Past Event

Aug 11 2002
Post-Gazette Pavilion
Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania


Sammy Hagar and The Wabos.


Show 07:00PM.

This show was part of the Heavyweight Champs of Rock 'N Roll Tour with David Lee Roth.

David Lee Roth Opened


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I have to admit I have been following Sammy Hagar's web site since the April 16th, 2002 announcement that Sam and Dave were definitely going to tour together hoping they would pass through Pittsburgh. Van Halen was my first concert back in 1980 and I still had the concert shirt I bought and I wore it to this show. Have to admit that I liked Van Halen's first album but truly fell more in love with the Van Hagar decade. Love Sammy in Montrose, Solo, Van Hagar, and the here after. I was so happily excited to hear the second leg of the tour included Pittsburgh. I was going to be so happy if I just got tickets on the lawn. The day before they officially went on sale in Pittsburgh, the radio station I listen to faithfully in the morning was giving away tickets all week and Friday was the first row tickets. I heard them say to call now and be the 23rd caller. I jumped on it and beyond my belief I was that 23rd caller! I was shaking in my shoes! No lie, this was a total dream come true. Never been in a front row of a concert ever and to be in the front row for this one was such a high for me. An experience I will never forget.

Dave opened the show. You could tell by his facial expression that he was overwhelmed by the crowd. I kind of new what I was going to get from Dave from the reviews I have read. Loved his band and I will go along with all the others who say that his guitarist was an Eddie clone. He was totally awesome. I wasn't there for Dave's showmanship, I was there for the Van Halen music I new he would do. Though I do have to say the moves are a less coordinated than what they used to be.

Sammy is such a fun guy. I love this man the more I hear him. He knows how to have a good time. I made a shirt for him I was hoping he would see. On the front it had a kind of Cabo Wabo type picture on it. It said "THERES ONLY ONE WAY TO ROCK" and on the back I wrote "Hagar & Van Hager are "The Best Of Both Worlds" cuz "It's Got What It Takes" "Down In Cabo Wabo" . I through it up on the stage but my throw was bad. It wrapped around the bottom of his microphone and he never saw it. By a strange case of luck I got the shirt back. Hopefully in the future I will be in a position that I can try again with getting the shirt to him. I was in total awe every tune he came out with that night. I heard him do the acoustic version of "Eagles Fly" in 1991 and was thrilled that he did that song again. "Best of Both Worlds", "Run Around", "Finish What You Started", "Why Can't This Be Love" "Dreams", "Theres Only One Way To Rock", "Heavy Metal", "Three Lock Box,"I Can't Drive 55", and the blast from the past, "Rock Candy' (baby). It is almost two weeks since the concert and I am still in awe about it. Highly recommend for the people who never got the chance to see this show or Sammy Hagar to in the future try to see this or go see Sammy in his Cabo Wabo canteen. It is my dream vacation and I will be there someday. Thank you Sammy for the being the FUN human being that you are. Look forward to when I can see you again!

-Susan Q.


It's probably not fair that my love for VH began with 5150. For many years after that 1st show in Baltimore, I refused to even consider the DLR years. After seeing Sammy 3 times with VH, and 2 times solo, I decided to settle the score during this dream tour. My mind hasn't changed. It's clear that Sammy is in touch with his fans, and Dave is in touch with himself. I actually attended 2 shows. June 11 in Columbus and again in my hometown on August 11 in Pittsburgh. At both shows, Sammy has fun while kicking major rock and roll ass. The Pittsburgh show was especially good, since Sammy came on 2nd. Dave was good, but Sammy was great! Beside being an outstanding performer, I really love Sammy's songwiting. From love songs to in-your-face rockers (all the way back to Montrose), the Red Rocker spans the spectrum. Perhaps the two greatest motivational songs ever written are "Dreams" and "Right Now". In my life, I was moved to action by both. Because "In the end, on dreams we will depend, cause that's what love is made of".

"What are you waiting for?"

Incidently, "the real thing IS poundcake!"

Thank you, Sammy



I had been reading the reviews about David Lee Roth but I wanted to go with an open mind First off everyone is correct David does not know how to interact with the crowd..I thought Daves band was good and they did out shine Dave Its hard to believe that this once rock icon is washed up But it did appear that the crowd was into David why I don't know maybe it was because they were all drunk....

Sammy Hagar is the true Rock King this was the first time i saw Sammy Live and rest asure I will be back for more Sammy...Sammy knows how to put on a show and interact with the crowd..but SAMMY YOU ALMOST MAY ONE MISTAKE WHEN YOU DECIDED TO PUT ON A CLEVELAND BROWNS JERSEY...Pittsburgh is Steelers country..One thing Sammy why didn't you play I'll Fall In Love Again..Other than that you are the rock king and i look forward to seeing you again But this time leave Dave behind.

