Past Event

Sep 23 2004
Toyota Center
Houston, Texas


Van Halen.


Show 8:00PM.

Thanks to Kevin & Ronda Trow for the set list!



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5-STAR Package:

The 5-Star was great! We signed our waivers, got our laminates and were off. Gathered in the meeting room for free food and drinks. They issued our tickets….we got 3rd row, Eddie’s side. Also got cool shirts and hats. From there, we were divided into two groups (about 50 people in each group) and started our tour. We saw the dressing rooms, Sammy and Mike’s den under the stage(complete with beads, red mood lighting, Jack Daniels and Cabo Tequila), video production area etc……..We were told of the band’s traveling routines and how many folks they use to put a show together (83 people and 12 trucks). From there, we went to the merchandise stand for crowd free purchasing. Then…..soundcheck. VERY COOL! Sammy wasn’t present but, the band ripped through about 4 songs and “noodled” around. I shouted to Eddie to play some ZZ Top (Houston hometown boys) and he obliged with the first few bars of “Waitin’ for the Bus.” Eddie made sure all of the 5-Star fans got guitar picks. Thanks Ed! Lastly, we went back to the room where there were about 20 items raffled off. Mostly shirts but did include an Alex-used drum head and a band photo signed by all members. Overall, I give the 5-Star….well….FIVE STARS!

The Show:

They were tight! Same set as played at most shows. Mike ripped it up on Somebody Get Me a Doctor. Alex literally did not miss a beat. He gets better every tour (if that’s possible?). Sammy…the man. He put out the usual high-energy performance and VERY interactive with the crowd. I would guess he signed about 50 items (shirts, hats, albums, CD covers etc…) throughout the show. Eddie------drinking cabernet straight from the bottle! He absolutely nailed it! My only concern has been from some fans and radio stations saying that Eddie’s solo was “off.” The only reason it was “off” was because he is not playing the standard solo that he has played since the VH inception. He played “Cathedral” and “Eruption” but the rest of the solo he was “winging” it. I thought that was very cool. Straight from the heart stuff that we have never heard. Also, songs we haven’t heard live before just kicked ass (Humans Being, It’s About Time, Up For Breakfast) Overall, the best Van Hagar show I have seen ( I’ve seen them with Sammy 4 other times).

I hope a DVD will come out from this tour. That would be very cool. Can’t wait for the new studio album. VH ROCKS!

Jason T. May


VH KICKED ASS IN HOUSTON! They played for a rock solid 2 hours and 40 minutes. Everyone in the band looked like they were having a great time and played their hearts out. VH sent the Houston fans home MORE than satisfied. Sammy Hagar is THE best front man in all of rock and roll. My husband and I spent our 10th anniversary rockin our asses off!

Thanks guys for a bad ass rock show. Rose Hill Drive did a great opening band gig. I hope good things come to those guys.



Eddie, Alex, Sammy & Mike

What a show!!! The fans fed off of the energy you guys put out all night
long. This is my 8th Van Halen show and you did not disappoint. Ya'll have
always taken it up a notch each tour and this one was no exception. Opening
with "Jump" set the tone for the rest of the night with a perfect mix of
songs throughout. Eddie was airborne half the night, Mike and Alex were
pounding out beats and Sammy belted out lyrics non stop. Nothing was
sweeter, however, than hearing the opening licks of "Ain't Talkin' 'Bout
Love" and "You Really Got Me". Thanks again guys. Please don't let this be
a farewell or a one time tour, something this good should never end.
Kevin & Ronda Trow
Montgomery, TX