Past Event

Jun 25 1999
Sunken Garden
San Antonio, Texas


Sammy Hagar and The Wabos.


Show 8:00PM.

The Red Voodoo Tour

The day was hot and humid and we drove from Austin to San Antonio for the big show. My girlfriend and I listened to KISS 99.5 out of San Antonio on the way, and they listed all the live music going on that night. The DJ said "and of course, the big show tonight is Sammy Hagar down at the Sunken Garden" and hyped the show up pretty good. We also found out that Grip Inc. with Dave Lambardo, Slayer's drummer was playing that night in S. A. After we parked, we broke out the Cabo and got fired up for the show with a celebratory shot of Cabo Wabo tequila that I stashed in my Camero. After that we walk into the venue. It is a big outdoor theater that holds about 4500 people. After grabbing some cold ones we headed over to the 9 foot big screen that they had of the Spurs - Nicks game. The Spurs were about to become Champions, but more on that later. We noticed the many food vendors there selling tacos, gorditos, nachos, fajitas, tripas and all kinds of Mexican food. It smelled wonderful.

We were in line for Margaritas when we heard the magical beginning to Cabo Wabo and rushed over to the stage(after we got are drinks first!). We had a great view, on stage left about 30 feet from the stage. The set was just awesome and my girlfriend remarked how much more comfortable it was in S.A. than in Cabo San Lucas at Sammy's birthday bash last year because it was less crowded, not as hot and a much better view. Now if they only San Antonio had Waboritas and a beach!

Sammy is a pretty nice guy, as evidenced by the his kindness to a wheelchair bound fan. Some crazy fans down in front held this wheelchair guy above their heads! Sammy told them to move him to the front and put him down on stage! They did and Sammy had a roadie push him over to the railing so he would have a cool view, right on stage. Talk about handicapped parking, he had the best view of anybody.

We loved the big inflatable bottle of Cabo that Sammy had off to the side of the stage! Towards the end of the show we found my brother there also. He had one huge smile on his face, as did the other 4000 Redhead fans! The show was very good, the sound was great and the light show was impressive. I liked the way that Sammy would sometimes improvise and instead of sing a phrase for the second time, he would hold up the mic for the crowd to sing, and then he would do a nice scream as the phrase ended. Very cool! And to top it off the hometown boys, the San Antonio Spurs won the Championship that night. The city was going crazy, honking car horns, high fiving, partying, and celebrating. See what happens when Sammy comes into town!!

All in all a very magical night. Adios amigos y Viva Sammy Hagar!


Thanks to Roy Hernandez for the review!


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