Past Event

May 25 2012
777 Casino Avenue
Thackerville, OK




Show 09:00PM.
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 4  Redhead Comments

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that was badass performance. best i've seen in a long time.

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Hey, we had meet and greet with the band before the show?

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I had a great night. I almost didn't get to go, but at the last minute I made it happen. I took someone to the show who hadn't heard of Chickenfoot before. I can now say there is 1 more fan of the Foot out there. My next goal is to get to Cabo for the birthday bash. I'm shooting for this year. Sammy you rock. Your music has inspired me over the years. For that I must say thank you. Keep rockin' and I'll see you in Cabo.

Trey's picture

Great concert! Once again, The Foot rocked the house! I hate that Sam cancelled meet and greet though!