Past Event

Mar 26 2011
140 Kentucky St.
Petaluma, CA




Event 7:00PM. Part of the book signing tour for Red: My Uncensored Life in Rock. Only books will be signed, photos permitted but no posed pictures.

Sammy will be signing books from 7:00 – 9:00 PM


Do I need to preorder a book? If so, how do I put in an order?
Not required; however, we will have a priority line for books pre-purchased at Copperfield’s. To pre-purchase, call the store at 707-762-0563 10-8 Monday through Saturday, Sunday 10-6. Pre-purchased books can be picked up the day of the event and that customer will then be able to stand in the Priority signing line, first come, first served. Customers purchasing the book in the store that day can also stand in the Priority line, on a first come, first served basis. Customers bringing books from home will be in the Reserve signing line and will be able to have their books signed as time allows. Save your receipt!

What if I already bought a copy of the book? Will I be allowed to get in line to have Sammy sign my copy, or does my copy need to be bought at your store?
(see above) Not required to purchase it at our store; however, will be in Reserve signing line where books will be signed as time permits. Save your receipt!

How will I gain admittance to the signing? Do I need a wristband or a ticket? If so, how do I get one?
No ticket or wristband required; book IS the ticket. Save your receipt!

How early should I show up? Up to you. The line will begin forming when people begin showing up.

If I can’t make it to the signing, are you taking phone orders for signed copies? No; if time allows, Mr. Hagar will sign additional stock that will be made available the day after the event and can be ordered over the phone at that point, while supplies last.

Anything else that I need to know?
No signing of memorabilia or body parts. Books only!


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 12 Redhead Comments

BayAreaFan's picture

Thanks for great music and great shows,Sammy! I've been a fan since 7th grade when I would sneak my older sister's All Night Long album and listen to it! Saw you at the San Jose Civic for the first time in 1979! Awesome...I've seen you many times since. You only get better. Great meeting you and can't wait to see you sing the National Anthem at the Giant's Game! Also, thank you, Tina, for sending me the video. It worked on my computer! Awesome. Nice meeting you.

Captain Ron's picture

Fourth in line, met great redheads while waiting. Thanks for the low five Sammy!

cabozone55's picture

First in line!!!

FresnoMorro's picture

Tina, It was nice standing in line with you and conversing with you! Thank you for the video you sent Debbie and she thanks you too! Keep on rocking! From Percy!

NickiDc2011's picture

This was my first event seeing Sammy Hagar and it was awesome. It moved really fast and I would have loved to of had a pic or 2 taken with him, but I understand he is a very busy man. I cant wait to see him again!!!!

tinajolson's picture

My two boys and I went to the book signing in Petaluma and he was so fantastic to my boys!! Sammy you made our night! And I must say you look fantastic, keep up the good work. Maybe we'll run into each other at Mt Tam some day, local all the way!! We love you!!!

FresnoMorro's picture

Great talking to you Sammy and I thank you for your signed book! Awesome moment for me when I told you I seen you with Quarterflash opening in Fresno's Selland Arena 81 Standing Hampton Tour and you sang a little line from Quarterflash's "Harden My Heart"! Fan forever!

Mr. Fister's picture

Mr. Hagar is much more "Sammier" in person...

TimmFam4's picture

Happy Birthday lavernas069...mine is the 24th! Can't think of a better way to spend it but with Sammy and some fellow Redheads! Pre-Ordered our book and the gal also mentioned not expecting a big crowd! I told her she didn't know SAMMY FANS very well....LOL! She said Lauren Conrad had 1000 fans for her book signing...REALLY...Lauren Conrad...MTV Lauren Conrad...we're talking SAMMY HAGAR HERE!!!! :-)
I guess we'll just have to surprise the town of Petaluma!!!!

JOLTMAN's picture

ARE YOU KIDDING ME!...Sammy showing up in my home town, it doesn't get any better than that! I will be driving from Reno, NV just to go to this signing for a shot to see the Red Rocker in person. I been a fan since the early 80's and have been to a couple shows, this tops it all!..I'm there..

balien's picture

Sammy! I am 48 to be 49 on April 28th. I have loved you since Montrose. I live in Sonoma, CA. I work nights as a bartender. I cannot make any of your book signings, as I start work at 6PM. Dude, help me! I work at the girl and the fig in Sonoma, Wednesday through Saturday nights, the closing bartender. Your forever fan, Mark.

lavernas069's picture

I am from Sac and Mar 26th is my 50th 1013, what a great way to celebrate! Someone named Grace at Copperfield's just let me "pre-order", so the book will be there waiting for me. She didn't seem to think the crowd would be as big as it was for Willie Mays, I guess she doesn't know very much about Sammy!!!