Past Event

Oct 22 2004
Key Arena
Seattle, Washington


Van Halen.


Show 7:00PM.



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My second show in three nights and one more to go. I took my 12 year old with me to this show and he couldn't stop talking about the drum sols by Alex. all he could keep saying is "man he's good huh dad"! He was absolutely blown away by the show. In Portland I was in the first row, in Seattle I was in the 22nd row but the show was still the same with all the energy of the first one I saw. one more show and I can't wait to see them again! Thanks for the incredible shows Eddie, Alex, Michael and Sammy.

R. Crowe from Seattle


Mahalo and Aloha!


If there is issues between Sam and Ed or Sam and Al, or both, it sure
didn't show in the least bit Friday nite! And if they are 'pretending'
or what-have-you, then I nominate them all for individual Oscars, Emmy's
and Tony Awards!

My wife and I got to the arena at about 8PM and headed for our seats
straight away. We could just hear the last song from the opening band,
so basically we didn't see them even for a second. No matter, obviously.
Anyways, we were in section 125 on the side of the stage, 4 rows up,
absolutely perfect view - (Didn't win the Golden Ring tickets, my high
bid was for $185 and low bid was $255). (I took 24 pictures with my
point and shoot 35mm Minolta with 800 speed Kodak low light film, I will
post the photos as soon as I get'em back on a CD.) The lights went down
at about 8:30 and Ed began his wailing right away. Heeellllloooo
BAAAbbbeeeee!!! And out they mighty VH came onto the stage! Ed was still
wailing and Sam went right over to him and the hugged for what seemed
like 10 or 20 seconds minimum, big smiles on both their faces and then
the piped in organ and off right into JUMP. The crowd was absolutely
going crazy at this point and the band was eatin' it up. The whole floor
and lower level was completely sold out and the upper deck had to be at
3/4 full at least. Seattle has always been a huge VH town, so I wasn't
too surprised. Pretty much the standard set-list:
1. Jump
2. Runaround
3. Humans Being
4. Up for Breakfast
5. Mikey bass solo
6. Somebody get me a Doctor
7. Poundcake
8. It's about Time
9. Alex drum solo
10. Top of the World
11. Unchained
12. Why Can't this be Love
13. Sammy solo - Eagles fly & big surprise - I Can't Drive 65 / 55
14. Seventh Seal
15. Best of Both Worlds
16. Eddie's solo - seemed to go on forever, and he chatted more than Las
Vegas, said stuff like and I quote, "I know it is a bit disconnected,
but I am a disconnected guy." and "I had fun, did you?", AND HE DIDN'T
SOUND OVERLY DRUNK! But he was clearly having a great time.
17. Dreams
18. Ain't Talkin' bout Love
19. Right Now
Encore #1
20. You really got me
21. Panama
Encore #2
22. When it's Love

I am pretty sure that was the order of the songs, as I didn't write them
down or anything. Sammy seemed really inspired by the crowd during his
solo and when he was ending the little guitar work on Eagles he just
started to rip right into I Can't Drive 65/55. His guitar wasn't exactly
tuned in the right key for it, but it still was awesome and the crowd
was totally into it singin' right along with him.

Ed did his chant thing at the end of the show on each side of the stage
trying to coordinate the audience with his fist pumps. He is such a

All in all it was a great show and they all seemed to be playing off
each other, lots of smiles, hugs, hi-fives and the like. Both my wife
and I went home with big smiles are our faces.

Trevor L. & Alisa A. Johnson
WaboRats Rule - CUNCABO!!