Past Event

Aug 12 2010
1000 Ocean Pky
Wantagh, NY


Sammy Hagar and The Wabos.


Show 7:30PM.



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 9  Redhead Comments

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This was my first time seeing Sammy in concert. It was great to see Sammy give it his all like he always does to the intially small crowd full of "Red" ponchos in the rain. The rain stopped, the crowd grew larger and the sun went down over the beach. What more can you ask for. See you in Detriot at Comerica Park this August. Red Rock On!

EJROCKER's picture

Was so great to see Sammy showing all how to ROCK!

wesleyj026's picture

anyone know the setlist?

pineapplepug's picture

Thank you Sammy for coming to the fence after the show last night!!!!!! All of my screaming paid off!!! I wasn't going home without a Sammy story! You are amazing, thanks for playing in NY!!! Love you!!!!!!

Some Kind of Alien's picture

It's been 15 years! I remember VH played 3 nights in a row during the Balance tour, I was at one of them. My second concert ever, the first being VH a couple months earlier at the Coliseum. Anyway hope you guys have a good time tonight, and hopfully we'll stay dry.

yesgreg's picture

First time seeing Sammy.....Long time fan!!!!
Can't wait....And it's my 27th wedding Aniversary to boot,can't get any better.

caboken's picture

WOW cant wait for this show ! It's been a long time since
Sammy played "The Beach" this time I'm bringing my 14yo Son
with Me he is a big Sammy fan, He is also a little jelouse that I got to meet Sammy and he didnt, maybe I'll win the back stage passes it would be great to have a pic with Sammy and the two of us ! See you at ths show....

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Cant Wait

caboken's picture

Sammy Baby !