Past Event

Jul 31 2010
3799 S Las Vegas Blvd
Las Vegas, NV


Sammy Hagar and The Wabos.


Show 08:00PM.



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 10 Redhead Comments

ddouglass299's picture

Sammy and Aerosmith. Who could ask for a better show!

mikeb004's picture

mgm sound system is not the that good!! the pre concert at cabo wabo was great!!!

poohgirldk's picture

Have fun girl. I am so happy for you. I have goose bumps. I hope I win when he comes to Auburn Hills, Mi. Wish me luck.'s picture

Lake Havasu is going. See you at Cabo Wabo after the concert!

GNR's picture

Yeah Hisako!! See you soon! I can't wait! Vegas, Dallas, Houston & LA all in a week. I am tired but ready. Lol. I am glad I got our tickets earlier. :-)

hisakom001's picture

OMG!! I won the backstage passes for the show!!!! Can I meet Sammy? I can't still believe it. Is this not a dream?! OMG!! Thank you so much, The Red fan club staff!! Can't wait to meet Sammy and see the show!!

tim champlin's picture

Show number 10
. Can't wait to see him in Vegas and visit the new Cabo Wabo Cantina. Oh and Aerosmith.

mrsbratmom's picture

Saw him in Tahoe in May...Great show. Pair him up with Aerosmith OMG!!

bobw008's picture

I catch Sammy almost everytime he comes thru Vegas. Always a great time

maryhem's picture

Wish I could fit this one into my schedule also!