Past Event

Aug 8 1999
Casper Events Center Arena
Casper, Wyoming


Sammy Hagar and The Wabos.


Show 8:00PM.

The Red Voodoo Tour

I gotta say, one helluva good concert.  My first Hagar concert, and for a little 15 year old from a sleepy Wyoming town of 1500 people, it blew me away...

The stage looked great.  The people behind the band on the risers on stage gave it a whole new effect.

The crowd was hot...3,000 seats of 3,500 available filled, I think they said on the radio.  I personally had great seats, right down in front on the floor, about the 3rd row.  The crowd being hot is really an example of how good Sammy is, because in the small arena in Casper, the crowd is usually rather low key.

And most of all, Sammy and the Waboritas kicked monstrous fucking ass. Loud, raunchy, and raw...simply put, a shitload of decibels coupled with 3,000 people who could dig it all the way.  Any man that can come out and play almost 3 hours without a warmup act and make sure that everyone, and I do mean EVERYONE digs the whole thing is a testament to rock and roll.  Wish more bands in the world would treat their music the same way.

I me, there is only one rocker, and that is Sammy.  No others carry themselves quite the same way, with the same completely right personality, always grinning, and always humble, yet still being completely rock and roll to the core.

It's hard to explain a Hagar concert...I tried my best...this is the night after the show, and I still can't believe what I saw last night.

Thanx to Sammy and the Waboritas for good music and treating the fans good.

  Review courtesy of Austin Erlewine  

Thanks to Austin Erlewine for the review!


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