Past Event

Jul 29 2014
450 South 4th Street
Lewiston, NY


A Journey Through The History Of Rock (w/ Michael Anthony, Jason Bonham, & Vic Johnson).


Show 6:30PM.

Sammy's Beach Bar Rum Presents "A Journey Through The History of Rock"


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 10 Redhead Comments

RUXX's picture

No Mas Tequila? Would have liked to hear more Sammy Hagar originals!

jimbapt's picture

THANK YOU! The show in Lewiston was THE BEST show I've seen in my 47 years of concert going! Professionalism, musicianship, entertainment, variety and TONS of FUN.
THANK YOU AGAIN for visiting Lewiston, NY! Bucket list is almost complete, just a trip to the Birthday Bash left to check off!

music69's picture

Sammy just WOW what a night so flipping fun!! So glad we changed are travel plans to rock with u!! Loving the zeppelin stuff just awesome!! See u in Cabo!!

music69's picture

Ok Sammy u did it, u made me and my husband addicts for sure!! ( our kids already told us that we were crazy fans, I guess we were in denial lol) until after seeing u in London and Belleville we just didnt get enough .. So as we were crossing the Canada border to the US were like we need to go to artpark it's on the way home to ohio.. So here we are waiting for u to give us another rockin night! Can't wait one more night of fun then it's Cabo a whole another celebration!!

jamess014's picture

Can't wait! Just saw the setlist from the Verizon show! Gotta love all the Zep and Van Halen!

klymmer5150's picture

this will be my 3rd show in four night cant wait then back home to the wife and kids

CaboWaboPA's picture

Finally a show in our neck of the woods!!!

debbiev090's picture

We're going!

Califangel's picture

Bring it on. Lewiston will NEVER B THE SAME.

Califangel's picture

Got my tix today. Cnt wait. U guys ROCK.

christap050's picture


JudiA's picture

Just got my tix. Can't wait. Thanks for coming to WNY Sammy and Friends!!!