Past Event

Aug 6 2002
All Tell Pavilion
Raleigh, North Carolina


Sammy Hagar and The Wabos.


Show 07:00PM.

This show was part of the Heavyweight Champs of Rock 'N Roll Tour with David Lee Roth.

Sammy Hagar Opened



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Concert was Awesome! Sammy and the Waboritas opened first and kicked Ass! Had 3rd row from the front seats but bouncers let my friend and I hang out in the 1st row in front of the stage. Michael Anthony jammed for a few Van Halen songs with Sammy and the crew which put the icing on this fan's cake! Wish they could have played the full 3 hours. I saw Sammy at the House of Blues in Myrtle Beach, SC a couple years ago. He definitely puts on an awesome show everytime he is on stage!

I have never seen David Lee Roth in concert before so I stayed around for the big hair show until I get kicked out for punching this Dude in the face who was pissing (yes urinating) in the 4th row on my friend in the 3rd row. It was worth seeing Roth that one time but would not pay to see him again. He forgot the words to the first song! After seeing Roth, I confirmed in my mind that Sammy is the king. I definitely recommend catching this concert series while it lasts!

Raleigh, NC


The Raleigh, NC, Sam and Dave show was incredible, well worth the wait. Sammy was on 11 from the minute he hit the stage. I was a little disappointed that Sammy went on first, I thought the SH on the web-site by the date meant he was headling...but, anyway, the sunlight didn't stop Sammy from running through everything with full Cabo enthusiasm. Michael Anthony came out for about half of Sammy's set to give Mona a breather on bass and just tore it up. By the way, Mona kicks ass on bass...It felt like the old days but without the animosity. Great to see ya Mikey!!! I've got to give it up to the Waboritas' though, they were tight and fun (like the girls bringing out the margaritas between songs). By the way, as far as bands go, Diamond Dave's was dead on the money! Great job guys! His guitar player nailed everything. Too bad Dave couldn't. He got lost on the lyrics on the very first song! ...about what I expected. But to his credit, at least he acknowledged it. And, I haven't seen that many roundhouse kicks since the Bruce Lee film festival. Dave still put on a great show overall though...I'm glad he kept his mouth shut when he wasn't singing (sorry Dave, just being honest). Aside from the Dave posturing and Jack Daniels crotch fountain, it was a pretty nostalgia free, kickass rock show! Keep it up guys, I can't wait till next time. This is one show you will regret if you don't make it out to it!!! I'm already planning the road trip to Cabo Wabo! Got tequila?

Shawn Conley


Sammy Hagar's performance August 6th at Walnut Creek was spectacular. My neighbor Dave and I arrived at the Pavilion 2 hours ahead of time to get a little tailgaiting in. Upon opening the car door I could hear Sammy's crew rehearsing Best of Both Worlds. Listening to sound checks is one of the best parts of tailgaiting.
We proceeded to go inside to our third row seats. On the way in, we heard that Sammy was actually opening the show. We were greatly disappointed because of the bad reviews David Lee Roth's band had been getting.

The show opened with a video of Sammy OVER THE YEARS which showed some great footage. The curtain opened and out came the band.

I have seen Sammy play with Van Halen several times and with the Waboritas 2 years ago in Portland ME. He just keeps getting better every time. There was so much energy during the show. It was great to see Michael Anthony come out and play with the band, especially the Van Halen songs. During Three Lock Box, my neighbor threw his NC State hat on stage. Sammy picked it up, put it on, and then signed it for him. Throughout the years, Sammy has been great with the fans and always takes care of them. Tonight was no exception. He signed my hat during the encore(Dreams), and even made sure the lady in the wheelchair in back of us got his water bottle.

Needless to say my neighbor Dave and I are fans for life. We thoroughly enjoyed Sammy's performance from Shaka Doobie to the margarita bath during Mas Tequila.

David Lee Roth was blown away by the opening band. There was nothing on stage except for a few Marshall stacks. The band played with waaaaay to much feedback, and you could barely figure out Dave's lyrics, because it was so loud. We saw a few kicks, and spins, and a few karate chops in the air, but other than that it just lacked excitement and energy. After Hot for Teacher it just got boring.

Dave was definitely not into the croud as Sammy was, even when the stripper standing next to us was trying to flash him and his bass player. They just did not care about the fans.

