Past Event

Apr 9 2011




Show 4:00PM. Part of the book tour for Red: My Uncensored Life in Rock. Live in-studio TV interview. Check your local listings for air time.


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 11 Redhead Comments

hagarfreak33's picture

They did show his book as the pick of the week-Maybe thats why it is listed

Sidbiz's picture

Was this appearance cancelled? This piece says that it was:

sammyfan7's picture

WTF? Just watched TMS and no Sammy!

hagarfreak33's picture

This is on Eddies site----
All new show tonight on Q104, but not live. Live on Monday on Sirius/XM with Jesse James Dupree in studio. TMS Saturday is all new with Jericho and Yngwie. Not sure why Sammy Hagar site says he is on TMS? We would love to have him and he wants to do it, but we did not tape a show with him yet.

bummer.I think he'd be great on the show.

msredrocker55's picture

u may be able to see it on there site

msredrocker55's picture

im in California & im confused about what time its on here. i looked at my program guide & it says 8 pm but on here it says 4 pm so that would be New York time i know. if thats true it would be on here at 7pm. please help!

hagardreams's picture

Now that I had the cable TV cut off about 3 weeks ago, he is finally on the show. OMG. That is just my luck!

lisak072's picture

Don't know if anyone helped you out yet or not but the Metal Show is on VH1 Classic TV show - it's a cool show!

BayAreaFan's picture

Sammy, we'll see you at the Giants' Game on April 9th! By coincidence, we have tickets for the same day you'll be singing the National Anthem! I am's like the time I saw Toby Keith at Shoreline and you jumped up on stage with him, too! Awesome.

redrocker7-3-2010's picture

FINALLY!! THE RED ROCKER ON THAT METAL SHOW!!! Now we just need Chad Smith on there :D

nannettee078's picture

Can someone give me information on this??? Where is this being filmed??? I think I'm lost someone help me : )