Past Event

Oct 7 2013
Cabo Wabo Cantina - Birthday Bash! Night 1


Sammy Hagar and The Wabos.


Show 09:30PM.

Remember that the person whose name appears on the credit card MUST be the person who shows up at the door to claim their tickets. 

Dinner Show Ticket Information

  • Dinner show tickets will be $90 per person
  • Dinner show tickets are for the same show as the GA tickets but include dinner at the cantina.
  • If you have GA tickets you cannot add the option of adding dinner.
  • Dinner shows tickets sales will remain as in the past, they will be sold at the Cantina, first come first serve.
  • Dinner tickets will be sold at noon on the following dates:
    October 6th for the Shows on the 7th and 9th
    October 10th for the Shows on the 11th and 13th
  • 2 tickets per person, added security will be added to those in line to prevent anyone from holding places in line for friends.

Please note that these will be the ONLY tickets available and no additional tickets will be given away day of show!







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 87 Redhead Comments

5150 beav's picture

YAY, got an email tonight !!! In for the 7th......YIPPEE !! Wonder if all nights have been drawn yet - anybody heard ?

Watching Leno & waiting for Sammy !!

5150 beav's picture

YAY, got an email tonight......In for the 7th .......YIPPEE!! Wonder if all days have been drawn already. Any body heard more ??

Watching Leno & waiting for Sammy !!

maggierad's picture

Curious why the link to register for bday tix is still up n running. Anyone get tix yet?

redrocker327's picture

The below is where I am getting my information from. It is posted on this website somewhere right now it is escaping me but here is a copy/paste of the text.

Registration for Birthday Bash 2013 Tickets has now closed. All entries that have been received will be treated equally. We will perform the random drawing the first week of August and will notify winners through email. For those who cannot secure travel arrangements following their purchase, we will provide a one-time refund window until August 15th. Any tickets returned will then be added into a second chance drawing.

maggierad's picture

Where did you see that posted? I've only seen 7-31

redrocker327's picture

I believe they are not going to draw until the first week of August. The original was today, but I saw a post saying not until August.

Wncaligrl's picture

Anyone get tickets yet?

kbs7554's picture

Hey Gang,

I was looking and Joe Satriani is playing here in Canada 7,8,9,10,11 of Oct so looks like for the Foot fans they may be playing the Birthday Show on the 13th.


kassy0o44's picture

Can you use debit card or does it have to be credit card????

jwolever's picture

Ok, first time to Cabo with rock104 .. with my wife of 33yrs as well my sister of ...50+ yrs...both have birthdays in wife's..OCT 6 and my sister's Oct 29... just between Sammy's.....Also, some how I believe I think Sammy met our cousin Tim Butzow in a custom bike shop in AZ..Hope we can get tickets for the 7th or 9th...Would be AWSOME!... Saw Sammy in Fort Wayne, IN.. a couple of times...W/VanHalen ... and a much better concert with the Wabos several years ago...but the girls never had the experience ...hope to see you in Cabo

Jeff W

tequila todd's picture

My 50th birthday Oct 7 and will be in Cabo hope and pray to get tickets!

Angel Gifft's picture

We planned our honeymoon during the time of the Birthday Bash and assumed we could just "buy" tickets. Unfortunately its not that easy. We will def. enter the contest and try our luck.

Hope to see you all there...

ARamosTX's picture

If anyone needs a place to stay I have a 5 star reservations during the 5th thru the 12th and the 6th thru the 13th. call or email me for details, Adrian 817-223-2923 or

redrocker327's picture

The registration will be in the form of a link you click on for the show(s) that you wish to be entered into for ticket drawing. They will announce when the links will be activated on the website and usually are open for a week. The next thing will be the drawing and fans that are picked will receive an e-mail letting them know of this. If your NOT picked you will NOT receive any notification. This should be how ticketing will be for general show tickets. If your not selected in the drawing you can try your luck at the dinner/show tickets which are sold at the club on a first come/first serve basis. They usually announce the info for these type after the drawings have concluded.

marci's picture

How will the registration work?

The Sief's picture

I am getting married and tickets would be a miracle and a blessing!!! I love Sammy!

seana008's picture

The plane from Canada only goes from Oct 4 to 11, I hope I get tickets for the first two shows, please please please!!!!!!