The performance of Yankee Rose was appalling, and the guitar player should not have even started Eruption. As for Dave's outfit ...... CAMEL TOE!!!!! We left the show in disappointment after Ice Cream Man, and went home.

Thank you Sammy for the great performance. Please remember your fans in Raleigh, NC on future tours. Come back and see us again.

Jeff R. ( The guy with the Taylor Made hat)
Dave F. ( The guy with the NC State hat)

P.S. Is anyone interested in buying an Eat 'em and Smile CD?


What a wonderful performance in Raleigh Tuesday night. Sammy never ceases to amaze! His energy level is unbelievable. He performed songs from all the eras of his career and he sounded better than ever. I have been to many of Sammy's shows with and without VH but this has to rank as one of his best. It was such a special treat to see Sammy and Michael Anthony together again. The Waboritas rocked! Sammy opened this show and I almost felt sorry for Dave ( well almost ) what an act to follow. I had never seen Roth in concert before and I have to admit he was good not Sammy good but still he puts on a great show. I loved it from beginning to end if you haven't caught these guys out on the road yet from one redhead to another do yourself a favor you will not be disappointed.

See Ya !
Crystal B.


Saw the Raleigh, N.C. show on 8/6 and had a blast! It was great to see Sammy and the band. It was also great to see a show where the band was having a good time and really enjoying themselves. They kicked ass!

The local paper, The N&O (News & Disturber), had a review this morning titled "Hagar the not-so-bad" It also had a of subtitle of "Roth the truly wretched".

The reviewer basically came to the show with his head up his ass to begin with, but did say Sammy and the band "were surprisingly likable". It was obvious he didn't like Sammy, but did grudgingly make some compliments. Below is a link to the review.

I don't really care what these so-called reviewers have to say. I thoroughly enjoyed the show. It was FUN. Maybe rock concerts aren't supposed to be fun anymore?
Bullshit. I hope Sammy and Co. keep on lighting up the stage. My only regret is I didn't get to be in the bleachers on stage. That looked wild.

Tim O.
Sanford, NC
It was a tko before it even started .I got the news late Tuesday on the way up that Sammy would be opening so that was good for me because at least I didn't have to sit thru diamond daves show . Sammy sounded the best I have ever heard him and the band was great too. mikey came out and kicked it another notch. I don't know how much longer Dave can take this beating. he looks and sounds like he's about to drop. Sammy rules.

-yates m.


WOW, I have never seen Sammy or Dave, I saw VH with Sherone, what a joke he was. Anyway, I saw on, the best site ever for tour info, that Hagar was closing the show, then on the way, the radio announced Dave would be I was bummed, my wife was happy. Boy did her opinion change!!! Sammy rocked, his band and Michael Anthony were acting as though they were just hanging out. The coolest part was when some person threw Sammy a shirt on stage, he wore it for most of the show, said he liked it and was going to keep it. How down to earth is that. It's all about the fans. On the longer solos, Sammy signed autographs on the sides of the stage. What a great performer. Then a brief intermission, out comes Dave to a very plain stage set up strait out of the club tour he just did probably. He had a blue bellbottom thing going and looked to be in great physical shape.

What a showman Dave is, kicking away with the same move he has in the Jump video. The crowd ate it up, but after the third kick, I was waiting for a new move.....and it never came. Dave is full of himself a little bit, the screen constantly showed video clips of him doing martial arts stuff. I cannot say enough about Dave's guitar player, that guy was a riff machine. He nailed all of it. On Eruption he played it with his hands on top of the fret board and guitar players out there know it is much more difficult that way. Dave forgot the words to Hot for Teacher and told the crowd he couldn't believe he forgot the words. He has never been the best live singer, but put on a good show. His band did carry him a great deal and he can't hit the high notes anymore like Sammy can, but I enjoyed it all very much. Well worth the money one of the best concerts I have seen in a while. Great job Sammy.

