Past Event

Oct 30 2004
Winnipeg Arena
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada


Van Halen.


Show 07:00PM.



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Hi guys, just got back from the Winnipeg show, and it was amazing! This was my second stop on the tour (St Paul), and this time I went 5 star.

Let me start by saying I was really happy about the great vibe I saw between the guys. They all seemed to be having a great time, and there was lots of hugs/play between them. I believe all is very well in the VH camp!!!

Now some details: I love this band, and spent a lot of time really geting ready to make the most of the 5 star. I hand made 2 really personally special items - a giant VH guitar pick, and a customized shirt that said "It's About Time - ED and RED" (I had 'There's Only One Way To Rock - 5150' on the other side). Both made it on stage really early in the show (I'm still on cloud nine! If anyone got a shot of that PLEASE let me know!!! email's

I wanted to share a couple personal highlights. When Sammy saw my shirt, he looked at the "It's about Time ED and RED", leaned out and told me "Aw Man, Now that's the truth!" He took it up, showed it around, an I got a really nice "right on" smile from Eddie as a result. Sammy leaned back 'ASKED ME' for a marker, and said "You got that right; I have got to sign that!" I was so happy to see that and honestly guys, both Sam and Eddie really looked happy to see that little message. The entire band had a lot of great interaction with each other, and the crowd. It was just an amazing experience. I think all is looking very good for Sammy and the boys to keep goin' forward and rockin' along!

More on the atmosphere: In the 5 star, both Mike and Eddie made brief mentions about 'Coming Back' and there was a quick mention about 'the next CD.' I watched Eddie, Mike and Al play about 5 songs in the soundcheck, they were all in a great mood. Ed gave Mike tons of hugs; they were all really happy. Sound wise, Ed was having some trouble getting what he wanted, so we were urged to give him a bit of privacy, and went back to the VIP suite; he continued a bit longer at the soundcheck after we left, but Mike and Al were done, and signed items for all.

To the other 5 stars: What a pleasure to meet you all! Everybody was great. I was especially impressed when most of you teamed up to pass back the giant VH pick after Sammy used it. Thank you so much, don't know how I'd have felt if I couldn't have got it back (a lot of love for VH went into that thing). I was really impressed how people were making sure that all signed items were going back to their origional owners.

The show was right before halloween, lots of costumes, several caught Sammy's attention and he tried a few masks/capes/hats on; great fan atmosphere. Got a great laugh out of the guy dressed like Sammy in the Golen Ring! As for the guy who messed with Panama's words and sang 'Sammy, You look hot tonight," um??? Well, you did get a laugh! And then there was the ultra sexy nurse during poundcake!!!

The show, well, we've all seen the setlists by now, fairly similar, though they did change the order a bit; that's not a complaint; I love these songs. 55 was something I hadn't heard @ my previous St. Paul show - really enjoyed that! Eddie's solo was a bit shorter and, dare I say, a bit slower?!?, but MAN he was pouring his soul into it! He layed down, in a curlde up ball, by his amps and just screamed the hell out of some massive notes on the guitar - gave me butterflies, incredible expression. Mike was incredible on Bass, Vocals and especially fan interaction. Al was great too, and when he did surface from behind that massive kit, he shook a ton of hands. But the true highlight of the show: The guys just looked so damn happy!!! This was a terific show!

I have a couple photos and will post them soon. If anyone's got one of my pick, again, I'd be thrilled if you'd let me know or post them as well.

Thanks 'all,
Lets keep supporting all that is VH, SH, Cabo and right in the world of rock's 4 greatest musicians!