Van Halen Whatever you do don't bring Dave back...Van Halen you need Sammy!
Robert Michaels
Altoona PA


Hello Sammy,
I saw the show in Pittsburgh. I thought you sounded great. I would have like to have heard Your love is driving me crazy. I was impressed with how great you voice sounded. I have been a fan for a long time of yours personally and with VH. I was also impressed with DLR! Not an ounce of fat on that guy. I was amazed with how great his band played. He also sounded great IMO. I was a little disappointed that you did not perform very many VH songs. All in all it was a great event and I would not have missed it for the world.

-Eric B.


Wow. 24 hours later and I still can't believe what a great show was had by all. My Buds and I had attended opening night in Cleveland and we were pumped to get a second chance to see one of the greatest Rock-n-Roll tours ever. Some of my friends prefer Dave era Van-halen, most of us enjoyed 1977-1984 Van-Halen but also listened to a lot of Sammy before and after that small period of time.And I for one truley appreciate the total package musician sammy is! I will give All credit due to Dave, He did improve a little bit and finally said some things to the crowd. His band is very good and play way louder than Daves voice most of the time. The sheer thrill of hearing those old VH songs was exciting in itself. Then it was time for sammy and boy was I ready. Opening song in Cleveland was Red but i was thrilled to hear the beginning of Shaka-Doobie. I was glad to see 1013 represented and represented well. We then began a classic journey back and forth in some of Rock_n_Roll's greatest riff's and lyrics. We traveled from the mid 70's to currnt 2000,s material with each song blending into the next perfectly. And now the real reason I was tota! lly blown away with Sammy and seemingly like him more every time I see him live ?
He makes me feel like he came here to please every fan he could. From his great presentation to the way he pays so much attention to so many people at once,You walk away feeling a part of the show. Sammy's band was wonderful as always and I feel compelled to declare my love of Mona. No appearance by Micheal Anthony but we were quite satisfied with Mona.Sammy trensends time and appears ageless and still capable of delivering a high quality voice combined with a great legacy of songs to knock you out with. I shared this concert with my 15 year old daughter and its all she can talk about. I thank the Rock Gods and Sammy for extending the tour and bringing it back my way.

Tom F., Fan


What can I say? It was the most incredible experience I've ever had next to my son being born and meeting my wife of course. I got to meet and sing and hug, high five Sammy while up onstage at the cantina. Was I awe struck? No, not really, I've seen Sam up close many times now but my adrenaline was pumping to say the least. As soon as we walked back stage, Sammy was ther to meet up with some high fives. I'll never forget that, he was cracking up and smiling at me when he saw my attire. Ya know the Cabo Wabo Tequila yellow print shirt, red t-shirt underneath, navy blue and white board shorts with a flower pattern and a pair of sandles. The man is very genuine. His smile says it all.

As for the show, it was incredible as usual. He opened up with Shaka Doobie and cranked through the set like I've never seen Sammy do before.(probably because Dave was late coming on and the PG Pavillion has a rule about no music past 11:30) Sammy's show started at 10pm. Some of the highlights of the show was Sammy wearing the Pitsburgh Steeler Jersey 55 w/Hagar on the back of it which got the Steel town pumped and he purposely put on a Cleveland Browns jersey to get a reaction from the crowd which followed with a lot of boo's. Sammy quickly removed the jersey and laughed. What a jokster. He also let the crowd know that his hometown football team of Fontana CA was the Fontana Steelers which the crowd seemed to like.

It all happend so fast. I did get to sing into the microphone during Dreams and Sammy gave me his half drunk Carona bottle to finish. He also wore my Sammy Hagar baseball hat that my brother-in-law was wearing. Some real cool Sh%t was going on and I got to be a part of it. What's next for me, I guess I have to work on the back stage pass thing to actually sit down and talk and have a drink with the guy, but if that never happens, I can say this, I got to give the guy a hug who has had a good influence to my life. I can never ask for more. Ahh...yeah I think I can.

Kevin B.
Steel City Redheads
Pittsburgh, PA


I just wanted to write a short review of the Sam & Dave show in Pittsburgh last night. I was third row on the left side of the stage. Dave opened the the show and sounded better than when I saw the concert in Cincy,Oh. The man is stuck on himself BIG TIME!!!

Now for Sammy!! The man kicked the shit out of Dave! His interaction with the crowd outstanding!!! He had a smile from ear to ear the entire show. He wore a Pittsburgh Steelers jersey from a fan for more than half the show and signed everything that was sent up on stage!! We showed each other our "Bogus Otis" tattoos and he did the classic two finger kiss to my better half!! His voice was right on, note for note, to close the night with Dreams, and hit it perfect says something!!!! Sammy is the true Champion, with style and class, and a love for his fans! Thanks for a great show and see you in Hershey!

Todd H.


