Past Event

Sep 19 2003
Verizon Wireless Music Center
Indianapolis, Indiana


Show 07:00PM.

Thanks to Chris Farrow for the set list!



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 1  Redhead Comment

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The weather was cool but SAMMY and the WABO’S were SMOKIN !

Now for another ON STAGE FUN ADDICT report.

When it comes to giving the fans what they want there in no one on the plant better at it then SAMMY and the WABO’S and last night was no exception. SAMMY and the WABO’S were so tight last night and the music was so good. One of the best SAMMY shows I’ve seen. The 10,000 + fans really fired up SAMMY and the WABO’S , they were having so much fun it was pure joy to watch and of course participate from the stage. I brought in the banner with a picture of Sammy and the words Hallelujah SAMMY AND THE WABO’S ARE KICIN ASS IN NOBLESVILLE INDIANA. When SAMMY signed it backstage he had one request for ME, “You are going to throw this on stage tonight, RIGHT”! Now how do you refuse the RED ROCKER one simple request when he has granted all of us so many. It was so cool when I handed it to SAMMY and as he stood on top of David’s drum riser and he displayed it to the crowd, who went nuts. Sammy didn’t stop there, he took it down on the stage and displayed it again, wore it as a cape and around his waist, what an honor!!!!! To top it off when SAMMY was done and needed to give some others a chance for him to do the same for them, he came back to the ON STAGE FUN ADDICTS and handed it back to me. PRICELESS!!!!!!!. SAMMY also signed my GOT CABO license plate, last time,(Murat Centre), the front plate, this time the rear one.

The ON STAGE FUN ADDICTS were called on a couple of more times during the show. When SAMMY needed a Sharpie to sign some up front fanatics items, and T.O. Terrell Owens of the 49’ers wasn’t in the crowd, who did he look to, the only other group that is guaranteed to be carrying one, the ON STAGE FUN ADDICTS of course, we got it to him before the stage hand could, and SAMMY always made sure we got the Sharpie back. When SAMMY wanted someone to sing DREAMS with, where did he go? Right in the middle of the ON STAGE FUN ADDICTS. Now that’s what DREAMS are made of. SAMMY is just a class act. One hell of a show and one night I’ll never forget.

SAMMY, JESSE, VIC, MONA, DAVID – THANK YOU for another Glorious ROCK & ROLL night!!!!!!! Hope to see you in Cabo.

Marc Zehnder
Vandalia, Ohio


We finally got to do the fun addict stage tickets. WOW!!WOW!!!WOW!!! What a great time. Sammy and the Wabos sure know how to treat their fans. Thank you to Sharon for keeping it going.. She's the best. Sammy thank you for another great show. If you ever get a chance to do the stage DO IT!! I see why they say fun addicts. I know I am definately addicted. Thanks again to Sammy and the Wabos. See you in Cabo!!!


This review is going to be a little different. I reviewed the Murat show and if you read it, you know there were two new redheads in the world that night. The three of us went to Indy again Friday. I predicted a totally different experience for them - outside venue, next stop Cabo, Sammy would have fresh pipes, etc. etc. What I didn't take into account was the spiritual quality of the night. We were up close and personal at the Murat, so we did lawn seating Friday. The music was plenty loud enough, sounded terrific, Sammy was having fun - everything you'd expect. The difference was not only the cloudless, starry night, but the magic it held. Sammy is generous with his fans - everyone knows that - but nobody ever thanks him for his deeper kind of love. I am now: Thank you.

From a true Redhead, an inspired young lady who found herself this summer (largely thanks to my constant references to your lyrics and passion), and a blues fan who still likes it RED ...... thanks for doing what you do. It was a moving experience.