Past Event

Aug 13 2002
Montage Mountain Performing Arts Center
Scranton, Pennsylvania


Sammy Hagar and The Wabos.


Show 7:00PM.

This show was part of the Heavyweight Champs of Rock 'N Roll Tour with David Lee Roth.

Sammy Hagar Opened

Thanks to John "Pokey" P. and Kenp5150 for the set list!



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Sammy opened the show at Montage unfortunately we wished he would of had top billing. Sammy really rocked with the Waboritas. This is the sixth time we have seen him and each show just gets better and better. We would like to thank Sammy for the waborita drink and especially for bringing us up on stage to rock with him. It made this concert extra special for my husband, Ed, and myself. We can not wait to see Sammy and the Waboritas in concert again.

There is not much to say about Dave other than he was just full of himself.

Thanks again.



I was a long time fan of sammy when i was about 12 yrs old! i am now 21! anyway, i got the job of a lifetime i got to do security for montage mt. when sammy and dave came to town!!! here is my story,

As a fan of sammy i was honored to to security at the show. i couldn't belive it over ten years of waiting i was finally going to here the man sing! I
got there about 4:30 only to wait impatiently until 7:30pm to see sammy! When i was in the pit in front of the stage I met some guy who said he was a freind of sammy's drummer cousin! pretty cool, he was such a nice guy, we talked for awhile about everything, he had great seats in the front row too! He made a poster for sammy which later got sammy's attention which lead him behind stage!!! Yes Sammy, in the middle of the show, told him to go over the barrier, so I helped him over the fence!!! This guy also got Sammy's margarita glass that he used!! As a fan i was so pumped up for
him, but as a security gaurd i had to keep my focus on my job, which was very easy cause everyone was very nice, (no angry drunks, only happy ones!)

The redrocker opened up with "SHAKA DOOBIE", then "RUNAROUND". Next he did 3 Hagar songs,which were "3 LOCK BOX", "ONLY ONE WAY TO ROCK", and "HEAVY METAL". I went nuts trying to keep focus on my job when Hagar broke out in the 3 lock box solo!! I knew right then and there that Sammy was going to be a tough act to follow, especially by dave lee roth! It was his night that day! Sammy then brought out some very hot chick in a mini-dress, to serve him and his front row fans some tequila!

Hagar then sang some Van Halen songs, in the order of "RIGHT NOW", "BEST OF BOTH WORLDS", and "WHY CAN'T THIS BE LOVE". Now at one point in Hagar's set, the stage briefly lost power!!! Sammy handled that very well. Hagar said,"That smells like sabotage to me, Now let me think - WHO would have done that? ... NAH! Eddie'sin California!"
The joke drew a cheer from the crowd, and Hagar then told a funny story of the night he and Eddie wrote the Van Halen song "FINISH WHAT YOU STARTED". During the song, he briefly mocked Roth by singing a few lines of "PANAMA" in a sarcastic tone! Sammy end the show with "WHERE EAGLES FLY", "I CAN'T DRIVE 55", and "MAS TEQUILA". The encores included "WHEN ITS LOVE", and one of my favorite songs by Halen, "DREAMS!!!!" In all my life i never thought i would hear that song, especially to be sang by SAMMY HAGAR!!!!!! During my security job there this was one of THE best shows i ever done!!! Second only to OZZY! Sammy rocked out big time!!!

I was able to smuggle out a pick by MONA, and got some pictures of dave lee roth so go to the pictures section and you will see, he was right behind me!!! To bad i couldn't turn around to jam with Sammy and Dave! This is all in a fans point of vue, even though i did security!

run run runaway, like a train rollin off the tracks!!
Tony Z. #40


This review is going to be short and sweet.

It was the first time I have seen Sammy since the Balance tour and it was worth making the trip to the Montage Mountain Amphitheater to see the Red Rocker knockout the Diamond Dud.

Sammy and the Waboritas were right on their game and sounded excellent, while DLR sounded old and appeared winded after the first song. And not to forget Dave's tasteless gester toward a female fan with a Jack Daniel's bottle, I'm sure that cost you a few fans Dave (as if you gave a damn).

