Past Event

Jun 25 2004
MCI Center
Washington D.C.


Van Halen.


Show 7:00PM.


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I am writing to let Sammy know that I am 30 years old and have only been to two concerts in my whole life. Last summer my husband asked me to go with him to Nissan Pavilion to see Sammy play. That was an awesome experience. Then we heard of Van Halen touring this summer so he wanted to go see Sammy, and Van Halen, again. We just went last night to the DC concert and I can't describe how great it was. There was a boy around 13 years old behind us and even he knew the words! The music was great, the performance was great, seeing Sammy and Eddie together again after so many years was great, and seeing Wolfgang was great. The only problem I had all night was that by standing at 5'5" tall, and being on the 14th row on the floor, my next is sore today from stretching to see! My husband and I have started a fund today to set money aside so that when the next tour rolls around, we will absolutely be buying the closest seats available to us. I want to be up front with the action. Sammy, and really all of the guys, did an excellent job last night and I wish I would have been allowed to take a camera in so that I'd have pictures. At least I have last summer's concert pics! I truly hope that this letter reaches Sammy's eyes so that he knows , although I was a fan of his before, I am a solid, dedicated fan now. My husband can be thanked for that. He has been first a Van Halen fan, and then a Sammy Hagar fan for years. I think he would go see Sammy play no matter who he was with but for him to see Sammy with Van Halen, is a dream come true, again. I can't remember how many times he's been to their concerts before. So, PLEASE tour again next year!!! We also plan on going to Cabo sometime. We got married in Mexico this year and would love to go back, especially to Cabo when we know Sammy's going to be there. Maybe some October? Keep rockin' Sammy and we'll see you again soon.

Tina McClelland


I just wanted to say what an awesome show this was. It was a long time coming-but you guys haven't missed a beat. Everything sounded awesome and the energy was higher than ever. I've grown up with you guys- you were the soundtrack through out my Jr High, High School, and College Days and I’ve never missed a tour starting with Monsters of Rock in 1988. Now that I have two teenage stepdaughters of my own I feel you guys have come full circle with including Wolfgang in the show. Thanks for doing what you do and sharing it with the rest of us.

This was the best show yet!!
Keep on Rockin!

Cyndie A. Herndon VA


I have seen Sammy & Van Halen everytime they or He have been in the DC area since 5150.

There is NEVER a let down! If Sammy does see this I was the fortunate guy in the front row with my new "Taho Wabo" shirt. He saw it and gave me a high-five then signed it.

WOW! so many years...great shows and the grand opening of Taho.

I got front row, an autograph and as always a KICK ASS show.

Sammy, Thank you for Rockin'. Your fans LOVE what you do and the way you have always done it.

Mark L.
Gaithersburg, MD


I probably had the worst seats in the house, but I would have sat anywhere to catch this show. I bought myself one of those VAN HALEN KICKS ASS T-Shirts, and I wear that thing proudly. I loved Sammy's solo bit during the show, he did Eagles Fly, and Deeper Kind of Love acoustic. I liked Deeper Kind of Love when I first heard it on Ten 13, but I never felt the power of the song until I saw Sammy play it live. I keep listening to it everyday.

Seeing Wolfgang play with Eddie onstage was another treat. I saw the Hagar/Roth tour a few years back at the Nissan Pavilion in Virginia, and that was one of the best shows I have ever been to, Sammy blew Roth away.

From what I've seen, The setlist does not change from show to show. I wish they would throw something different in from night to night, but it's still something to see. Ticket prices are high, the merchandise is high, and most of the crowd was high too, but I have been waiting for Van Halen to make music again, and if you can catch them, it's well worth the money!

CRAZYACEFOOL@ - Washington, DC