Past Event

Nov 6 2004
Kansas Coliseum
Wichita, Kansas


Van Halen.


Show 8:00PM.

Thanks to Judy Heinitz of Edmond, OK for the set list!



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Well here we went again!!......our 4th time on this 2004 tour seeing our all time favorite band......Van Halen. When we saw they added Wichita.......there was no way we weren't going. My Mom went with us to Little Rock to see them and when I told her they were coming to Wichita.......she wanted to go again so we took her again. Never in my wildest dreams did I think I would be going to Van Halen 2 of the 4 times this summer with my Mom, who is 74 years old, but I did.......and I am glad she went. She had a blast both times. They just keep getting better and better each time we see them. This concert was so excellent. We drove up from Oklahoma City to see them again and it was so well worth it!! "The Boys" were all on key and everyone did an excellent outstanding job. Sammy sang his heart out and was so gracious, once again, to sign so many autographs. Loved the home video they played during his solo songs. He really is living the good life!! At one point he put on a huge purple banner around him with a big Red "R" on the back. It was so cool whoever brought that. Eddie's solo was the best!! seemed liked he played a longer solo than the other 3 cities we saw them in but it could have been our imagination. We think it was just such an excellent solo that it seemed longer and he truly looked like he was enjoying himself. Was just soaking up the attention from all us fans chanting his name over and over again. "Eddie, Eddie, Eddie"!! So glad to see he kept his hair down at this concert the entire time. We were not lucky enough to get a guitar pick. One landed on the floor in the row in front of us but someone snatched it up. Michael didn't bother with that airline sized bottle of "Jack".......he had a crew guy bring out the big bottle!!........he played excellent too. And Alex's drum solo was the best too. It takes alot of energy to play the drums and Alex is not slowing down anytime soon!! We just had such a good time........after the show was over and the lights came on, The "Time of Our Life" song came on as we were all leaving the arena. Perfect song to put on since it is so looks like they are having the time of their lives. All we can say is they have made 2004 the best for us. We had the time of our lives seeing them this summer. It's been a long awaited tour. They have given something to their fans.........something for all of us to talk about for years to come and memories we will never forget. The only thing sad I find in all of this is, we knew the tour would soon come to an end. And Wichita was our final time that we would get to see them again. So now all we can do is cross our fingers and keep hoping that they will do this again. They kept adding more shows because they knew they would draw a crowd. So come on boys.........Start thinking about the plans of another CD and tour............All those new songs that were written over the past years are sitting there waiting to be played, recorded and sung!! That calls for a tour!! We will all be out here waiting for the announcement! Make everyone's dream come true AGAIN!! You guys were made for each stay together!! We hope to see you next year in 2005!!

Carl and Judy Heinitz
Edmond, Oklahoma


Of all the VH and Hagar concerts I've been to this was absolutely the best show ever. Sammys vocals sounded better,higher, and just freakin more clear than any live show since I have been going to shows. The whole band performed like they were kids on a playground,laughing and runnin around havin a hell good time together. I pray this reunion will continue to rock us VH and Redrocker fans.

Sammy K. Newton,Ks.


My buddy and I had 6th row floor tickets and this was my 12th show with
Sammy since 1986! Totally one of the best show I've seen since the old

Eddie totally blew the crowd away, Sammy always one of the best front men
of rock was dead on target!! Al's solo was top notch and Of course
Mikey....uuuh Somebody get "ME" a doctor! I drove over 12 hours from Mississippi to
catch this show and trust me it was worth every mile. If that was the last
time I got to see the boys on stage together what a way to say goodbye.

Love you guys thanks for the memories....5150 Forever.

Jackson MS


Well I just got back from the 5 1/2 hour drive to Kansas to see Van Halen last night.

Here's my review.

First off I thought the band was in top form. Eddie was solid and they were having a blast. The band was tighter and put on a better show than they did when I saw them in Omaha last July.

Same set list started with jump/finished with When it's love.

Sammy changed his solo up a bit. He played Tropic of Capricorn (with home video footage of Cabo on the big screen) and 55. IT ROCKED!!!

This is the first show I've been to in a long time that he didn’t do Eagles Fly........I love that song but it was a nice change.

Eddie's solo was great as usual.....He said at one point he was just going to fuck around for a little while.....He did and it was pretty cool.

Eddie was way more active than the other show I went to on this tour and was slapping hands with the fans etc. He looked good. At the end of the show he even brought out a bottle of wine to a guy in his "ring".

Jonas rocked as well.......They are pretty good.

Now on the the story of our Famous sheet.

We made a banner on a bed sheet that was like the Master Card Priceless ad.

You know like
Room at the La Quinta $62.00
Tickets $320
Bed Sheet & Box of markers $3.00
Driving 5 1/2 hours from Iowa to See Van Halen in Kansas...

We were not close enough to throw stuff on stage this time out but my sister talked to a gal that was in the 5 Star and she threw it on stage for us during the first song.

Sammy looked at it and said it was the ultimate fucking tribute and showed it to the crowd and wore it like a dress for like 2 songs.....It was cool as hell. (we pulled it off got Sammy our sheet).....But that's not the end.

The sheet got tossed off stage and we figured we would never see it again. Well when the show was over my niece went down front and the sheet was hanging on the barrier...She picked it up and brought it back to our seats and we opened it up to show some of the people around us what it said and when we did we found out that Sammy had signed it bigger than life right in the middle......Now that's Priceless !!!!!!

Rich Gourley

Shenandoah Iowa