Past Event

Jun 2 1999
Milwaukee Riverside Theatre
Milwaukee, Wisconsin


Sammy Hagar and The Wabos.


Show 8:00PM.

The Red Voodoo Tour

What a blast! : )

Preshow:  We met up with other REDheads a Giordano's and got pumped for the 
show.  Signed the banner that Kerry made (cool banner, Kerry!!) and drank 
some Vit. T (thanks for the CW, Kerry!).  Kerry poured us a shot in a water 
glass and I bogarted the whole thing...payback for Niel and the neighbor 
drinking the WHOLE bottle of CW a few weeks ago.  ; )

Arrived at the Riverside and was told that the show had been pushed back to 
8:00.  No big deal, but just thought I'd mention it.  They were selling 
Waboritas for $2.25.  They weren't REAL (made with Margarita mix) but they 
had CWT!  : )

The Red Voodoo Tour

Niel and I were sitting in our seats in row W when just before the show we 
noticed that the row behind Kerry, Kari, Rhonda, etc. was nearly empty.  We 
thought we'd take a chance and go stand up there.  No sooner had we walked 
into that row, the concert started - we had just 'upgraded' our tickets!  

The show:  Alex did a great review....I'd just like to add or expend on a few 

Rock Candy - OMG!!!  I don't think I've EVER heard that song sound SOOOOO 
GOOD!!!!  Victor KICKS ASS!  That song was B-A-D!  Serious bumping and 
grinding on this one!  ; )

For all you droolers - Rock Candy, Shag, High and Dry, Whole Lotta Love, 
Finish What Ya Started are *ALL* MAJOR drooling songs.  Sammy is soooooooo 
SEXY!  You gotta see it live, girls!  : )~~~

Both Sides Now - during this song, Sammy got the percussion 'brush' and was 
smacking Mona on the rear.  He was laughing so hard that he couldn't sing.

Sammy screwed up words a few times during the show, but he was having an 
absolute BLAST up there!  He was laughing and joking and gave the audience 
the most sincere THANK YOU's for coming to see him, for supporting him thru 
the years.  SAMMY IS THE MAN!!!

Cari - Sammy pulled her up on stage!  Woo-hooo!   I got pictures!  He let her 
sing Why Can't This Be Love with him, then he gave her the mic, then he come 
up behind her and picked her up!!!!  There was some kissing and hugging, then 
Sammy got the mic back and sent Cari up on the risers.  ^5, GF!

Ron - What a shame...Ron's 1st row seat was so close to the stage that when 
he sat he knees were against the stage.  I really feel for him.  That seat 
was just too close to the stage.  ; )

Alex - I didn't get to meet you.  Did I see you after the show?  If so, I 
didn't know it was you.  I was still on my Sammy High!  : )

Security at the show was kinda on the strict side.  One chick was saying 
after the show that security had pulled the film out of her camera.  They 
took Cari's camera away during the show (did you ever get it back, Cari?).  I 
could see this security guy out of the corner of my eye when I was standing 
on the chairs druing MTM, but I just ignored him.  I was in the middle of the 
freaking row and he couldn't reach me - hee hee.

*GASP!*  I almost forgot....Sammy was wearing a black CWT/RVD tank with a 
pair of olive green parachute material/swimming trunk(?) shorts.  A little on 
the long side (c'mon Sammy, show us some thigh! LOL!) but at least he's in 
the 90's now! ; )  He also wore a Hawaiian-type shirt for part of the 
show...threw it out to the crowd at the end.  These guys in front of us got 
wicked over it.  I think the shirt ended up in about 3 pieces.

Somebody reached up and put $1 in Sammy pant's (mmmmmm....he worked for that 
$1!) and he mentioned it...then people started throwing $ up on the stage!  
That was fun, but Sammy didn't do a dance for us.  : (

Vic was stylin' in his black pants (tight-fitting...musta had some Lycra in 
those babies!) with metal studs down the sides.  Pretty sharp, Vic!  I think 
Jim Morrison had a pair of those, but his were leather.  ; )  Vic had his 
shirt unbottoned all the way down.  I gotta say it - Vic is hot.  Hi 
Michelle!  : )  <----lucky girl!

K...enuf typing for now.  I could go on and on.  Sammy gets me charged up.  
Can ya tell???  ; )

Can't wait for SATURDAY!!!!!  WOOOO-HOOOOO!

Thanks to Julie for the review and Ron Higgins for the set list!



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 1  Redhead Comment

sallyann111's picture

Hi There,We were there!:)That was a FUN Show,Totally ROCKED!
I am right behind Sammy:)in the photo Me Jody and Lee was behind me!
He had pulled me and Lee up on stage,Was Shocked being up there on stage with the BEST Rock Star God EVER Made!
It was our very 1st time on stage and man it was so COOL!We will never forget that 1st time:)