Past Event

Aug 4 2012
Greenville, WI


Sammy Hagar and The Wabos.


Show 7:00PM. Presales start on Thursday, May 10th, and the password is REDROCKER .


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 22 Redhead Comments

redrocker327's picture

Set list as shown on a fan website:
(1) Can't Drive 55
(2) Only One Way to Rock
(3) Why Can't This be Love
(4) Space Station #5/Rock Candy/Bad MotorScooter/Love or Money
(5) Top of the World
(6) I've Done Everything for You
(7) I'll Fall in Love Again
(8) Your Love is Driving me Crazy
(9) Three Lock Box
(10) Right Now
(11) Finish What ya Started
(12) Heavy Metal
(13) Mas Tequila
(14) When It's Love
(15) Fight for your Right to Party (yes this is the Beastie Boys song)

mannym032's picture

setlist anyone?!!

no waborita in my reach

mattm088's picture

Sammy put on a GREAT show in Greenville. Was awesome having him so close to home. And all though there is no such thing as a bad Sammy concert, this was one of his best I seen. He seem to be having alot of fun just doing his own thing and going with the flow. Ready for Cabo!!!!!!!!!!

Willie's picture

What an awesome night in Greenville! I drove 4 1/2 hours from Minneapolis and was wondering if the show would even happen because of the weather on the way there, but it cleared up at just the right time. Sammy and band were SO good and so much fun. I can't understand how Sammy doesn't seem to age and can still sing and move around like it was the '70's, while other bands from that time seem so much older.
I have to say I enjoyed this even more than the Chickenfoot tour stop this spring.
And I also love Ace Frehley and since he doesn't tour much, it was a special treat. I have been to many many concerts over the past 30 years and this was one of the most fun nights I can remember.

RedRandy's picture

Anyone staying at the Holiday Inn? I'll be there! I recieved an e-mail about a week ago that there are 4 or 5 places in Greenville/Appleton that will be serving Beach Bar Rum show weekend too.
Face down in a couple of days!

RedRandy's picture

Anyone staying at the Holiday Inn? I'll be there! I recieved an e-mail about a week ago that there are 4 or 5 places in Greenville/Appleton that will be serving Beach Bar Rum show weekend too.
Face down in a couple of days!

mattm088's picture

Pumped to see the Redrocker make it to WI. And heard from the inside the Wabos WILL be there.

wisconsinredrocker's picture

The Wabos will be playing that night with Sammy! :)

songbuff's picture

Any word on a possible meet & greet?

todd9's picture

We will be in the 6th row and this time I am bringing my wife... Looking forward to it fellow Wisconsinites...

ssteinert5150's picture

Can't wait Baby!... 16 of us in the first two rows!!! Picking up the rum tonight!!!

ssteinert5150's picture

Can't wait baby!!... WE have 16 people going, in the first and second row!!!!... Picking up the rum tonight!!!!!!

tenthirteenjoe's picture

Sooooooo can't wait! Thanks Sammy for making plans to visit Wisconsin. Outside on a "hot summer night" at a Red Rocker concert is always a most important part of the season! thanks.

dbarry's picture

Maverick- what is a redrocker cabo guitar? Do you have a pic?

tenthirteenjoe's picture

this concert means very much to some of your closest fans in the center of the country. thanks soooooooooo much for taking time out to spend with us - we love you SAMMY!

TODD SMITS's picture

Us Cabo fans are going to be there hoping to get as close as we did in Cabo on his birthday. Sammy thanks for coming to WI lets party.

scottie04's picture

I am assuming it is with the Wabos, but the concert has Ace Frehley opening up...

terryw015's picture

No backup band? No Wabos? No Foot? Says "Solo" in Events List. Anybody know anything?

maverick1957's picture

Yes it about time. I have a Red Rocker Cabo guitar I am hope to get Sammy to sign

Blondie99's picture

I'm so excited to go to see Sammy here! The presale is not working right now. It says tickets go on sale to the public on Saturday May 12th. Ugh! I cannot wait until August!

admin's picture

Please note the updated show date!

chrisk091's picture

It's about time Sammy comes back to Wisconsin....Looking forward to the show..Should be a good the line up!!Can't wait...Sammy Rocks!