Past Event

Aug 16 2003
Sleep Train Amphitheatre
Marysville, California


Sammy Hagar and The Wabos.


Show 7:00PM.

Thanks to Spike for the set list!



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 3  Redhead Comments

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This was my wife's first Sammy show. And of course, he blew the stage up!!

The addition of Montrose was a real treat. Highlight for me was when the band broke into an improvised version of Sly Stone's " I Wanna Take You Higher " ( not listed in the set lsit since it was pretty short ). It followed Runaround ( same key even ). Best sounding Sammy show I ever went to ( outside of the 1988 Van Halen show ). Montrose just kicked butt. Great show and great set list!

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This was my favorite Sammy show as he opened for himself due to the cancellation of Lynyard Skynyrd. Wabo's and Montrose, I died and went to heaven...Sammy was AWESOME! Beautiful Summer night too!

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The show was great. Sammy just came on with a lot of energy and blew away any
show I have ever seen. I only saw Sammy once before last year and this time
was 10 times better! I was so impressed I bought my ticket to go to the
MELTDOWN in CABO!! I'll also be there for the first night of the BIRTHDAY BASH !!!!

Keep Rocken Sammy and See You In CABO !!



I can now say that I've had the pleasure of seeing the original Montrose, even if it was just for five songs. And did they rock, seeing Ronnie, Bill and Denny up on stage with Sammy was a thrill. I was especially excited to see Bill "The Electric" Church again, hadn't seen him since he played with Sammy back in the late seventies. Always thought he had a unique and original stage presence. In fact I was standing next to his brothers during the show, they kept yelling that's my brother. Can't say as I blame them. They all looked like the were enjoying the hell out of playing together after all these years, you could feel that we were witnessing something very special.

Sammy and the Waboritas put on the high energy show that they always do, opened with "Only One Way to Rock," that pretty much summed up the night. I've been lucky enough to see Sammy in four decades now and it's still as exciting and fresh as it was the first time. He's just having to much dam fun up on that stage! The only thing I would change is the set list, I wish he would do some of the older solo material like, "Turn Up The Music," "Rock and Roll Weekend" you know that good ole red rocker stuff.

It was a great night of rock and roll, long live the Red Rocker and Montrose!


3 days later and my throat still hurts from all the singing and partying at the show. Probably the best show I have ever seen, even going all the way back to Winterland back in the 70's. The band was tight and Montrose was icing on the cake. Best birthday present I have ever gotten. Now have to get marching to Cabo.

Pete Modeste