Past Event

Mar 15 2011
211 E. Ridgewood AVE
Ridgewood, NJ




Event 1:00PM.

Part of the book signing tour for Red: My Uncensored Life in Rock. Only books will be signed, photos permitted but no posed pictures.

Sammy will be available to sign books between 1:00 – 3:00 pm

Do I need to preorder a book? If so, how do I put in an order?
You do not need to pre-order book.

What if I already bought a copy of the book? Will I be allowed to get in line to have Sammy sign my copy, or does my copy need to be bought at your store?
To gain admittance, only books purchased from Bookends will be allowed.

How will I gain admittance to the signing? Do I need a wristband or a ticket? If so, how do I get one?
Your receipt from Bookends is your ticket into the book signing.

How early should I show up?
We recommend arriving at least 1 and a half to 2 hours before.

If I can’t make it to the signing, are you taking phone orders for signed copies?
If you can't make the signing, we are definitely taking phone orders by phone: 201-445-0726


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 18 Redhead Comments

RIRedrocker's picture

So yesterday when I walked up to Sammy to have my book signed, I was very excited, smiled and said "HI SAMMY!" He looked at me, smiled that big smile, reached over the table, grabbed my forearm and said "I KNOW YOU!" I was floored...I said "you recognize me?", he said "of course I do". He went on to sign my book and I showed him my shirt (I had on a GTOBTT t-shirt on) and said "while your promoting your book, I'm promoting your movie". He said, "yes you are"! I went on to thank him for letting us Redheads in on his life with this book and told him his Redheads love him. He stopped signing, looked straight up at me, smiled that big smile, nodded his head and said "I know they do and I know who they are", I said "YES you DO"... he went on to say "Redheads are the best fans in the world", I said "YES they are!"
I'm still in complete awe =)
Sammy REALLY DOES love (and KNOWS) his Redheads!!! ♥

Also regarding the interview above....
Awesome interview from yesterdays book signing at Bookends. So cool that Chuck got his tat signed!! Saw a few of us Redheads on there 2:15 behind Chuck being interviewed you can see me, Heather and Barbara walking up to Sammy!! At 17 seconds there's Al at the end of the line!! NEAT!! =)

mrc5150's picture

The signing at Ridgewood, NJ was from 1-3PM and Sammy was done by 1:30PM because they rushed us through so damn fast! I didn't even have time to take a picture!! What happened from 1:30-3:00PM as I drove home in disgust?

bestrockergirl316's picture

Sammy -- what a glorious day for me; finally meeting my favorite acknowledged that we have the same curly hair!! Cannot wait to start reading this book. Thanks, Sammy, for visiting us!

shyane619a's picture

It was great Seeing Sammy.

karenj31's picture

Thanks Sammy!! I bought 3 books and going to make you a best seller, remember? You looked absolutely fabulous and are the absolute best! Thanks for getting me up on stage twice over the years...I will never forget...especially at the old Tweeter Center in Camden, NJ in August, 2002!!!! I posted the pic....what a great memory!!!! Jersey Girl....Karen

Paratus_T's picture


Been a Big fan since the 80's. Heard you on Howard in the AM saying you were gonna be in Jersey from 1-3. I was like cool I can get there a little before 2 and get a book and maybe a pic with ya. So I get there a little before 2 and walk in with a couple of fans talkin it up and looking foward to meeting the Red Rocker himself. Well we get in and the employees are looking like somethin just went down and we are like where do we go. They reply "He left like 15 minutes ago". Huh? Then guy at the cash registers says "We have signed copies and they are gonna be rare!" Huh? The little kid holding the pick guard was like were did he go. Well I hope you had to jet for a good cause IF NOT .... dam

RiseoftheAnimal's picture

Thanks to Bookends I was able to get a signed copy in the end. They told me they had 600 people show up and he was already done in like an hour and a half. He was in a rush I was told.

rodw077's picture

Sammy was gracious as always. He looked fan-freakin-tabulous! No glasses...WoooHooo! He was rushed, though. I suppose it is due to his signing this evening. It was great to see some of the same Redheads! Our 9 year old son get to meet a rock legend. How cool is that? See you guys at the next show! Redlove, Rod & Judy

RiseoftheAnimal's picture


WaboRick's picture

4 days....

RiseoftheAnimal's picture

So pissed I can't make this. Take good pictures!

RIRedrocker's picture

One week from today!!!! See you in Jersey!!!

RiseoftheAnimal's picture

Thanks for pointing out the way to pre-order signed books at Bookends. I may have to attend a conference that day.

jersey girls rock's picture

Psyched to see you at Bookends!
It's my boyfriend's birthday that day and SO badly wish you could sign "Happy Birthday!" in his book - Hope you will be as cool as you seem and do that for us;)
Wish we could get a pic w/you too, however, prob not allowing that since I see you have to rush from NJ to NYC for a signing there that night, whew! You're a busy dude!
Peace and LOVE.

RedRocker2's picture and 2 of my Red Rocker kids will see you there!! Can't wait!!

vettegirl63's picture

So excited about March 15th! See you soon! \m/

RIRedrocker's picture

Not sure if ALL the bookstores that are having the book signing do this or not, but I just noticed on Bookends website ( that if you CAN'T make a signing, they take PHONE orders!!!
This is what is posted on the Bookends website...

Can't make a signing?
We take phone orders for signed copies.
Call now at 201-445-0726!

RIRedrocker's picture

We'll see you there!! Can't wait!!!