I'm already booked for my flight and hotel!!!

locolyn69's picture

Like many others I don't quite understand the registration for the lottery. I would love to get my hands on tickets. I have been trying for years with no luck.
But, the show in Vegas was Awesome! And we always love Tahoe, and everything we can pick up in the LA area.
We love Cabo and it would be great to see you there. My fingers are crossed.

suej066's picture

Taking my cousin to Cabo for her first time want to surprise her with tickets

Barbara Turner's picture

I want tickets for the Carbo Birthday show. I was there last year with my husband Roy Turner and it is his Birthday also and we could not get tickets. Hoping to get tickets this year We will be in Carbo Oct 4th until Oct 12th.
Thank you
Barbara Turner

lowry's picture

Airfare is booked, just waiting to hit the lotto for 2!

redrocker327's picture

They have said the drawing part will come around the end of month.

Allison Gartner's picture

We are waiting patiently to enter the draw for tickets. Hopefully we can get more info on this soon?

pootnanny's picture

Man oh man oh man. I hope to get tickets. Seen Sammy a million times in Tahoe. Never been to Cabo. Only reason I am going is to see him. Driving all the way from Fresno,CA!!!!!! Sammy if you read this please help me out!!!!

pootnanny's picture

I have never been. Seen him in Tahoe a zillion times. Sounds like this might be tough.

redrocker327's picture

Since your going to be there anyway even if you don't get tickets you can hang outside. There is always a nice crowd gathered and they show the show on the screen. You also have a chance to see the band members as they arrive. I last year saw Sammy, David, Matt Sorum, and Emeril.

kvilla3569's picture

Totally agree with the other Redheads that posted here. Fair would be to give everyone registered a shot at making at least 1 show. Allowing the same people to get into multiple shows....UNFAIR. I don't have a problem with the random drawing but remove the names that get selected and give all the others a chance. We ALL want to see the show! I'll be there that week regardless, but sure hope I get to see Sammy!!

redrocker327's picture

To all those posting about the multiple show draws that happened last year I totally agree. This was brought up in numerous posts after the drawings concluded last year, and admin did respond saying they were looking into having this year not be that way. I have posted if they could respond on whether they will do it as such but no response yet.

rshofner71's picture

I believe the lottery is the fairest way, even though last year I tried to get tickets to all the shows and got none with the
"lottery" system. The only suggestion I have is to remove people who get tickets to a show from the rest of the drawings so everyone will have a chance to see at least 1 show. Maybe do this for the first 3 shows then open it up again for the show on the 13th. I talked to several people who got tickets to 2-3 shows. At least this way you dont have to be in line all night.
I am hoping for better luck this year, rooms and flights already booked!!

UpFrontFanatic's picture

Just a thought- but if the point is to be 'fair' about removing a winner after they've received a draw for their tix? I love the option to enjoy the gorgeous hotels I stay in every year vs sleeping on the street(don't care how much a 'bigger' fan you think yourself because you'd prefer that option...that's just silly!) but this latest cluster dumped on us last year was an epic fail! Some got all, most got none- I sympathize with those who claim they can't computer sit on sale dates(re: previous Internet sales before that cockamamie lottery idea shat on most of us) for these sought after shows- but honestly, if my gang can work around it I'm sure many others can as well. I'd rather take my own shot than some shady behind the scenes " lottery" (maybe totally up &up , how would I, with MY 4 decades of record, tshirt, video, more concerts than I can count, tequila, etc purchased- ever know ?) . Don't get me wrong, it was awesome standing next to dozens of "fans" who 1)didn't know who Vic was, 2) were younger than my 28 yr old and didn't know who anyone was- (ok they knew Emeril, sort of), 3).. chicken- what? Sam has another band!? , 4) we planned our vaca here after we won 3 shows in the lottery and have to leave so didn't buy that 4th one ....::thud::...... How nice for them...many of us book trips early in the year just so we can hopefully hit some shows - and educate the lucky!?!? Come on....make it actually, truly fair if you're going to continue jerking our chain! See you in Cabo! \m/

Larryreyes's picture

I'll be there!

riverparty's picture

we have a large group coming down from texas staying at the riu palace for a week and was hoping we could get tix like we did a few years back by standing in line at 4am. now this? so we might or might not get tix,that sux

erink037's picture

I dont think this random drawing is fair, no matter what you decide to do its not going to be fair. I think you should go back to just putting them on sale just like every other concert. Its no different.

cindi drafahl's picture

I will be in cabo. Hope to get in.

sdpadres21's picture

I gotta get tickets! This show will ROCK!

Harleymomma08's picture

If I get tickets I will be at the show..