Past Event

Sep 28 2013
Novato Costco (IN-STORE)
300 Vintage Way
Novato, CA




Event 2:00PM.

To celebrate the release of his new album, Sammy Hagar & Friends, Sammy will be stopping by the COSTCO in Novato, CA (300 Vintage Way. Novato, CA 94945)  for an autograph signing this Saturday, September 28th at 2pm PST. Sammy will be signing copies of his brand new studio album, Sammy Hagar & Friends and his New York Times' best selling book, RED. There will be no music performance at this event.

Before you make plans to attend this event, we ask that you please take note of the rules are friends at Costco have in place for this event.           

You MUST have a Costco Membership to attend this event. If you are not a member and would like to become one, then you can get more information on signing up here:

Sammy will sign all copies of his new album, Sammy Hagar & Friends and his book, RED that are purchased from the Novato Costco. NO OTHER ITEMS WILL BE SIGNED. Again, NO OTHER ITEMS WILL BE SIGNED. Translation: If you show up with your vinyl copy of VOA, then it will not be signed.

If you want to purchase the CD or book before Saturday's event, then you can purchase either from the Novato Costco beginning Tuesday, September 24th. Simply hang on to your receipt from the Novato Costco and bring it with you on Saturday. 

Sammy will sign up to SIX ITEMS TOTAL for each fan. Again, only SIX ITEMS TOTAL PER PERSON CAN BE SIGNED.

If you do not wish to purchase a copy of the new CD or book, but would like to just say hello to Sammy and shake his hand, then you are more than welcome to do so. Again, please note, no personal items will be signed.

If you arrive at the store with items to be signed, then Costco store personnel will kindly ask you to return those items to your vehicle (unless they are copies of the new CD and/or book purchased earlier in the week from the Novato Costco - again, make sure you have your receipt). You will still be able to purchase a CD and/or book or simply get in line to say hi to Sammy and shake his hand.

In order to make sure the line moves quickly and that all fans get a chance to get something signed and/or say hi to Sammy, NO PHOTOS WITH SAMMY will be allowed. 

For fans over 21 years of age, bottles of Sammy's Beach Bar Rum will be available for purchase. PLEASE NOTE: Due to CA laws, Sammy is unable to sign bottles of his rum

For more details about the Novato Costco and directions to the store, please visit

We understand and appreciate that you may not be thrilled with some or all of these limitations, but we have to respect the policies of Costco and the rules they have set forth. Sammy's desire is just to make sure he signs something and/or says hi to every single fan that comes to this event and we have to make that happen within Costco's policies. 


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  • 2013-09-28 @ Novato Costco
  • 2013-09-28 @ Novato Costco


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 9  Redhead Comments

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One more check off of my bucket list. Now if I can find a way to sit in for a jam with him on the drums.....Sammy, you Rock!

johnnybeane's picture

Had a great time today!!!

Met some women in line behind me - a few of you said you worked in radio and i gave one of you some of my guitar picks.

U wanted a photo i took of Sammy while we were still in line and i shot video of your whole time with Sammy.

I'll post the video to youtube, just message me for the photo since i don't know your name.

Anyway here's video of my time with Sammy today!

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I wanna go but need to get in with someone who has a membership. Anyone?
I'll meet u there.

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went there today to buy book or cd , first they didn't know who Sammy was ,and there were 2 small signs on white pole inside the store which is post above the iron man video ,after asking the info counter and some other employees , I went a found the cds ,in the book area on top of books no RED ,look like they just toss the cd's and walk away ,so I couldn't find the book, they said wait to Saturday.

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I dont have a cosco card i dont use boat loads of stuff any redheads mine letting me in with you.

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im going tommarow to buy my pre order cd then go back Saturday ,I just saw he's not signing anything else but his cd ,sucks I was going to bring my cabo wabo truck for him to sign .

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Tony, I am hoping to attend but don't know for sure yet. I am sure that someone will step up and help you out and get your signed CD. Redheads always step up!

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Hi all,
if any redheads are going to this. I would love a signed cd. I'll pay for yours as well. Help out a east coast redhead out!! Peace