I think Sunday in Pittsburgh that DLR forgot that he"sucked" on this tour. From everything I had read I was looking for a disappointing performance. Man, I'm glad to say I was wrong. I don't know if Dave took Sammy's comments to heart but I thought DLR's part of the show was better. I'm sorry Sammy. I've always been more of a Sammy fan than Dave too. I was a senior in high school when Van Halen one came out and have been a fan and have seen all three incarnations of the band. My wife did comment that DLR looked bored early but there was a very rowdy and large crowd at Star Lake. A much better crowd than the Rush show I saw there Tuesday night. It seems the crowd was really behind DLR and so were they for Sammy. I thought his band was good. {the guitar player hit almost every note}. No sound problems like I had read in some reviews.

To me and I was in the fifth row, it looked like he was having fun. Now, I will tell you it's been a few years since I have seen DLR. Set list for DLR was exactly the same. Sammy's was close also. I just felt more energy in DLR's show. Great crowd great show and great fun. Thanks guys and one of you get back to VH. Only disappointment was no Michael Anthony in the "Burg"

-Todd E.


I was at Post Gazette Pavilion just last night and I gotta say it was one of the all time rock shows. This was my first time seeing Diamond Dave...nothing but awesome. He ripped through everything anyone could want to hear. Thanks Dave. And the Red Rocker? Considering I was in the Cantina on stage, shared a Corona, sang a little "Why Can't This Be Love", gave him my Terrible Towel and, oh yea, hugged the legend of Cabo was truly a once in a lifetime experience. Thanks Sammy and Dave for an incredible and rockin night in the 'Burgh. I will remember it forever.

Rock On!!!

Sean P.


WOW!! what an experience, Dave goes on firsts and BAM!! hot for teacher, runnin with the devil, doa.....good show lots of classic van fuckin halen i have not heard live in 20 years. a read openng act for Sammy Hagar who had a fucking party on stage with 15,000 freinds playing his whole musical carreer from montrose, solo and the wonderful van halen years!!! all in all it was a great time, good music all the way around. Eddie and

Alex wish you were there!! Mike will...see you soon with Planet us.

Tom H.


Dear / Sammy:

The first time I saw Sammy was back when he was freshly released from Van Halen. In typical Hagar style, he gracefully accepted the change and rocked the Amphitheater at Station Square. Every time since I've made a point to see him play

Last night was no exception, Sammy rocked the house.

The night started out with "Diamond" David Lee Roth. I love David's in-your-face least his old style. His entrance was like a flashback to the 70's-early 80's. He was wearing a pink metallic spandex suit with the top exposing his grey-haired chest and totally freaked out stringy bleached blond hair. After a few kicks, and some screams, he did put forth the effort and belted out many good standby Van Halen tunes, although it sounded rushed at times. He did get into some of the tunes: that rough in your face sound graced my ears in real time, what a blast. I did truly appreciate hearing the author of the songs play and sing them. But I have to be honest because I do love David Lee Roth and his artistic style. He has to do something to improve his appearance.

First, trash the spandex. Second, either tie the hair in a pony tail or get a really good hair dresser to do something. It looks disgusting. Third, don't try to impress me with the kicks: I do like the martial art thing with the stick. Why not use more weapons, swords, staffs; he really did impress me and it looks awesome. Build off of that, that was cool. I love Davids concepts in music, and despite the flashback to the 70's show, if he modernized his appearance and accepted his age, he would be a pleasure to hear. Age is irrelevant in this business when you are putting out music that pleases the crowd. Fourth, shave or wax that chest. The grey hairs are sickening to look at and the pudge reminded me of a middle aged
perverted man hitting on little girls. Disgusting. Come to think about it, don't even take the shirt off. How about the Tux look? How about a hemp shirt. Dave can rock hard and still look good, not like a clown. Davids soulful voice has many years left, and his mind has lots of cool ideas. Dave just needs a new look.

If he decides not to improve his appearance and grow up, then I really feel sorry for him because it was largely a sorry sight and I felt embarrassed
for him.

As for Sammy, well you don't go to see a Sammy Hagar concert, you go to a party which he is just the Master of Ceremonies and you are the Guest of Honor. He masterfully hooks the crowd from the first seconds to the last. And god bless the autographs given to the young girls in the front row.

If you haven't seen Sammy, and you love rock and a good time, you've got to see him. A good time is guaranteed. You are part of the show. Shirt upon shirt is flung upon the stage to be signed by the ever willing Hagar. I really appreciate his style. As for the music, well, the band is so tight it gave me chills. I think I counted only 4 sour notes in the entire performance, and that's only because I was attuned to them after listening to Davids band. Sammys improvisation before some tunes made you feel if he were telling a story to all of us around a camp fire. What a scene. I really cant say anything bad about the experience, just wish it lasted longer. How about lengthening the time of the show, or coming back to Pittsburgh at least twice a year, we really want you here. How about the Mellon Arena this coming winter. A little Cabo Wabo breeze here to melt the ice would be nice.

Ron Y.