Past Event

Oct 26 2004
Pengrowth Saddledome
Calgary, Alberta, Canada


Van Halen.


Show 07:00PM.



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I can't say enough about the show in Calgary! The boys looked great!
They had the crowd standing from the minute they hit the stage until
the end of the show. Me, my wife and my brother had the privilage
of sitting in the Golden Ring(Inside Stage) for the concert. We had
both our Canadian Flags signed by Sammy and MIke. They also
signed our Happy Birthday Sammy sign as well as my 5150 cd sleeve.
Sammy also kissed my wife when he jumped into the golden ring.
Mike threw us soem picks as well. They were all over us, all night.
Sammy wore my brothers flag for about 4 songs. They were everything
and more. They were very energenic and interactive with the crowd.
Sammys pipes were strong as ever and the boys were tight even though
Eddie was loaded. These guys got to keep it going as you don't see great
rock and roll like this anymore.

Thanks Sammy/Mike/Eddie and Alex!!!!!

M. Jenkins


Unbelievable! That pretty much sums it up. I was totally blown away.
I expected to see a good show but this was much, much more. From
Sammy's never wavering vocals right down to Eddie's unmatchable guitar
licks, this was not a just a concert, it was an experience of a
lifetime. This was my first time seeing the boys but hopefully not the

I saw Metallica perform here last year and I thought nobody could top
that show but I gotta tell ya, the boys blew me away!!!

The best part of the concert, for me anyway, was the 2 solo songs Sammy
did. How old is this guy again??? He's got the pipes of a 20 year old.
I must say (not to take any thing away from the rest of the guys),
Sammy is the heart and soul of this juggernaut! His infectious antics,
crowd interaction, smokin' vocals and unstoppable energy really made the

True Rock n' Roll band if there ever was one!

Rock on VH.

Keith Brown