Past Event

Aug 27 2013


Sammy Hagar's Four Decades of Rock w/ Michael Anthony (Chickenfoot and Van Halen).


Show 08:00PM.

As an additional thank you to the fans, all seating ticket orders purchased on will include a digital download of Sammy’s new solo album due out later this year. The album, which is currently being recorded, features The Wabos and several special guests.


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 11 Redhead Comments

bkwheeet's picture

I was at this concert with a friend. As much as I love the music & Sammy, it was the worst concert venue I have ever attended. I've been to hundreds of concerts many being Sammy & friends. Top dollar was paid for seats & we were hassled for no reason whatsoever by staff from the minute we sat down. They smashed my friends phone on top of many other issues. Sammy, you are genuine, love everything you've given. I have the utmost respect for you. I've followed your career since Montrose but please never ever play at the Molson Amphitheatre again.

christap050's picture

Chicago was amazing! Toronto here we come! Cant wait to see all of our Redhead friends from Canada! Thank you Sammy for all you do and continue to do.I love you! xoxo

heffy's picture

Where are you staying? There are tons of bars in "Caboronto"...depends on if you want to go pub style, club style etc. We should definitely get some folks together.

scottr069's picture

where is a good place to party before & after the show...coming in from Albany, NY for the show. I have renamed the city Caboronto!!!

jasond024's picture

Hey Redheads the show is going to be awsome... Went down to Jackpot Nevada for Sammys gig there. Met the band got a tone of pics, spoke with Sammy what a hell of a time. Best show I have seem him do in an outdoor venue with about 3000 UPFRONTFANATICS... NOTHING BEATS A GOOD UPFRONTFANATIC. His set list rocked... the Wabos did a hell of a job and I can't wait for TO. Any REDHEADS coming from North of the City needing a pitstop there is an open door for you in the HWY 9 and 400 area.

heffy's picture

Where are all the redheads partying after the show??

darin_bristow73's picture

Hey Toronto area Redheads! Does anyone know who organizes the Cabo Bday Bash beach auction? I'd like to contact them...

jasond024's picture

sneaking down to Jackpot NV, for a prelude to the Toronto show. Sammy and the gang along with opening act WhiteSnake should be a hell of a ride..... Cant wait for Toronto show to see all my REDHEAD friends that have all been ramping up for this show....UPFRONTFANATICS unite....

heffy's picture

Looking forward to seeing the Ontario regulars...Christine, Jeff, Big Mike. Should be good...we're doing the DTE show the night before...wooooooooooooooooooo!!


dbrook's picture

I almost forgot..It's so cool that Sammy has asked local boy Kim Mitchell to open. It is always great to see Kim in the summer. It would be amazing if Kim came out and played with Sam. Kim is an under rated guitar player.

dbrook's picture

It's been so many years, I can't wait. Montrose and Chickenfoot tracks I hope. Since Mike Anthony will be on bass, I wonder who is on drums?

klymmer5150's picture

Sammy cant wait after all those shows I've seen this time Im bringing my WIFE!!!