shawna's picture

got tickets to night 3!!! so pumped to see Sammy and company. a true bucket list checked off. we've seen him in Tahoe now its time to Wabo baby

Salemap's picture

Have all birthday bash tickets been distributed? Still crossing my fingers for a pair!!

aliciao011's picture

Want to go to the birthday bash and don't have a place to stay? I have extra timeshare weeks in Cabo for rent. Please email me for info: See you Face Down in Cabo!! CHEERS!!!

markd059's picture

just won tickets for nights 3&4 due you have any suggestions on where to stay? looking at hotel rui all inclusive

Tallkewl1's picture

Just got my email! Got tickets to night #3....would of loved tickets for night #4 as that's my 50th Bday but hell I'm not complaining. See ya face down in Cabo!!!

jimonyr94's picture

Just received my email I won tickets to night 3 see you all in Cabo can't wait.

Tallkewl1's picture

Just got my ticket confirmation in my email! Tickets for the show on the 11th! My 50th is n the 13th...that would f been perfect but hell m not complaining! Cya in Cabo!

stwrogers's picture

Will be there for my 30th. Want to go so bad!!!

lonesome dave smith's picture

Try to get a room at the Villa Estancia. A little pricey but excellent service and you would be surprised who you will see poolside on his days off. Stayed there last year, great fun!

kevphin's picture

Ready to rock with Sammy on my 50th. Hope for some luck. I love the optimism of all the people that clicked I am going already. Good luck to all

admin's picture

No, you must register all your information at

jildill's picture

if i hit i am going, am i registered??

PamCarmichael's picture

Had a fantastic celebration last October 13th at Sammy's 66th Birthday Bash!!! Can't wait to go again this year!

kerryb064's picture

I am needing two tickets for the October 11th show.

judyb1982's picture

ok im on the website...where do I go to register??????

phynickyb's picture

Its JUne 20th @ 12:21 AM how the heck do i register? Too mas tequila i guess.........

lindat018's picture

Hi Gorilla, Register June 20 - 27th, remember Register and remember to purchase two tickets on all the shows you register for!!! Sit tight and they will notify you via email. Good luck!!!

Gorilla's picture

We will be in Cabo from 10/9-14/14, It's my lady's Birthday on the 12th, would love to purchase 2 tickets to Sammy's B-Day Bash for the 9th, 11th or 13th. It would be a thrill to go to the show one of these nights!

Let me know how to make it happen ?????

1babyblue's picture

All booked and ready to go will be there 10/5-10/12. this is 50 years in the making for me.

Mexico Girl's picture

All booked and Ready to Rock RIU Santa Fe Oct 09-16, Toronto Canada Girls going to rock !!!! WHOOT WHOOT See ya there TLC :)

GEORGE's picture

We are ready to Go!!!

phynickyb's picture


Raberge's picture

We'll be there the 7th through the 14th and hope we get tickets, come on lady luck!!

Most313's picture

Going to be there 10th-18th. Now just need the tix!

nealh093's picture

Thanks Sammy...My Wife & I will be there 10/10-10/15...REDHEADS 4LIFE

Steve1014's picture

Hope to get tix again for at least one of the nights. Just got my plane booked! ROT Rally and Cabo, its what us East Coasters have to do to get our fix.

valliegirl65's picture

Can't wait!