Past Event

Aug 18 2013
1220 Highway 93
Jackpot, NV


Sammy Hagar's Four Decades of Rock w/ The Wabos w/ Whitesnake.


Show 6:00PM.

Tickets can be purchased at the Cactus Petes Box Office or by calling 866.MORE FUN.

As part of Sammy's ongoing support of local food banks and his desire to make a direct impact locally in each community he visits, Sammy has chosen to donate money towards The Idaho Foodbank.

If you're in a position to help (volunteering, spreading the word, donations, etc) you can visit:

Idaho Foodbank
3562 South TK Avenue
Boise, Idaho 83705


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 25 Redhead Comments

kat casey's picture

been enjoying the music my whole life, but this was my first concert and I am REALLY wanting to go to another one! Thanks for such an awesome show! Came close to Sammy but didnt get to meet him- that would of topped the night!

cinderz1009's picture

Sammy rocked jackpot last night what a great concert!!! See ya in 6 weeks!!!

Maryl's picture

When I woke up this morning, you were on my mind.
Thank you, SRH, for donating to the Idaho Food Bank. Your generosity and thoughtfulness is and always has been appreciated by the many you help.
Looking forward to tonight's concert!

davelanham's picture

Can't wait for the Jackpot show tomorrow . It's gonna rock . Will be a sea of red

gomarlins3's picture

Is the show 6 p.m. or 8 p.m.? I am seeing two different times.

gomarlins3's picture


azure.s's picture

Plans I made clear back in March fell through, so sad...
But then new plans formed and I'm going again!!
Weeee!! So happy!

MetalMike1's picture

im commin in from Montana and am also excited ..I see this show this month and Iron Maiden next month in vegas..doesnt get any better

daudlija's picture

Super excited to take a trip to Jackpot Nevada to see the man Sammy Hagar. coming down from Toronto Canada for an prelude to the Toronto show in a few more weeks. Cant wait.....

chuckyscobra's picture

I can not wait to see the show, Driving in from Nampa idaho

chuckyscobra's picture

will be a badass show,

chuckyscobra's picture

I'm there Sammy, will be awesome show

azure.s's picture

I see, on the Facebook event for Cactus Pete's, Sammy has decided to donate to the Idaho Food-bank!
That is especially fine, considering he's playing in Nevada.
What a guy!
I know from experience, helping out at the Pocatello branch, Idaho needs a lot of help!
We have a whole lot of hungry kids who appreciate the backpack program, food for a weekend until they can get back to school and have another meal. Sad to think about those kids during the summer, when there's no school lunch.
Yay, Sammy Hagar!

robs hot mama's picture

18 days to go!!!!!

hagarox's picture

It's almost 8:05!!! Looking forward to a little roadtrip to rock out. I'm ready to help turn Jackpot RED. C-Ya soon!

azure.s's picture

Hagar, the Wabos, and Whitesnake?

PhilBecker's picture

I will sleep at the pool if I have to! Just to see Sammy and Michael! Yeah!

davelanham's picture

they are all full , have to go back to Twin Falls ID

robertw033's picture

Got our tickets & RV spot!

azure.s's picture

I might have to buy a camper shell and sleep in the back of my truck, but I am not going to miss this show!!

tmariani's picture

Thanks Bowmansu. I got the tickets this morning and will look into the other hotels / options.

bowmansu's picture

There are other hotels/casinos in Jackpot. Barton's 93 Club and The Horshue Casino have rooms.

Brenda503's picture

I got my room & tickets!

tmariani's picture

I just heard about this event today and I'm trying to purchase tickets. No one is answering the phone and it looks like all of the rooms are booked :(

RedVoodoo's picture

This place in Jackpot is a bit of a cluster - no venue map available on their website, nor can you buy tix online. I have a map of the venue that was emailed to me after 20 minutes on hold if anyone wants it. Just send me a private message with your address.