Past Event

Jun 24 2002
Universal Amphitheatre
Los Angeles, California


Sammy Hagar and The Wabos.


Show 07:00PM.

This show was part of the Heavyweight Champs of Rock 'N Roll Tour with David Lee Roth.

Sammy Hagar Opened

I was front and center for Sammy at the Trump Marina in Atlantic City. What a show he put on! Friday the day before the concert he arrived in style via the Coast Guard with 10 bikini contest beauties on his arms to the deck at the trump Marina where did a couple numbers with the band on stage. Saturday he out did himself. He was having a ball. That man can Rock!! The band was hot and he sang his heart out while partying with the fans, shared a few drinks, signed autographs. He signed my picture I had taken the night before out on the Marina Dock and at the end of the show he blew me a kiss. He knows how to treat his Fans.

Then David Lee Roth took the stage and the mood immediately changed. Security came out and informed the people that David does not sign autographs and they were instructed to throw anyone out that tried to get anything on stage for him to sign. One fan threw a T shirt up and he kicked it to the ground and off the stage. The music was good but drowned out his singing...probably a good thing! Then he raised a bottle of Jack Daniel's and me along with a bunch of people in the front raised our "Wabarita's" to toast with him. He asked me if I wanted some Jack Daniel's and I said sure. So what do you think he did next??? Unlike Sammy who truly seems to love his fans this idiot aced like the Jack Daniel's was his teenie weenie and pretended to "jack off" on me! He threw a whole bottle of jack Daniel's in my face and all over me hitting a few other people too. My eyes were burning and I was soaked! I could not believe what he did. Quite a few people got really pissed and started chanting "You Suck" bring back Sammy" and "Sammy, Sammy, Sammy"!! I stayed soaking wet and mad for the rest of the show.

After the show I went up to my room and changed and went to the bar for a drink with my husband. I happened to turn and see David Lee walking by with a couple of body guards and walked up to him and shouted to him "hey you owe me an apology" he looked at me and said "oh you are the girl from the show" and I said that's right, and what gives you the right to treat me that way, you are a mean person. By this time there were other people from the concert forming and they were yelling yeah....that was mean. He kind of laughed it off and said "hey honey do you have anything thing you want me to autograph" I said no and then he said let me sign your shirt. I guess that was supposed to be my apology! The man is losing it!! Please Sammy, never tour with him again!!!! You are so above him. I only wish it was you I could have met Sammy!!

Thanks for a killer concert Sammy! You know how to Rock!!!

Thanks to JoAnne B. for this review!


Sammy was fantastic as that show. He really puts on a great concert. I really enjoyed when Michael Anthony got on stage he played with Sammy and the Waboritas and jammed on some Van Halen tunes. I loved the song Poundcake. I liked the video and the energy that Sammy brings. Conversely, David Lee Roth was a extreme disappointment. His lack of being being on the road showed in his performance. His voice is totally gone, and all he did was do a bunch of karate kicks and drink Jack Daniels. Sammy had fun with everyone, whereas David Lee was acting kind of stupid. It's a shame because I used to like David Lee Roth. It is clear that Sammy was the much better singer and musician for Van Halen. Plus, he's a lot nicer than David Lee Roth.

Thanks for the time, and rock on Sammy.

Thanks to Encinokev for this review!


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