Past Event

Jun 15 1999
Peoria Civic Center Arena
Preoria, Illinois


Sammy Hagar and The Wabos.


Show 8:00PM.

The Red Voodoo Tour

Upon arriving at the Peoria Civic Center, I was delighted to find that the Civic Center had been closed off, by the stage on one end and barricades on the other. This configuration was ideal for the 3000 REDheads in attendance. It was like Sammy was going to play at my Senior Prom!!! The stage curtain was a terrific depiction of the outside of the Cabo Wabo Cantina in Cabo San Lucas, Trust me. At 7:15, Sammy came on stage with the band to get the crowd in the mood for a party and not a concert, drinking Waborita's and talking the talk!! He sang Cabo Wabo with only Victor on the guitar and as the curtain drew back Sammy busted into Revival!

This tune set the mood for the whole night! The house was rockin'!!

Sammy and the band played some old solo faves first, then continued with a couple VH tunes and then right into Bad Motor Scooter!!! During this song, a number of interesting events occured. First and foremost, Sammy JAMMED on the solos!!! I appreciate Victor's abilities, but SAMMY IS THE MAN, and tonight Victor was no match for Sammy's prowess on the Washburn!!!! Also, during this tune, Sammy had a waitress come on stage to serve him some Waboritas. She was tall, blonde and was wearing a "Meet me at Big Al's" , very tight, T-shirt!! I couldn't believe it. Of course, you know what happened next, Sammy got her to hoist her top and give the WHOLE PLACE an eyefull!!!! Sammy had no idea and was blown away!! This young lady was welcomed back on stage often, the next time in a G-String, and we were all rewarded again when she returned!!! Band intros were next and then back in to Bad Motor Scooter!

Sammy's next tune was one he said he hadn't played outside of the Cantina yet and that they were going to give it a try....Lay your Hand on Me!!! This started a series of Waborita era tunes from MTM and Red Voodoo. There was only one exception and that was Right Now! Sammy made a point to say how awesome his collaboration with Eddie VH was, especially with this tune. It was nice to hear the respect in his voice for those quality days of yore.

Sammy rocked and rolled, shimmied and shaked!! He played his axe like mad!! He sang with wild abandon!! I don't think he could've given us any more......

There is no other.......

Thanks to Sander Coovert for the review and set list!



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