Past Event

Dec 16 2010
7777 N Highway 81
El Reno, OK


Sammy Hagar and The Wabos.


Show 7:00PM.



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 37 Redhead Comments

Skinwalker's picture

Well sure, I am one!!! Couldn't understand what Sammy said from the back of the venue.

nealh093's picture


nealh093's picture

Well, Sammy Hagar was in a garage in 1968...1973 Montrose & 40 Years Rockin with David 24/7 so try that shit...MONTROSE,SAMMY HAGAR,VAN HAGAR, WABO's & CHICKENFOOT... Have you ever heard of Indians???
Sammy YOU STILL ROCK My Friend! Please come back to Uptown in KC or the OL' Lady Brady in Tulsa.... WOW ... TY! PEACE~ Zookeeper "ZK3"

Skinwalker's picture

For those of us who were in general admission and couldn't hear what Sammy was saying...what was the reason he came to OK? That ceiling just sucked the sound up and away. I was really upset with VIP vs GA...for that venue it should of all been GA!! But...I was near the beer garden and in the same building as Sammy, was all good :)

tubbsy79's picture

show was great location was a dump!

JamiefromKS's picture

I cannot believe that Sammy played at such a terrible place. He explained later why he was playing these shows in OK, I knew there had to be a good reason! I hope the crew appreciates what he did for them!! MERRY CHRISTMAS CREW!!

hagardreams's picture

I hope there is someone who got some pictures, or info on how the concert went. I didnt get to go, and its been a long evening! Wont be able to make tomorrow or Saturday either. This was probably my last chance, because Sammy has not come this close to the OKC area in many, many years.
Please post and tell us how the show went!

JamiefromKS's picture

I won't get there until about 6. It's a VIP ticket, bought it for $90+fees, how much you want to give!?

riccar's picture

I am in the El Reno area and I would like to go to the show but I only need 1 ticket

JamiefromKS's picture

I have 2 extra tickets for this show! If anybody needs tickets, e-mail me!!

nealh093's picture

WOW & GOD Bless America!!! My WIFE AND I Won the Backstage meet & greet... You gotta give 2 live and Ive been seening Sammy since 1980 Cotton Bowl. Atleast 2 times a year for 30 years plus twice with ChickenFoot and been to Cabo B-Day Bash's... Been to Rome- Dallas Texas... REDROCKER RULES..Thanks Again & See you all at the show... Merry Christmas & Happy New Year to all... Thanks Again... ZK3

hagardreams's picture

Sure wish I knew how they decided on who gets the passes. I have not heard a word about it from anyone.
As bad as I would love to have one, I will just be glad to go and enjoy Sammy!

cky_okc's picture

Its five days,who got the backstage passes? Any clue how they notify you if you won them? Never seen sammy 3 days in a row,but have seen 3 show in 4 days.

michelle1way2rk's picture

Cannot wait for this OK Road Trip!!! We are going to have SO much fun!!!

Good luck everyone for the backstage give away. I know I'm keeping my fingers crossed to win!

Rock on,

JOANNEB075's picture

we will be there, taking Bob to OK for his Birthday Dec 16th...can't wait Sammy & Redheads..could Bob ask for a better 10-13?

lizajne's picture

Can Not WAIT for this! Lots of us going with GA tickets...VIP were out of our price range....but it's all good, I've been to tons of concerts in their Event Tent and GA are better than the VIP for being able to see...WOOT!!! See y'all there!

dmossio's picture

I am excited for this event...can't wait to see all my Redhead friends...I know Readheads in the red dirt capital of the US...RED ROCK ON!!! See you all in Concho and Thackerville...MAS Tequila!!!

michelle1way2rk's picture

From what I understand, the VIP tix are closest to the stage. I think all the venues have seats, but are unassigned. So the VIP section would be the front few rows, then G/A. I think the last show actually has assigned seats, at least for the VIP section.

See ya there!

RDRKR's picture

I can't wait! I'm catching Sammy three nights in a row! Two nights are VIP, does anyone really know what that gets us anyway? Hope to see a lot of RedHeads there.

tammyz005's picture

WooHOO I got my tickets for Lucky Star and for First Council shows VIP!! I need a Sammy fix and I'm coming all the way from WI- hope the weather holds up as I may drive down 12 1/2 hr trip , but oh so worth it!!! Sammy and Wabos hereI come!!! =-)

405redrocker72's picture

i just got my vip tickets for lucky star i went got them in peson first one their bring on the waboritas!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

nealh093's picture

Whats included in the VIP Tickets Dec 16th..See ya there ! ZK3

txdiscgolfer's picture

Can anyone say "ROAD TRIP!"?

Oh, ya...3 concerts...3 days.

nealh093's picture

Im in....Seen Sammy in 1980 at the Cotton Bowl REDROCKER also in Cabo and atleast 20 other times also with Chickenfoot twice...Ive been too Rome...Dallas,Texas... Peace "ZOOKEEPER"

michelle1way2rk's picture

Woooooo-Hooooooo!!! Got VIP!! California, Washington and Florida are in da house!

jlatham66's picture

Anyone have details about the Backstage Pass Giveaway for this show? How do you enter?

okiered's picture

Does anyone know if there will be any pre-sale tickets for the Lucky Star show? Can't wait to see Sammy! Haven't seen him since the Chickenfoot show at the Hard Rock in Vegas last December.

MollyD's picture

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405redrocker72's picture

the best way to get tickets is to just call the casino two of the casino go on sale on the 30th thackerville goes on sale the 22nd of oct

cky_okc's picture
admin's picture

Tickets go on sale 10/30.

angiem107's picture

Yes, please let me know if anyone figures out how to purchase tickets. I also checked out the website and can't find a link to get them. Thanks ahead for the help and I'll post if I find something out. Angie :)

stephdoane4's picture

hey what is up with the tickets. I have tried and all it gives me is REO Speedwagon. Is it already sold out?
There is no way to contact anyone on this website either?


michelle1way2rk's picture

Same thing happens to me. Don't know when they go on sale, I even called the venue and they didn't know!

DawnSTL's picture

I've clicked the link to puchase tickets, takes me to the casino website then click tickets on there and the next website has no place to buy them?? Anyone else having trouble getting tickets?

jnorth's picture

thats the Lucky Star Casino at Concho,Okla.not Clinton....i know i work there... can't wait for some kick a$$ Rock-n-roll come on Oklahoma lets show Sammy who ROCKS.......

ron's picture

Special Guest: Firehouse