Aaron G.
Wilson, NC


I have been hard core Roth fan for years,and I have always liked Sammy ,infact my wedding intro song was a Van Hagar song , we drank much Tequila, but always leaned more toward Dave when it comes to VH,Dave has been the King in my house for years ,Ive been to a few Sammy shows when i lived in NY and Sammy always did an excellent job,but I still stuck with Dave,,So ok its fight night in Raliegh NC, Sammy opens up rocking the place like I never seen before with Sam ,Sam was doing better than ever , so there I was in a big Roth shirt just about front row , Sam seen it and comes over gives a smile and keeps on going through the rest of the show Sam keeps comming over checking on me making sure im having fun.near the end he comes over and looks at me again I give him the thumbs up thing he gives the ok sighn with his hands and says thanks it means alot ,, and goes back to center stage , that was very cool of him, he did have a great show !,,

ok Daves turn cool
the moment ive been waiting for some old school stuff now yeah! the big diamonds comming out!

here he is smiling and grinning He looks to be in fair shape !
wait wait what is that sound is that hot for teacher ?its a bit off sounding , Dave starts singing not to bad at first then he stutters and singing halts he signals to some one in the side lines with an up kinda signal as to turn something up the guitars go real loud and dave puts on a big kool aide smile and begins singing now you can hardly hear Dave and hes happy to be drowned out he pauses again and says i cant believe i forgot the fucking words to that song already !! and laughs , and begins dancing and rubbing that thing he has in his pants i was wondering if tape was actually gonna hold it there with the sweat and all? or was it gonna fall down. the song ends poorly i say ok chalk it off to a bad start the next one will be ok next song starts it goes just as bad as the first Dave is singing bad hes drowned out and acting like a fool rubbing himself and dancing around Dave those days are over the fans are now 30 years plus and our ladies are the same age they grew up with us the teenie boppers are gone !! 3rd song dave starts a little better the songs is in a guitar solo and daves gone oh oh wait where did he go there he is hiding in the corner like a high school boy puffing on a cigarette like there is now tommorow , no wonder he can sing anymore i dont have anything against smoking because i was once mr cool as well and started smoking and cant stop. but Dave is supp. to be a pro singer,smoking cant help! ok Dave its time to start singing again he pops back out on stage coughs out a puff of smoke and hacks his way back into the song late !

wow i cant believe this im shocked , offended upset i dont know?? i thought he would atleast be 1/2 way as good as he was , to this day, i will say back in his day he was the champ, the king ...but his day is over, and its his fault this was Sammys show !! Hands down Sammy has been around a while and and has never forgotten what its about ! Dave has lost it , he dont seem to care he thinks he can tour on his name ,he is destroying his name , I hate to say it Dave get off the stage you imbarrassed me tonight ! and more important yourself ,and thats why I walked out before the first 1/2 of your set was over and bought a Sammy shirt to wear home! Dave get your act together ,you have talent just drop the ego a bit

Sammy im very sorry to have made your front row ugly with a Roth shirt, I am ashamed to have worn that shirt in front of you , I didnt expect this ,Sammy you Win you are the champ you knocked his ass out ,this is kinda tough being such a DLR fan , but maybee somehow ill get to see you again in NY or something espec. Since dave wont even show his face to his NY fans

I now know why Sam was checking on me and my stupid roth shirt from time to time making sure we all had a good time , he fucking knew the next set wasnt worth it !! Daves drummer was awsome the rest of them need to go espec. the guy who tried to play eruption, give it up you cant play it besides thats Eddies leave it alone

Thanks for a great show Sam


I went to see Sammy in Raleigh last night and he was incredible. Not many surprises in the set list, but he blew the roof off the place. From the
time he stepped on stage until he closed with Dreams, he had the whole crowd in his pocket. Mike came out about 4 or 5 songs in and the place just went nuts. Unfortunately I knew he would be there ahead of time so it kind of ruined the surprise a little. But it was just like old times, (including the 5150 walk during Best of Both Worlds with Vic standing in for Eddie). Mona stayed on stage and sang back ups and played some percussion. The video montage playing in the background during the set was also very cool. It wasn't just old clips, it was new footage spliced in with live shots.

All in all, an incredible show as usual from the Red Rocker. I'll be seeing him in Charlotte tonight as well.

