Past Event

Oct 13 2005
Cabo Wabo Cantina
Cabo San Lucas, Mexico


Sammy Hagar and The Wabos.


Show 8:00PM.



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 1  Redhead Comment

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I'm not quiet sure where to start here. This was our very FIRST Cabo B-day
bash and I was blown away!!! My husband took me for my 40th B-day. (also in Oct.) It was a total and complete dream come true for me. After MANY years of dreaming & patiently waiting! We stayed at the Bungalow's, and would HIGHLY recommend
it to anyone! The show was everything I had always imagined it would be!
The Cantina is incredible! Talk about making you feel like one of the
family! We got to be the lucky ones who were front row center in front of
Sammy ON 10-13... OMG!!!! The set list has already been posted a few
places, so I wont go into that. Sammy mentioned he got an early phone call
regarding "his crazy REDheads" who had started the line for tickets @ 11am on the 11th, for tickets that wernt going on sale until the 12th!! LMAO!!!!! After that we all sang Happy Birthday to Sammy! Something I've ALWAYS wanted to do! He also mentioned that this would be his last show on the evening of Oct. 13th. From now on he said he'll do a show @ 11pm on the 12th, because his girls were upset saying Daddy's always at the Cabo Wabo, and they want Daddy to stay home on his B-day.
After a few songs, Sammy handed out a full bottle of tequila which went in my hand, and of course was very much enjoyed and passed around to the fans. I got a hug AND a kiss from Sammy which I STILL cant believe! Mikey came out for the second set and blew the fans this time Sammy was TRASHED! LOL! Matt Sorum, from Velvet Revolver, joined in for the last few songs.
A birthday cake was walked by hands through the crowd up to the stage. Once the cake was on stage, the big, now traditional cake fight exploded! I got covered just standing there! What a mess, but I loved every minute of it!!!
Sammy,THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart for one of the most memorable nights of my LIFE, and the best birthday EVER!!! And to all the REDheads we got to see & meet, your all incredible, and I cant wait to see you all again someday!!! Special thanks to Denise & Cary. A very special thanks to Marco & Dustin for putting up with us crazy REDheads, and to our favorite bartender Mario... thank you all for everything!!!!! Mucho REDlove to you all!!!

Darlene & Don Bowry
Rhode Island

When Sammy says you go there once
you'll be there twice, he isn't kidding!!!! We WILL be back!