Past Event

Jun 27 2002
Selland Arena
Fresno, California


Sammy Hagar and The Wabos.


Show 07:00PM.

This show was part of the Heavyweight Champs of Rock 'N Roll Tour with David Lee Roth.

Sammy Hagar Opened

James Campbell (see his review below) is 100% correct in his evaluation of the Fresno show. In fact, I couldn't have said it better myself James...but I'll try...

Sammy's set had this amazing energy (like none I've ever seen in any show before...or at least in a long while) and Dave just seemed to go through the motions. I literally could not catch my breathe fast enough between songs with Sammy...I felt like I had just ran ten miles when his set was all said and done. In fact, some guy next to me said, as Sam and Mike are waving and walking off stage, "Dude, I don't care if Roth comes out and sucks, just that performance by Sammy alone was worth the price of admission"!

What's weird is though is that the main person I wanted to see that night was DLR (sorry Sam), but Dave just couldn't keep up. Don't get me wrong, Dave's voice sounded good (although those patented screams are harder to reach now 20+ years later) but he just had no rapport with the crowd nor with his fellow bandmates. For the first 3 or 4 songs, Dave kept on motioning to the right side stage crew (sound problems?) and it was a real big distraction... "Dave, the party is out here...hello!". Anyway, the sound was fine. I don't know what his deal was. All I was asking is a little focus on the know, the people who paid for the show. To make matters worse, he only jumps off the drum kit to do his famous air splits once the whole show...does it as a finale...c'mon Dave, give me a break, you should've been doing that all night Mr. Doju Guru! Although, he did do some of his high kicks, so he had that goin' for him.

Anyway, I know I'm bashin' Dave a bit, but overall it was a great songlist and solid performance on his behalf. Just could've been that much better had he powered down a six-pack of Jolt cola and lost the 'tude to take the show from an 8 to a ten. In Dave's defense though, it had to have been hard for him to go on stage after Sammy's stellar performance. He would've had to reform the original members of Van Halen within 20 minutes between sets to pull that one off! Sammy was a ten!

PS Sam, please tell Dave to point that bottle of J.D. the other way if he's gonna do that!

Thanks to Kevin Moore for this review!


This was the third time I saw Sammy (the Balance Tour, Mas Tequila, and this one!), and it was unreal. He was so on. Saying he had the audience eating out of his hand does not do it justice. But the reality isn't that he is up there doing a show.... he is up there loving what he is doing... and it came across so loud and clear. He rocked on every song. Highlights for me were all the Van Halen songs, especially when Mikey came out. I was two rows up on the side, and when I saw him I went nuts. He came over and shook my hand and several other fans, and we were all beside ourselves. And when Mikey and Sammy got together... all the good memories of Van Hagar came back. Eddie and Alex oughta go watch Mikey and Sammy play together and remember how much fun it is supposed to be...

Now as far as DLR goes... what a jerk... anyone that ever says the best days of Van Halen were with David Lee Roth should go see this tour and then keep their mouths shut....first someone please tell his band to get out of the 80's with their hair styles... and then they open like they are this hot band... David walks out on stage like he is so cool... and then (remember I was on the side of the stage) does his stupid spinning kick... Dave... please age gracefully... you are near or at 50... you shouldn't be doing that anymore... you looked silly as hell... especially since your leg barely seemed to be able to get up that far....

I left DLR before he even hit the chorus for hot for teacher his first song......

Thanks to John D for this review!


I went into this concert thinking Sam was going to kick Dave's ass real good. I had read all the other reviews posted, and I expected Sam to come out the winner. Sammy started because of unknown difficulties with Dave. The set started with a video that lasted about 5-10 minutes. It was cool but it could have been half as long. Sammy's set rocked and there was a lot of energy. Sammy still moves great, and his whole show is entertaining. He got served drinks by bikini clad women. The stage had guests on it so the whole atmosphere was fun. All in all Sammy was about 8 out of 10. I'd seen him before with Van Halen, and he was good both times. But this time the stage production wasn't as good. Sammy entertains well, but with Van Halen the mood seemed more legendary.

That's what I feel Dave created. I felt more privileged to see Dave than Sammy. Dave is more of a legend of metal to me than Sammy, and he didn't disappoint. Dave's best moment came in singing Running with the Devil. It was perfect. He doesn't move as much as Sammy, and he didn't interact as much with the crowd, but he has more of a spectacular presence. I felt honored more to see Dave than Sammy. I feel the decision is a draw. Sammy is more entertaining, but Dave is more legendary.

Thanks to Grant Thor for this review!


Sammy started the show and kicked Dave's ass. The red rocker showed who is the heavyweight champion of rock and roll. As a bonus Michael Anthony did make a guest appearance. Awesome show.

Thanks to Mike Burnett for this review!


This is a concert that I knew I had to go to as soon as I heard about it. I never had a chance to see either of them when they were with Van Halen, though I was and am a major fan of both versions of the group. Due to "technical difficulties" David Lee Roth was unable to open, so Sammy took the ball and ran with it. From start to finish Sammy had the audience in the palm of his hands. He truly gave us the feeling that there was no placehe would rather be than right there in Fresno. His set list was a great mix of old and new including his Van Halen days. The most exciting part of Sammy's set was when Michael Anthony came out to play. I was truly surprised. An hour and a half was not nearly long enough for Sammy. Heleft the audience wanting more. Although I was a fan of Sammy before this concert, I have been re-influenced by his music after last night.

Prior to the show I was by far looking forward to seeing David Lee Roth the most. His era with Van Halen is my favorite. Though his performance hasn't changed that fact, it certainly made me long to see David in his heyday. David did not have the connection with the audience that Sammy did. In retrospect it seems as though David Lee Roth has joined a Van Halen cover band. He put out the persona that we should be honored to see his there and he wasn't going to try to connect with the audience. The band has done a good of memorizing the old Van Halen songs, although it was hard to sing along with Dave as he omitted a lot of words, or changed them or inserted his trademark screeches. David spend a fair amount of time sucking on a Jack Daniels bottle, and gave the impression he had been doing that during Sammy's set as well. Overall David just seemed to be going through the motions.

All in all it was a show I will always remember, but would only see again if Sammy Hagar was doing a full headlining set.

Thanks to James Campbell for this review!


The Day I heard David Lee Roth and Sammy Hagar were going to play together I knew it was going to be the tour of the year how wrong I was!!. Sammy Hagar and his band open the show and blew me and the audience away with old and new songs. I was amazed how clear each song that Sammy and the band played. His stage show and song selection was outstanding, he truly had the audience eating out of his hands. David on the other hand from the moment he and his band walk on the stage with a pair of Black Leather that were to small and green hair, I felt like he and his band was just going through the motions. Also his stage attitude was like we should be glad he made time to play for fans in Fresno California. Tell David and his Van Halen cover bands they had no right sharing the stage with Sammy and his band.. I say, Sammy you are welcome anytime in Fresno, but please leave David and his cover band home..

Thanks to Fred Barton for this review!

Thanks to Mike Barnes for the set list!



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