Past Event

May 23 2014
4790 West 16th Street
Indianapolis, IN


Sammy Hagar and The Wabos.


Show 3:30PM.

Sammy Hagar and the Wabos will be headlining the Coors Light Carb Day concert on Friday, May 23 along with reggae rock trio Sublime With Rome.

The double bill concert is free with a Coors Light Carb Day admission ticket which is $30. The concert will take place on the new Turn 4 Coors Light Stage in the IMS infield.



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 14 Redhead Comments

indybss's picture

I will be there!

smorr's picture

Been too long since you've been in Indy. Welcome back!

Tequila_man's picture

Mas Tequila - Coming in from Tampa to see the Red Rocker

dickie hughes's picture

got 16 tickets for me and some friends... should be a GREAT time!!

lars2k's picture

Got to see Sammy at the Birthday Bash last October, now can't wait to see him in Indy! This website says the show is at 7:00 PM and the track website says the show is at 3:30 and that the track closes at 6:00 PM. What gives?

Taboo's picture

I can't drive 55! And I'll turn 55 at this show! Coincidence?, I don't think so. Incident?, probably so!

Taboo's picture

I can't drive 55! And I turn 55 the day of this show in Indy. Coincidence?, I don't think so. Incident?, probably so!

Lschang's picture

Can't wait! Need my Sammy fix!!! Hoping for a Rum-A-Rita stand close by.

tcb5150's picture

Looking Forward to Carb day here in Indy...Hope you bring Mad Anthony with you as well...sat hey to Doogie too :)

CaboWaboMama's picture

I've been waiting what seems forever for Sammy to come too my area,I have no one to go with me,,Figures

maliu1's picture

Can't wait to see the Red Rocker for my birthday present to myself !!

maliu1's picture

Can't wait to see the Red Rocker for my birthday present to myself !!

trouble74's picture

Coming in from FLA!!!! see you there!

smorr's picture

Can't wait. Immediately scheduled the day off after hearing Sammy will be in town. Perfect combo - Sammy and Racing.

Chris Wheat's picture

Any onstage tix? Huge infield my wife and I would love to be up close.