Past Event

Mar 18 2011
321 N. 10th St.
Saint Louis, MO




Event 6:00PM. Part of the book signing tour for Red: My Uncensored Life in Rock. Only books will be signed, photos permitted but no posed pictures. Sammy will be signing books from 6:00 – 8:00 pm

Do I need to preorder a book? If so, how do I put in an order?
You need to purchase at least one copy of RED from Left Bank Books to attend the book signing. You may pre-order by calling 314.367.6731 or ordering online at, or you may pick up the book that day while supplies last.

What if I already bought a copy of the book? Will I be allowed to get in line to have Sammy sign my copy, or does my copy need to be bought at your store?
You will need to purchase at least one copy of RED from Left Bank Books to attend the book signing, but once you have a ticket, you may also bring any additional copies of the book that you have from home.

How will I gain admittance to the signing? Do I need a wristband or a ticket? If so, how do I get one?
You will receive a ticket to the signing when you purchase RED from Left Bank Books. Each book purchase/ticket admits two people into the signing line.

How early should I show up?
We will open the doors one hour prior to the event, and we recommend arriving as close to that time (5pm) as possible to secure your spot in line.

If I can’t make it to the signing, are you taking phone orders for signed copies?
Yes, we are taking orders for signed copies, which you can reserve by calling 314.367.6731 or visiting

Anything else that I need to know?
This is a book signing only, and the line is first-come, first-served for all people with tickets.


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 24 Redhead Comments

FredNelson's picture
Where is that store located? I need to buy mystery books for my kids. Hope you can help me with this.
TomGreen24's picture

It sure does make me feel better reading your comment. We drove 7 hours 1way for 15 seconds While I'm so very glad to have done it I would be a liar if I said wasn't slightly disappointed.

buzduganel's picture
I have a collection of old children movies, for my boy, I have them since I was a kid. My favorite is little foot. And my favorite book is the Jungle book, I got a original old copy from a cash for books store in my own neighborhood.
HAGARFREAK's picture

It sure does make me feel better reading your comment. We drove 7 hours 1way for 15 seconds While I'm so very glad to have done it I would be a liar if I said wasn't slightly disappointed.

405redrocker72's picture

i got message on face book to go to for my address so here it is 903 city ave moore okla. ##134 73160 this is the only place on here where i can give my address im the guy that was in st louis dark hair glasses goattee big ass smile

sunrhyno's picture

Does anyone have several photos of the event?? I met Sammy that day but couldn't get any pictures with him. I know when he stood up and rubbed my belly (I'm pregnant) that people were taking several pictures. Thanks!!

serena1968's picture

Well ...We were warned ahead of time it would be a quick rush through the line to be fair to everyone which i totally understand. ..but i still felt like little "Ralphy" in Christmas Story when he tries to talk to Santa and gets pushed down the slide!!.. LMAO!!! It was still great being able to get to Sammy close up!!!!! got some great pics and a video... good times !!!!

michaelgas's picture

Friday night in St. Louis was a lot of fun. The staff of Left Bank Books did a great job. Everyone did their job to keep order and move the line along, yet they were all smiles and very polite. I knew what to expect and didn't expect anything more. Sammy's big smiles and friendliness more than made up for his less than congenial handlers. But, there again, they were doing their jobs and I expected nothing different. I got some great photos during the signing. Sammy even paused, smiled, and posed for a quick shot. He was ready to move on to the next book and I said "Thank you Sammy!" he did a double-take back to me and gave me a big thumbs up. And this was after having already signed an hour and 20 minutes worth of books. It was over in a flash, but an excellent experience. Again, I knew what to expect and expected nothing more. Doing a book-signing is a pain. Many thanks to Sammy for doing a signing tour, and many thanks to Left Bank Books for hosting it!

dixiechicken's picture

So far from what I have read, the book is in-your-face, down to earth, AWESOME! Sammy's story is like a conversation with a good friend, told from the perspective of someone who's been there, done that and worn holes in the damn shirt! Can't wait to finish it!!

Great to see you in St. Louis and hope you come back again soon...

sunrhyno's picture

I will b3 23 years old in april, and Sammy Hagar is my idol. He has been my favorite since I was very, very young. My dream came true yesterday when I met him at this event!! We drove 3 hours there, stood in line for 4 hours, and drove 3 hours home!! Not only did both my mother and I get to meet him, but my unborn baby did too! lol. He actually stood up to rub my belly and talk to me a minute. Sammy, I hope to someday be an amazing of a person as you have been and become!! If it's a boy, I'll name it Sam. But you said it will be a girl so we will see! I'll let you know! But no matter what, you bet I will tell my kid all about the one time I got to meet the greatest rocker / idol alive, Sammy Hagar!! Thank you so much!! It was one of the most amazing moments of my life.

Mink's picture

Just got back from the book signing. Sat in the rain, made some new friends, and got an autograph from Sammy himself. Totally worth it!

Chari McKenzie's picture

I am so excited to meet Sammy tomorrow! I have waited so long to get this chance! Just to think... one week ago today, the doctor was fixing my heart, tomorrow my heart will be truly filled!

DianaRed's picture

yeah it is bummer for someone like me. I am healing a broken back and I would give almost anything to be there. I have rocked with Sammy since 1974. I tried to get a signed copy from Left Bank Books but they said they won't know if they will have any books left. This is a bad time for me for him to have book signings. Damn I traveled all over country last year going to his concerts and now I miss the book signings because healing broken back :-(
Sammy Rock on my friend I hope you have more book signings PLEASE.... Don't forget Michigan man.
Love ya. Thanks for the hours and hours of awesome rocking.

Meowza's picture

Book store recommends getting there by 5pm, but we are going earlier than that about 4.

Meowza's picture

Will still buy and read the book though, autographed or not....Sammy is definately awesome!

janeb063's picture

so what time do u guys think the line will start? I was thinking of getting there around 4p, is that too late??

laurelg050's picture

WOHOO!!! Cannot wait!

Mink's picture

I just ordered my book. I'm looking forward to going to this. The way I see it, if you're going to get Sammy's book, may as well get it from the man himself!

KLRed's picture

Easy directions on Left Bank Book website, thanks jill2012. I called Left Bank Books and you need confirmation number from your order. Your book will be registered in your name and you will pick up your book at the store along with the 2 tickets to stand in line. Left Bank Book said it will be crazy and it's best to order the book to guarantee Sammy signing. You will get to say "Hi" to Sammy and have him sign your book. But as stated no posed pics.

purplehayes6503's picture

I can't freak'n wait!!!!! Been waiting my whole life to meet Sammy!!!!!! <3 <3 <3

jillw012's picture

You do have to have a ticket for the book signing, and you do have to order through Left Bank Books (where the signing is taking place). Go to their website and follow the instructions. I just ordered. Each book ordered gets a ticket for 2 people for the signing. You can pick up the book and ticket that day at the book store.

Iowa-Doug's picture

We were told by Left Bank Books that it will be a ticketed affair... You gotta buy the book from them to get a ticket...

lisahamm's picture

That's what I wondered!! :) My husband and I are coming from Iowa, so I want to make sure I get there early enough!!!

davocabo's picture

Depends.... My guess is people will line up starting at noon. LOL! People are nuts!

lisahamm's picture

How early do you think people should start getting there?