Right Now It's Nicer In Cabo



Hey guys. Just thought I'd drop in and give my two cents on the show here in Raleigh.I've been a fan of both Sammy and Dave for a long time. I love all incarnations of Van Halen and have become a huge Sammy fan over the years. It's always a good time when a bunch of red heads get together and this was no different. The party atmosphere was going early as all the tailgaters in the parking lot were having a ball. When we did eventually get in to the pavilion we just got to our seats when the Sammy retrospective video began to play. It was very Behind the Music-ish and a good intro for any fans who didn't know much about Sammy. Eventually the Cabo Wabo curtain was drawn and the show was about to begin. When the curtain dropped, Sammy and the gang jumped into shaka doobie. Good, but not great. But it would get better. Alot better. From the next song, Runaround, to the closer, Mas Tequila, Sammy was ON. I haven't heard him sound that good in years. The band was also very tight. Vic was solid and at times spectacular. He was much improved on the Van Halen tunes from the last time I saw him and I didn't hear any glaring mistakes at all. The only one he didn't absolutely nail was Finish What Ya Started. But that's to be expected. Dave the drummer was incredible too. The acoustics at AllTell Pavilion are fabulous and Sammy knew it. As the show went on he took more and more chances with the high notes and the guitar playing was just awesome. Having Mike on stage again was a blast too! I was surprised how many tunes he played, he was on bass more than Mona. It didn't take long for the crowd to get sucked into the Sammy atmosphere. Drinking, hot girls and just an all out good time was the only way to describe it. Probably the second best Sammy show I've ever seen. Only seeing Sammy in a smaller more intimate setting could top this. The encore of When It's Love and Dreams finished it off.

As for Dave. Well. I was excited to see what he would be like. Haven't seen him live. And now I wish I never had. To be honest. The guy has no business on stage anymore. He looked like a deer in head lights. The first song, the VERY FIRST SONG, hot for teacher...he forgot the words....and told us. After babbling something incoherent the first stanza he began the second but stopped and said...and I quote.."I fucking forgot the words already man" then continued to babble his way through the rest of the song. Oddly, everyone applauded him loudly afterward. The next song was Panama. More of the same. Babble babble babble Panama...babble babble Panama. Huh? What's going on Dave. I swear he tried maybe 15-20 leg kicks the first two songs and almost fell down each time. The third song was the back breaker for me. I've been waiting to hear And the Cradle Will Rock live for years. First off. The band sucked it up. They were horrible. Second, Dave sang the second stanza first and again the second stanza before finally singing the first one the last stanza. LOL. My wife and I were in tears laughing. I couldn't believe what I was seeing. Dave then did his "hey beautiful" bit with some nasty chick in the front row and then sprayed her with Jack Daniels. Which by the way he was drinking it could not have been Jack. When Dave began the next two songs Mean Street and Dance the Night Away both with the same "hey...this sounds familiar" line, I'd had enough. We walked out. I couldn't sit through it anymore. I literally had seen cover bands sound better and be more entertaining than that. So as much as I'd love to see Dave and the boys back together, I now know this will NEVER happen. Oh. And as for who wins this bout. Are you kidding. Sammy wins by TKO.

Kevin M.


hey Everyone!

I'm not one to cater to the religious argument(sammy versus dave) so take this with a grain of salt.

you're in for a treat with this show... the Waboritas ROCK beyond expectation! This part was outstanding!!! 90 minutes of VH and sammy songs,
a good mix of tunes to tickle the senses.

Good thing, cause DLR band plays 1 DLR band song... the rest were old VH tunes. The DLR set was disappointing.definately NOT old VH quality. if you're going to relive those old VH memories, stay at home instead, and crank out the CD's.

The show was definately better than sam hagar's old songs, but not as good as I remember DLR being. the attitude (rock and roll) showed, but not the talent, at least not from diamond dave.

I'd have to say sammy's performance was HOT from the start, and only got better. DLR was cold, and only got warm. too bad, my personal preference was waiting for DLR... Oh well.

Sammy had the stage presence tonight.

I put my $ on DLR being better, but tonight he was stiff... same old high kicks as in the VH days (but not as high) and he looks like a walking
Rogaine / facelift advertisement.

Sammy delivers from the heart. he IS what DLR used to be: an entertainer.

DLR Is now hiding behind a fale smile and a cover band. Too bad.

your mileage may vary.

i was going to go to the Charlotte show tomorrow, i sold my tix instead to someone else...

best wishes,

Allen S.