Past Event

May 1 2004
Harrah's Lake Tahoe South Shore Room
South Lake Tahoe, Nevada


Sammy Hagar and The Wabos.


Show 7:00PM.

Thanks to Bob S. for the set list!



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 1  Redhead Comment

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There's only one word to describe the show that I seen last saturday night...
amazing! oh wait... I thought of a few other words... fun, crazy, and my
personal favorite... awesome! as most of you know... all of his shows are
great... but this has to be my personal favorite show by far!

Here's a quick recap of the saturday show:

I've never been to the south shore room at harrahs, but they completely turned
it into "the" cabo wabo nightclub. there was the lighted palm trees, the
mariachis and a bar at every corner serving up quite of few of those waboritas.
and the show... whew... what a show!

Sammy and the band kicked the show off with red and it never slowed down once.
sammy started the next song by saying "are you ready for a rock and roll
weekend" and kicked right into that song. but he change the words around and
sang "it's a tahoe wabo weekend" and that just kick the show into high gear.

after a few more songs... ted nugent came out and sang cat scratch fever and
going down (I think!). sammy made a comment that ted got sooo fucked up
thursday night that he couldn't make it to last nights show (the friday show).
ted did look a little tired... but he still proceeded the whip the crowd into a

sammy brought out this guitar whiz johnny hiland and man... can this guy shred!
I don't remember what songs he played with sammy... but he was good!

next up... tobe keith. sammy opened a corona for him and then tobe mentioned
that he visited the cabo wabo down in mexico and wrote a song about his visit.
the song... I love this bar. after the song, sammy told tobe to forget about
drinking the beer cause it will make you piss all night. he then screamed
"waitress... and make it two!" tobe looked a little buzz... but then again...
you hang out with sammy... you'll be bound to get alittle buzzed!

after tobe... the was a short break and then it got kicked up another notch.
sammy brought out jerry cantrell (alice in chains) and billy duffy (from the
cult) and sammy sang a alice in chains song (man in the box) and then led
zepplin's rock and roll. at this time... I was getting buzzed (man those
waborita were strong!).

next up... sammy brought out ronnie montrose and the band kicked into rock
candy. the encores included ronnie and ted and I think tobe came out too. all
I know is that this was the best show I've ever seen and it just rocked! thank
you sammy for getting some of your friends together for an unbelievable night of
music and fun! oh ya... the cantina rocks! with all the photos, the video
monitors, and the food and drinks... its a must see in tahoe!

and the shirt that I bought... the tequila made us do it! it's a great saying
for a great weekend...

Walter, San Francisco CA.


WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We have seen Sammy soooo many times that we have lost
count but we can't recall a better show than what we saw tonight. The
energy in the room & on stage was amazing. It was as if Sammy was a kid
again. He was having so much fun up there & it transferred to everyone in
the room. After going to Friday's show, we thought it was his usual
excellent performance (never have been disappointed at a Sammy show). But
Saturday's show took it to a whole new level!

We feel sorry for any Sammy fan that was not able to attend because it truly
was a once in a lifetime experience. The weekend was billed as a Sammy &
friends weekend but after the show was over it hit us. He wasn't just
referring to the special guests that showed up to make this a spectacular
event. He was referring to everyone in the room that was there to be a part
of Sammy's Tropic of Capricorn. We met people from all over the place that
flew thousands of miles to make this event & we feel very fortunate to have
this oasis in our backyard.

Thank you very much Sammy!! You have touched our lives in so many ways &
this was just the icing on the cake. Never stop doing what you do because
we need you. Once again, you have over delivered.

Rick & Cindy Turk
Roseville, CA


I was lucky enough to get in Saturday to Sammy and the waboritas, and needless to say he did not dissapoint. The first was ''Red'' and set the tone for the night....balls to walls and on fire..the second song was ''Rock and roll weekend'' shortly after that someone threw a t-shirt with Texas written across it and the crowd started booing..sammy quipped ''its not Iraq, what did they beat your ball team or what?''...then Sammy introduces Ted Nugent as the Governor of Michigan..Ted Does cat scrath fever..the place is already in a frenzy. I am not one to remember each song or order so please forgive me...after all the cabo was flowing pretty much anywhere you went. after a couple more songs sammy calls out Toby Keith. Toby does 'I love this bar'' and the joins Sammy on Honky Tonk Woman. More songs and then Sammy brings out Marin County Musician Johhny highland. Johnny does some ''shredding'' on what I believe was ''finish what you started''...the Sammy brings out members of the cult and alice in chains and and sammy says ''let's get the lead out''...they break into a killer version of ''Rock and Roll'' and ''Whole lotta love''...a few more songs and sammy brings out Ronnie Montrose for ''rock candy''...the grand fiinale is Ronnie, Ted and Sammy doing ''Route 66' was an incredible evening of music and fun...I usually dont write reviews but this was a show that just had to be shared!!!!!

Ken Berling