Past Event

May 30 1999
Sandstone Amphitheatre
Bonner Springs, Kansas


Sammy Hagar and The Wabos.


Show 7:00PM.

The Red Voodoo Tour

Just got back from KC this evening, & what an unforgettable Sammy weekend it's been!... and I'm so tired, but still pumped from last night's concert!

We live in Oregon, but had won tix to RockFest via the radio station on the internet. Eric's parents live in Kansas, so it was a good excuse to go out there, visit the in-laws, and have a Mas Tequila Weekend! We had no problems flying out of Portland to Kansas City. After spending 2 days with the in-laws... I was SO ready for a night of Rock-n-Roll & partying Sammy style! Mike Russell posted an excellent review of the show already, but I'll elaborate on it some more. :)

Mike Russell & his date from Kansas, Deb & Chris Moore from Minnesota, and Eric & I from Oregon all met up at a nearby pub, where we reminisced about Cabo, told stories about our great Sammy adventures, shared pictures. Deb made a "Minnesota" Red Head banner, and I made a "REDHEADS ARE HERE" banner. Around 7:30, we decide to head to the venue. Mike got hooked up with a VIP parking pass, so the 6 of us crammed into Eric's "mom car" (Ford Taurus) and cruised right into the VIP parking area, just steps away from the back entrance to the ampitheatre... SWEET! I decided to try & sneak my Kodak disposable camera in, but wasn't sure if I could get away with it. I put it in my bra... hoping no one would notice the square lump in between my boobs.. lol! They had a male security checking males & a female checking the girls. The security lady first made me shake out my banner & shirt, then checked my purse, and made me stretch my arms out while she patted me down. Luckily, I had my hands full all my stuff, and she didn't notice the camera obviously ( I thought) sticking out of from my chest..I was able to get in with it!

The venue was HUGE! I'd guess about 18,000 people... most of whom were already drunk, baked, & sunburned.. Rockfest was an all-day event with 13 bands. It had been a warm beautiful day so far. There were bikinis, beer bellies, tattoos, and everything in between... Quite an ecclectic crowd! We made our way to the front section, where Mike had only 4 seats in Row 4, but graciously let Eric & I hang with them. Aren't REDheads the best!! :)

The stage had the outside of the CaboWabo Cantina up as the backdrop for the stage, and Collective Soul, and I'm assuming the rest of the bands that day, were playing in front of it. Collective Soul was great. I had seen them open up for Van Halen on the Balance tour, and they have really come a long way. They were tight musically, but I couldn't help being anxious for Sammy to take the stage.

Finally... Sammy takes the stage, and suddenly a rush of people trying to get up front. He's wearing a white Cabo Wabo tank top and shorts. Looking refreshed & happy.. and Aaaahhh.. that smile!! It just makes ya melt! The stage setup was so cool! It really does make you wish you were in Cabo. I'm speculating that his birthday bash this year will have a LOT of first timers this year. I was wishing I was one of those "smiling happy people" on stage for awhile... but then again... we were probably just as close to him as they were, and we got to see the front of him the whole time, and they were looking at his back most of the time (Not that that's a *bad* thing.. haha!)

Sammy noticed my banner a couple of times, and said "RedHeads Rule!" each time. I held my RedHead shirt up too.. and he pointed at it & smiled at me. Mona recognized us also, and smiled, pointed & waved a few times. It feels great knowing you are noticed in a crowd of 18,000!

Anyway, you all know the banner stories by now... it sucked! First off, Deb, Chris, and I were screaming at the jerkoffs that it's her banner... she made it. It has their names on it, for Pete's sake! What the hell would someone else want with a banner that has some stranger's name on it? Then.... with my banner, we were holding it up on & off during the show.. I had it in my possession the entire show, and everyone around me knew it was mine. At the end of the show, we successfully got it on stage. I was psyched! He held it up, & pointed to us, & blew a kiss. I thought it was obvious that Sammy was trying to throw it back right to me... but man.. did we have a tug-o-war on our hands with 2 drunk bastards. They would NOT let go.. even though there were 6 of screaming "It's MY banner". The guy didn't even know what a REDHEAD was....... wtf! Eric's Marine instinct took over, and he grabbed the guy by the neck.. needless to say, the guy let go of it REAL quick. But that pissed off his buddy, who jumped the chair and was getting in Eric's face after it was all over. I got between the two.. and tried to calm things down, but this guy *really* wanted to fight. Eric even apologized to get the guy to calm down, and said to just drop it, it's over, but to no avail. The guy was reaching over my shoulders to try to get to Eric. Little did he know that my knee was inches away from his crotch.. ready to take action if necessary. lol! I was able to pull Eric away, and try to leave asap.. but again.. they guy caught up to us, and told us that if Eric ever grabbed his neck again...there would be trouble... Yeah, right.. like we're ever gonna see this fart knocker again... So once again, I detoured Eric away from the drunk, and we faded into the departing crowd. Thanks to the other REDheads for sticking up for us! Luckily no one got hurt.. and other than that.. it was a fantastic evening. :)

One other thing.. on the way home, we ran into a spectacular Mid West thunder & lightning storm. It seemed to come out of nowhere! It was so bad, I couldn't see the lines in the road & had to slow down to 20 mph on a 70 mph freeway. Ah, the joys of living in the Mid-West! Thank goodness it waited until AFTER the concert to storm! lol

Thanks to Mike Russell, Deb & Chis Moore for letting us sneak up to 4th row with them! We owe ya one! And to Sammy & the Waboritas, thank YOU for an excellent show! We'll see you again in VEGAS baby!!!

Thanks to Lisa Chandler for the review and Andrew and Amy Boothe for the set list!



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