The playlist for the concert was as it has been on the 2nd leg of the tour and the Wabo's had the Mountain ROCKING from the moment the curtain came up.

If you have a chance to catch the tour, spend the money because Sammy & the Wabos are worth the price of admission. And if the show is on a weeknight like the Scranton show was, hope Sammy is leading off and then you can call it an early night like I did when Dave comes out.

Shavertown, Pa.


Not only can I say that Sammy was the UNDISPUTED winner from this concert, but I can also say that the other contender never answered the bell.

I am a huge Van Halen fan so I was pumped up for this show. Fortunately, we were able to get seats in the third row. We spent most of the time right in front of the stage. When Sammy burst on to the stage you knew that he was going to kick ass and he didn't let us down. The sound and energy of the band were outstanding. Because I did not check any set list postings, I had no idea what songs I would see. I was blown away when I heard Right Now, Best of Both Worlds and When Its Love. You can really tell that the band has been working on tightening up the VH songs. Sammy just has a knack for getting the crowd involved. I have seen Sammy live a few times and I think that this was his best performance. When Sammy left the stage, everyone wanted more. I thought I would be in store for a great set from Dave.

Unfortunately, Dave just can't deliver. This was the first time that I ever saw him live and he was just as pathetic as many of the early VH recordings that I have. Dave just doesn't sing or can't sing. Take your pick. We actually left the front row early because we just couldn't take it any more. It was like watching bad karaoke. It is a shame that Dave and have such a great set list and perform it with no heart.

I will checking out this show again in Camden, NJ. Thank god Sammy is closing this show. Look for me on stage in my red REDROCKER shirt.

Philadelphia, PA


I can't believe I am writing this but here goes. I am a HUGE Van Halen fan and I must admit I love DLR but after seeing the show on Tuesday I am now a big Sammy fan. His voice was the best I have heard and this is my 5th Sammy show (4w/halen) As some performers get older they seem to lose the voice but Sammy was right on and the show was top shelf. Sammy has a lot of hits that I had forgotten about but he played them all and kept me entertained for the 160 bucks I spent and the 3 hr drive from jersey i took to see this show and I thank you Sammy I wish I could say the same for Dave I have been a huge Dave fan/Supporter for ever. I own all his solo stuff seen many a concert with and without the brothers AND have always fought to stand up for him when people come with the notion that he is finished...well after this weeks show can say it will be my last (short of a reunion). He had no stage show, barely talked and when he did he shouldn't have, and tried moves no 50 year old man should try. Thanx for killing the memories I had, What a crappy last show to see of my all time fav performer looking like am 80 yr old ego with hair extensions. lease stop Dave while ya have a little respect left.

As for you Sammy, Thanx for delivering your half of my very expensive ticket, I wont say I'm a redhead yet but when you come to the NY/NJ area again Ill see ya there

Bill S.


Our family went to Scraton to see the show, Sammy Hagar was the highlight of our vacation! Scranton sucks, but the show was great! We were also happy that Sammy opened the show with one road up the mountain we thought we would have a traffic nightmare if he closed. David Lee Roth has no vocals to speak of. Sammy put him to shame. He just has an aire of love and happiness! We left after three Roth tunes. I don't think he even remembered what to sing! Sammy Rules! Beyond the singing and music the show was an event to see! Sammy has alot to be proud of in his life!



What can I say? I live in Philly but went back to my hometown (or close to it) to see the show. Every time that I see Sammy it just keeps getting better! Sammy came out and lit the place up. The setlist was great, the band sounded great, the crowd was completely into the show and it was an amazing night. During the set there was a power failure and Sammy said that it was sabotage .... "Hmmm, I wonder who would do a thing like this? Nah, Eddie's in California!" That's it Sammy.... blame it on the brothers! The show was just amazing, but I wish that Sammy could have played longer. Sammy proved once and for all that He is the undisputed champion of rock n roll. If the brothers were at Montage Mountain tonight, they'd be kicking themselves in the ass for loosing the best frontman that they could ever have.

As for David Lee Roth, you need to put the wig away and buy a nice retirement home maybe in Miami. THIS IS THE FIRST CONCERT THAT I PAID TO SEE AND WALKED OUT! Roth has no voice and looked like a skinny Bob Hope with long bleach blonde hair! He couldn't hit the high notes and when he tried it came out like a bag of cats. The other thing is that he was singing the songs like they were Broadway show tunes. We gave him 4 songs to warm up and then we walked.... and there were ALOT of people doing the same. It was funny to see the crowd so into Sammy's set, and then be almost completely motionless when Dave came out. Dave, save yourself the trouble and do everyone a favor and stay home..... you're embarrassing yourself and loosing alot of fans in the process. Maybe Gary Cherone could pick up the rest of the dates! Sammy, thanks for putting on another amazing show!

...See you in Cabo. Mas Tequila!

David D.
Philadelphia, Pa.


Well, me and my two buddies traveled from Philly to see Sammy in Scranton. We were not dissapointed. He opened the show with Shaka Dobie which I kinda missed because I was walking to my seat carry a huge beer. Anyway he rocked as usual, all the times I have seen Sammy he has rocked. It was great to hear Best of Both Worlds, that song rocks. During the show the power went out on stage. When they got the mics back on, sammy said "I don't know about you people, but I think someone is trying to sabotage me. HMMM , who would want to do that? Nah, Eddie is in California, couldn't be him" That was great. I don't have anything bad to say about sammy he is the greatest! He is high energy, great fan interaction. I can't see how sammy isn't selling out all these venues. He played a great show. I am seeing him again this saturday and tuesday. Maybe I am the ultimate fan? I need to meet him. How do I do that?

If you are wondering why I have not mentioned roth, it is because he sucks!! Don't get me wrong he was great during his era of VH. Those are great songs, but he can't sing them anymore. He totally butchers them! Dave needs to hang up the tight ass purple pants and call it quits. Please eddie, don't let dave back in the band ever!

John "Pokey" P.





Okay...I've definitely seen it all now! Sammy Hagar KICKED ASS last night at Montage Mt. I'm not at all surprised by this, since I've seen him w/ VH and solo. The Waboritas were tight....Victor sounded great!!! He's an underrated player!! (and a nice guy, too). Sammy sang/performed with tons of energy and was running around the stage like a madman!! He had a great repore with the audience, and made several local references during the show. I got to go to his sound check...and he was super friendly with the few people that were there as well. His set opened the show...and how Roth could even think of following that is unimaginable!!!

After Sammy's set...the stage was cleared. Literally. Dave had NO SET. Just a bunch of amps on stage. Kinda boring visually. The video in the background of him was an "I feel bad for ya, Dave" kinda way. He barely walked around...did a few bad spin kicks...and told some chick in the front row that he wanted to reach between her legs. Brian Young was fantastic at covering VH, though. Dave's band was tight...but Dave himself should go back to Vegas. His vocals were buried (intentionally I'm sure)and he kept signalling the crew to turn the band's onstage
sound down.

Overall...Sammy is still KING.

-Phil M.


Hello! I'd like to submit some pix from the Montage gig on August 13th for which I had backstage passes and onstage passes... and even got to SING a line of "Why Can't This Be Love" with Sammy when he handed me his mic! Unfortunately I don't have a picture of that but would LOVE to get a hold of either a picture or the video of the concert. I've been a Sammy fan for as long as Sammy's been around and this opportunity was a dream come true. It happened because the wife of my co-worker for 15 years is cousins with David Lauser. He treated me like family that night. He was sooo cool! And Sammy came out to meet us and talk for a little while. I'm still in HEAVEN!!! The concert was AWESOME and wish I would have a better recollection of the set list. I know what songs he did but not the order. But I can tell you that Sammy made David Lee Roth look like an overage amateur. People were leaving his act halfway through. But Sammy ROCKED the mountain! Please let me know if and when you'll post the pictures and if you need any further information. Thanks!

-Liz Fabian